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Chapter 795 The strongest human in the world

Chapter 795 The strongest human in the world

The surface of the planet was scattered with bodies strewn across the floor. Signs of a one-sided battle were seen, as all the bodies were from the newly joint world alliance. There was no discrimination when it came to the attack, Cursed, Bree, Graylash and the military. All of these had been beaten, with most of them dead or missing limbs soon to die.

One of them, Mona, was still alive, her legs burnt. She could feel pain through her whole body but was unable to move. She tried looking around to see if anyone could help anyone who was at least in a better condition than herself, but there was none.

“That maniac, what did we do? What did we do to make him angry?” Mona said with a face full of tears.

When she saw who had left the ships, she did nothing but comply with their demands. After getting everything they wanted, that’s when the rampage soon started. At that point, all Mona wanted to do was help the others; she wanted to do something to stop the cries and screams she heard behind her, but she remained still. Not wanting to anger the person in front of her.

She thought that even if everyone here disappeared, she would be safe. Why? Because she had a great power, but that great power was overshadowed. When the man touched her shoulder, he had already decided that she was not worth his time.

“Usually a new generation is stronger, but this time they are weaker.”

Those were the last words she heard before her legs were burnt to a crisp.

“Please, someone, anyone, stop them!” Mona cried as her head went to the ground, and her vision faded to black.

A shadow soon stepped over her, but she had already passed out to notice.

“You and your power will be needed in the future, so you will not die here.” The voice said, before picking up Mona, and leaving the area.

At this very moment, on the inner planet. The others now had their eyes set on those same people that had attacked above. When the doors opened from the Bree ship, the first person they could see stepping off it was a large muscular man with a scruffy grey beard and spiky grey hair. Behind him, there were two more as well, both blonde, handsome and beautiful.

The moment Owen saw who it was, he nearly dropped his fan to the floor. Instead, it moved away from his face and was now hanging by his side.

“Are they from the Bree family?” Oscar said, unsure, and thought that maybe Owen would know more, but looking at him, he could see the sweat running down his face and a panicked look. Before he knew it, Owen was bowing down.

‘Bowing, the Greylash family? Who could this person be to cause them to bow down?’ Oscar thought.

It was the same for both Quinn and Chris as they had never seen this man before, and he wasn’t alone, as a blonde-haired woman and a blond-haired middle-aged pair came out behind him.

“No, no, no, what is he doing here!” Sil said as he suddenly went into a crouched position on the floor and started to rock back and forth. “He found me, he came for me, he’s going to kill Quinn, he’s going to kill everyone.”

Logan, who was closest to Sil, could hear everything, and putting Sil’s reaction together with the appearance of the other two, he had a bad feeling and hoped he wasn’t right.

“Quinn, this man, can you feel it?” Chris whispered.

“Yeah I can.” Quinn replied.

“He has more Qi radiating from his body than I have ever seen. Who is he?” Chris said.

Before, Quinn didn’t realise the strange energy coming off everyone’s bodies, but more people had a Qi infused body than they thought. Whether they were actively aware of that or not was a different story, but this sometimes set apart those stronger than others.

Some people could sometimes feel this as a certain type of aura, but what they actually felt was the Qi, as Qi would often shape and react to a person’s emotions.

Knowing how strong the Qi this man had and the sheer amount in his body, Quin thought that maybe it was the Pure leader who had arrived, but Chris would have surely known what the Pure leader would have looked like, so it couldn’t have been him.

“I came here to collect what is mine.” The old man at the front said. “My name is Hilston Blade, and we are part of the Balde family.”

Saying those words made Logan, Quinn and Chris act differently in that precise moment.

Chris had heard this name before, but it was passed around more as a myth within Pure.

‘This is the guy, this is the guy Sil is so afraid of, the person who trapped him on that island!’ Quinn thought, gripping his fist.


[Inspect failed]

[No Quest has been given, no threat detected]

At that moment, Quinn wasn’t fighting him or trying to live, so it made sense for the system not to have a quest for him, still, for his inspect skill that was now a high level just to fail, that was surprising, but there was something else that it did show him. Although it failed to bring up basic information, it didn’t fail on bringing up the equipment stats for the gear he was wearing.

This was why Sil had acted like he had when first seeing Hilston. He knew what that equipment was before Quinn did. An armour coloured in a black and gold trim, almost demonic looking in design. It looked impressive on his body.

And it didn’t just look impressive.

‘Every single piece of equipment he has is at the demon tier level. How is that possible?’ Quinn thought. Seeing that alone was telling him to try and get out of here, but could he even if he tried? Although he had no demon tier weapon, did that even matter?

According to Sil, Hilston was somewhat of a superhuman and now sensing the Qi from his body, Quinn could tell why. If he also had the added stats of the demon tier equipment and Sil’s ability, this person was the strongest human to exist.

“My grandson, if you wanted to run away and hide, you should have done a better job. Your face was blasted all over from those reporters over there.” Hilston said with a chuckle.

Hearing Hilston speak provided more clues to both Chris and Oscar of who this man was and why Owen was bowing down. If the family’s blonde boy could do something like that, then the head of the family should be something special.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Sil kept repeating, now seeing the person they were all afraid of acting like that, they knew it was a serious problem.

‘This bastard, look at Sil, how is it normal for your own family member to be that afraid of you.’ Quinn thought, but these were just thoughts as he knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

He was happy that the Bone claw was still recovering because if it could read his thoughts right now, it might have come out for an attack.

“I see that you guys are in the middle of a hunt. I know there are a few of you here who might not know me, but we are the ones that have controlled the Bree, Sunshield, and Graylash family from behind the scenes for a few generations now. We have hidden ourselves in secret, but a certain someone wanted to show off a little.” Hilston said, looking in Sil’s direction.

“So we have finally decided that we should have more of a presence around here. You two.” Hilston said, pointing at Bonny and Void. “You are the reporters that filmed everything earlier, correct? Turn your camera on. It’s time that everyone knew of the Blade family around here; record everything you can.”

Although the words spoken by Hilston were calm, they felt like they needed to listen, and Void started turning on the camera.

‘If they are here, did Brock come along with them, or is he still on the island?’ Logan thought. Brock was one of the key workers on the Blade island that had let him go free. If it wasn’t for him, he wasn’t sure they would have ever escaped that place. He also had told Logan to keep looking, as if he was close when asking about Richard Eno.

“Well, what is everyone waiting for? Why don’t we go on this hunt together.” Hilston said, smiling.


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