My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Lunatic Studying Missiles

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Su Wen walked out of the hall and walked towards the outside of the office.

Halfway there, Wen Jinming appeared in front of Su Wen.

With a flattering expression, he smiled and said, “Young Master Su is out. That woman seems to have approved of Young Master Su’s leave. This woman is like this. If we don’t teach her a lesson, she’ll think that everyone is afraid of her.”

Su Wen smiled and said, “What are you saying, Sir Wen? After all, Lady Yan has just taken over the position, so you have to be more forgiving.”

The smile on Wen Jinming’s face grew wider. He purposely used that sentence to test Su Wen’s attitude. If Su Wen reprimanded him sternly or if he looked unhappy, he would stop. At this moment, Su Wen’s attitude confirmed his suspicion that Su Wen and Yan Luoying were not on good terms.

“Young Master Su, you are the son of the prime minister. The reason you are here is because His Majesty wants you to get closer to Lady Yan. However, her attitude is a waste of His Majesty’s efforts.” Wen Jinming said as he paid attention to Su Wen’s expression.

As expected, a trace of displeasure appeared on Su Wen’s face. From Wen Jinming’s point of view, Su Wen and Yan Luoying’s relationship was clearly not good.

This was what he thought he could use.

Hence, he took the initiative to look for Su Wen.

“Young Master Su, from now on, if you need anything from me while you’re on patrol, just let me know. I, Wen Jinming, promise that I’ll do whatever you say.” Wen Jinming lowered his stance, expressing his intention to surrender.

Su Wen narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Alright, I will definitely look for you if I need anything!”

Wen Jinming didn’t say anything else.

Sending Su Wen off with his eyes, the smile on Wen Jinming’s face disappeared.

Sun Wei walked out from the side and asked in a low voice, “Old Wen, what do we do next?”

Wen Jinming spoke in a cold voice, “What should we do? Let’s pass on the news first! Tell our brothers that the new Commander Yan has said that we’re not allowed to receive any benefits.”

Sun Wei pondered for a moment and understood that during Wen Jinming’s meeting yesterday, some people seemed to be very hesitant about going against the commander.

Right now, Wen Jinming wanted everyone to know that Yan Luoying had ruined all their possible benefits.

The news quickly spread throughout the East District’s Guards.

The voices of scolding and cursing could be heard everywhere!

“F*ck! I’ve been patrolling the streets every day and most of my money is also given to the higher-ups. Now, you’re not even allowing us to get this little bit of profit?”

“That’s right, why are you acting so high and mighty? Who doesn’t need to feed their family? Two taels a month, are you going to eat shit?”

“F*ck, I’m patrolling the streets under the sun, but I’m not allowed to take this bit of money. Whoever f*cking likes to patrol, can do so from now on. I’ll find a teahouse to drink tea from tomorrow onwards!”

“She really doesn’t care about her subordinates at all. This woman is just not good. No wonder she killed hundreds of thousands of people. She’s a pervert!”

“Hehe, I’ll just continue to accept the benefits. I won’t hand over a tael of silver. It’s all mine!”

For a moment, the guards were filled with resentment.

Yan Luoying’s eighteen generations of ancestors had been cursed.

It couldn’t be helped. Everyone was already used to receiving benefits.

Although ordinary soldiers received the least, they could still receive around ten taels of silver every month.

A year’s worth of benefits would amount to 120 taels!

Without any benefits, an ordinary guard could only receive 24 taels of silver a year.

The two sums were worlds apart.

Most importantly, everyone in the patrolling guards benefitted from this. They were already used to it, and no one could be happy when their source of funds was cut.

Yan Luoying soon realized that no matter where she went, there were hostile gazes everywhere.

This was exactly what Wen Jinming wanted to see.

On the other side, Su Wen left the guard office and headed straight for the Spiritual Master Residence.

The Spiritual Master Residence was actually a government office, or rather, it was the research department of the Great Zhou.

Compared to martial artists, Spiritual Masters placed more emphasis on cultivating spiritual power and borrowing the power of heaven and earth. Apart from pursuing powerful combat strength, they also preferred to pursue the essence of the world.

Therefore, they could often create unexpected things, and spirit artifacts were one such item.

The Spiritual Master Residence was located in the western suburbs of the capital and occupied a large area.

The carriage stopped outside the manor and Su Wen got off.

He walked to the door but was stopped by a guard on the duty.

“Who are you? What are you here for?”

Su Wen smiled. “Please inform Master Mo Xin that the son of the prime minister, Su Wen, wishes to see him.”

The guard’s expression turned serious. Su Wen, the son of the prime minister?

He hurried in to report.

Su Wen stretched his back and waited quietly.

He was pretty fond of this transmigrated identity. It proved to be quite the convenient tool most of the time.

In the Spiritual Master Residence, most of the people actually studied and researched their own things individually.

However, some of them would occasionally gather together for research.

There were many departments inside.

And this Mo Xin was the manager of the whole Spiritual Master Residence. He was also acquainted with Su Wen.

At that moment, he was carefully placing a small cylindrical object in front of him on the table. He gently lit the cylinder-shaped object’s tail.


There was a loud bang.

An explosion occurred.

A huge fireball engulfed the entire room.

The guard who came to report was standing outside the house with lingering fear. They looked at the doors and windows that had shattered and flown out in all directions and swallowed their saliva.

“F*ck, the stability is still not there!” Mo Xin walked out of the room with a dejected look.

A layer of light blue light appeared on his body, evidently, it was this layer of light that protected him.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Xin asked as he walked towards the soldier.

The soldier hurriedly nodded his head and said, “The son of the prime minister, Su Wen, is requesting an audience.”

Mo Xin’s eyes lit up with joy. “Let him in, quick!”

Soon, Su Wen entered. Mo Xin placed a pot of tea on the empty space outside the house. Behind him were the craftsmen who were repairing the house.

When Mo Xin saw Su Wen, he awkwardly scratched his head and said, “Su Wen, I’m trying to think of a way to deal with the missile that you mentioned last time. However, it’s still not stable at the moment, so it’s very difficult for it to explode when I want to. Do you have any ideas?”

Su Wen’s mouth dropped in shock. The last time they met was at the Ghost Festival last year. Back then, Su Wen had jokingly told him about the concept of a missile when he saw the sky full of fireworks. To think this fellow actually went ahead and researched this thing?

Su Wen rolled his eyes and said, “How would I know? I’m just spouting nonsense. You actually want to create it?”

Moxin nodded seriously and said, “I think that the missile you’re talking about is really possible. I’ve already figured out a way to increase the power of gunpowder. As long as we think of a way to increase the stability and accuracy in the flight after ignition, we can really hit enemies hundreds of miles away.”

Su Wen could not be bothered with him. This man was a true lunatic. In this world, cannons had yet to be invented, but he wanted to build missiles? That was basically nonsense.

Besides, Su Wen was just joking. How would he know how to build missiles?

Su Wen took out a blueprint from his pocket and said, “Alright, let’s not bother about that missile for now. Come and take a look. Help me build this thing!”

“What is this? It looks so strange!”

“What? You even need it to be capable of autonomous movement?”

“What about internal structural designs? Nothing?”

Mo Xin looked at Su Wen’s crooked painting and shook his head. “It can’t be done. How can it be done within nine days?”

Su Wen smiled and said, “I heard from my father that the overall funding for the Spiritual Master Residence will be cut by half next year. The funds from all over the place will have to be strictly vetted… As you know, this funding review has always been done outside the office of the Spiritual Master Residence.”

“Rest assured, Young Master Su. I will definitely help Young Master Su create this within nine days and achieve the effect that Young Master Su wants!”

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