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Chapter 701 Break the law

Chapter 701 Break the law

Honestly, Quinn’s mind was full wondering if he was doing the right thing or not at the moment. Not because he didn’t want to help those in the Parasite group, but because he was worried about his friends back on the Cursed ship. They had been infected with the poison for a while now, and when Quinn had left Dennis was in serious trouble.

He knew his actions now would delay helping them.

The problem was, that with Sil his ability would only work for the next 24 hours. There was a chance travelling from the faction Shelters that they could run into beasts, Even when using his shadow travel there was the off chance this could happen. Upon returning, he felt that maybe by then Sil would no longer have his ability.

He might have been able to copy Pual’s but he was even unsure if that would work, or if they were exactly the same type of ability as they differed slightly. According to Wevil, even when crazed there was still a couple of days before they would meet their end.

It was only because Wevil had informed him of this, that he wasn’t too worried about returning so soon.

Still, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t worry. Leaving the room with the other’s, they finally reached the outside where they could see the extent of Sil’s work.

There were hundreds of men, in pain either knocked out rolling on the floor. Seeing them spread out all across the shelter like so.

“Don’t worry, Quinn. We’ll be back soon. I’m a lot stronger than Mantis.” Closing his eyes. Sil concentrated. His hands started to glow green and a strange aura surrounded them. Before even accepting, Sil knew about the others, that they needed to help. He was never planning to go around, and remove the poison individually from every single person.

The aura around his hands grew even larger than before. From each of the bodies lying on the floor, the green poison could be seen lifting out. Where they were standing, they could see little green particles of poison all over the shelter and then at the same time, they all fell to the floor.

‘How, I’ve never seen Mantis do a thing like this before, can any poison user even do this type of thing?’ Wevil was wondering.

The parasites should have at least done some research before even attempting to take on the Cursed faction. That was their biggest downfall in this whole thing.

“I think I got everyone, now let’s head back to the ship.” Sil said.

“Let’s save everyone. I’m happy that no one will have to die,” Said Quinn.


In the training room, everyone was looking at the horror that was happening before their eyes. Fex had turned into some strange beast, having half of his body transformed. He had latched onto Blip’s neck and was constantly draining him of his blood.

Blip wanted to do something, he tried his best to hit Fex off, he didn’t even know it was Fex but was just trying to do anything he could to survive, but his punches seemed useless and as each second passed, he could feel the power in his body fading away.

Linda was still on the floor, hurt from her encounter with him, she wanted to get up and help her brother but couldn’t.

Eventually, it seemed that Blip’s attack’s were hurting him somewhat, but now Fex was starting to slash at his arms. Destroying any hope Blip had.

“Are we going to do anything?” Sam asked.

Paul was hesitant, he didn’t know what this was in front of him, and was actually waiting for Kzz to act.

“He should have had enough blood by now to turn back, but he keeps consuming as if he has become an addicted bloodsucker. Maybe the poison is affecting him?” Kazzz said.

Paul was wondering if he could do the same trick as he had done with Dennis, but he found no room for him to step in. Everything that was happening was so wild. Then, he felt a breeze on his cheek.

While him and Sam were thinking about what to do, Kazz was already starting to act. She had held the regular hand of Fex, stopping it from hitting Blip, then lifting his body slammed it into the ground. Soon after with her legs, she continually dug her heel into his body, hitting it over and over.

Finally, it looked like Fex had stopped moving.

The two boys were amazed by this.

‘She’s far stronger than I thought.’ Sam said stunned. ‘Is this why Quinn told us not to act out against her?’

“He’s not dead, is he?” Paul asked.

“No.” Kazz replied. “For now it would be best if I stayed by his side, in case he does get up.”

There was a slight groan from the ground near her, and immediately, she stomped her foot on Fex’s body making sure he was silent.

By now, Linda had already healed up and she was running towards her brother who was on the ground. When she arrived, she was devastated at the sight, her brother was almost unrecognisable to her.

One shoulder had been clawed completely down to the bone and tendons, his skin had shrivelled as if it was extremely dehydrated, yet, she could see he was breathing, still in pain. While the blood was still seeping out from his wounds.

“I’ll go call the medic!” Sam shouted leaving the room, to try to find someone, but the others including Sam knew that it would be useless. Too much blood had already left his body, and it looked like Blip was on his last breath.

Lifting her brother’s head, she tried to call out to him, but there was no response , as if he was deaf. His eyes were still open, but they were slowly closing in and out. Lifting his hand with little strength, he held Linda’s and smiled at her softly.

“NO!” She shouted. “You are not going to die here.”

Linda looked at Paul and Kazz. “You two, you’re both vampires like Quinn, right? Can’t you save him, just like Quinn did with me. Turn him into something, anything so he can live another day!” She cried.

“I don’t know how, and I’m not sure if I really could?” Paul replied.

“You can’t, and I can’t.” Kazz interrupted. “Although I can turn him, it is against the vampire laws. If I did then he would become an illegal. I do not have permission from my leader to do so.”

“But he’s dying, can’t you just forget about the rules and save him?” She pleaded.

Kazz shook her head, and stood firmly.

“The only person who would be able to turn him, is Quinn as he is a vampire leader. Then he would no longer be an illegal.”

“Please! Please!!” Linda screamed at the top of her lungs, she was begging. She knew Kazz had the ability to. When she said she couldn’t, it was just because she was following her laws.

“Quinn!’ She screamed. “Where are you!” With Kazz refusing to help there was only one person she would ask, but her cries were useless. At that moment, Blip’s eyes started to close and his breath had stopped.

The sound of the heartbeat was silent.

“I can confirm, he is dead, there is nothing that can bring him back now.” Kazz said.


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