My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Alliance

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Su Wen’s actions caused everyone to stare agape.

What was this fellow doing? He came to the office with a maidservant and even brought along a food box?

The veins on Yan Luoying’s forehead were about to pop out.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Su Wen, watch your words and actions! This patrolling area is not your house. Bringing along a maidservant and snacks, what do you think you are doing?”

Su Wen tilted his head to look at Wen Jinming and asked, “What’s wrong? Does our patrolling office have a rule that we can’t bring maidservants to work? Is it a rule that we can’t eat in our office?”

Wen Jinming smiled. “Lord Su, there really are no such rules.”

Seeing that Yan Luoying had cut off his benefits, he had no qualms and answered without hesitation.

Su Wen looked at Yan Luoying and asked in return, “Lady Yan, since there are no rules, what’s wrong with me bringing my maidservants and eating pastries? My father and the rest are handling government affairs in the palace, and there are palace maids bringing tea and snacks. I’ve never seen His Majesty say anything. Could it be that you want to change the rules for the patrolling guards on your first day of office?”

Yan Luoying said sternly, “Minister Su is Minister Su. The patrol guard office has to resemble an actual guard office! Su Wen, don’t be unreasonable.”

“Heh, I won’t!” Su Wen picked up a piece of snack and waved it around provocatively before slowly stuffing it into his mouth. He then shouted, “Ning Shuang, serve me some tea!”

Ning Shuang ran in from outside with a teapot and said with a smile, “I guessed that Young Master would like some tea. I already took the liberty to steep some Suzhou Golden Tea just now, it’s the sweetest.”

Yan Luoying narrowed her eyes as her brain worked at high speed.

She knew that Su Wen was challenging her authority.

If they were in the military camp, she would definitely order Su Wen’s head to be chopped off. However, it seemed like she couldn’t do that now.

At this time, Yan Luoying also had a hint of enlightenment. She had commanded the army to successfully attack and take down the Boulder Fort, but Yan Ze’s contribution to training the army was probably greater.

Because she was Yan Ze’s daughter, that army had unreserved trust in her. That was why she could command them easily, and they won the war as a result.

She was rather helpless in the face of a subordinate like Su Wen. Just like what Su Wen said, there was no rule that said he could not bring a maidservant when he was working. There was also no rule that said he could not eat pastries, let alone drinking tea which was usually allowed in most places.

“I will report your rude behavior to His Majesty!” Yan Luoying thought for a moment and said in a low voice.

This was already the biggest threat she could think of to Su Wen.

However, Su Wen didn’t care and rolled his eyes instead. “I beg you to hurry up and go! It’s best if His Majesty revokes my position immediately so I can go home!”

Su Wen believed that even if Yan Luoying went to report to the Zhou Emperor, such a small matter would at most result in him being chided or mediated between them both. Su Changqing had made it very clear that as long as there were no problems when conducting any official business, it was fine.

Yan Luoying regretted it. She felt that she should have agreed to Su Wen’s request to take a day of leave.

Actually, after Su Wen said those words, Yan Luoying’s subconscious reaction was to reject whatever he asked. This was because Su Wen’s words in front of the imperial palace yesterday made her very unhappy.

However, it was obvious that the more she tried to restrain Su Wen, the more he purposely tried to go against her.

She pondered for a moment before turning to Wen Jinming and Sun Wei. “You two can leave now.”


The two bowed and left.

Yan Luoying turned her gaze back to Su Wen and calmed herself down. “Young Master Su, I think we can talk!”

Su Wen smiled. “Please speak!”

Yan Luoying stared at Su Wen and said seriously, “I’m not sure if me not wanting to marry you has made you angry? If that’s the case, I’ll apologize to you. But I really hope to find someone I like. I hope Young Master Su understands.”

Su Wen shook his head with a smile and said, “I just don’t like your natural belief that I want to marry you. It makes me very unhappy. Don’t tell me you think all the men in the world want to marry you?”

His words were unpleasant, but Yan Luoying could tell what Su Wen meant.

In reality, there was not much conflict between the two of them.

From the looks of it, their ‘battlefront’ was already somewhat united.

Yan Luoying said, “I’m sorry. I took it for granted. I shouldn’t have rejected your leave just now because of my impulsiveness.”

She apologized.

Yan Luoying was a very observant person. In her opinion, there was no benefit in continuing to argue with Su Wen.

Su Wen narrowed his eyes. This woman in front of him was not simple. She had thrown away her pride so quickly and admitted defeat to him.

“Then can I leave now?” Su Wen asked.

Yan Luoying nodded. “Sure, but I have something to say to Young Master Su.”

“Please continue!”

Yan Luoying carefully recalled what had happened after entering the capital. She said seriously, “It seems like I fell into Young Master Su’s trap. Your actions in the brothel were all for me to see. You didn’t want to marry me, but you didn’t want to go against His Majesty. So, before I entered the capital, you deliberately threw away all your money and made a name for yourself in the capital overnight.”

“You created an excuse for me to break off the engagement and let me speak in front of His Majesty to achieve your goal. Young Master Su, you have great means. Yan Luoying has learnt greatly from this.”

Su Wen didn’t deny it and merely smiled. “Whatever you think.”

Yan Luoying thought for a moment and continued, “Since I don’t want to marry you and Young Master Su doesn’t want to marry me, there’s no need for us to be enemies. Why don’t we form an alliance?”

“An alliance?” Su Wen looked at Yan Luoying in surprise. He did not expect her to make such a suggestion.

Yan Luoying said seriously, “That’s right. His Majesty appointed you to this role at the same time as me so we could work together. In terms of official matters, it can be said that we are bound together for good or bad. We should then aim to make some achievements. So, you and I should work together and do our work well.”

“As for the marriage, Young Master Su will continue being a playboy. I’m willing to take the initiative to reject the marriage in front of His Majesty. This way, both of us will get the results we want, right?”

This was a smart woman.

She quickly analyzed her relationship with Su Wen and found the possibility of working together.

Su Wen looked at Yan Luoying before sighing. “You shouldn’t have rejected the share of benefits today.”

Obviously, Su Wen had tacitly agreed to the alliance.

“After you take that silver, you will be able to gain a firm foothold in the Patrol Guard and let them work for you. You can slowly nurture your trusted subordinates and figure out the situation. However, you have just arrived, you are still unfamiliar with everything but immediately touched on everyone’s interests. The moment the East District experiences, it will be difficult for you to stand firm.”

Yan Luoying was silent for a moment before she said, “I won’t take it. I already expected this sort of reaction before I rejected it! But I still don’t want to take it. There are some things that by letting it happen once, is as bad as letting it happen countless times. I want to be a good official.”

Was it difficult to be a good official?

Su Wen did not know.

But he knew that he couldn’t do what Yan Luoying did.

‘I am indeed a bad person.’

Su Wen mocked himself.

He stood up and said casually, “Let’s wait and see then. We will still remain as enemies outside in the meantime. Let’s see what methods they have!”


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