My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 303 - Family Reunion

Chapter 303: Family Reunion

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Seeing the Su Wen successfully brought Su Su back, all the Su family members heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Su’s safety had always been on the hearts of the Su family.

This time, Su Su’s return made everyone put down all their worries.

In the laboratory, Ni Hongxiao hugged Su Su tightly!

She rarely revealed her true feelings.

To Ni Hongxiao, love had always been a luxury.

“You child, who let you run around! Is the Demon Realm a place you can go?” Ni Hongxiao wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes and reprimanded.

Hmm… the initial excitement was over. It was time to settle the score.

Su Su suddenly had a bad feeling. “It was Big Sis that wanted to go!”


Ni Hongxiao was at a loss. Since when did Su Su have a sister?

Su Wen immediately interrupted, “Let me explain.”

Su Wen combined his deduction with what Su Su had said and told Ni Hongxiao. After hearing this, Ni Hongxiao frowned.

But she still patted Su Sus head and said, “Don’t worry, Mother won’t kill your sister.”



After hearing this answer from Ni Hongxiao, Su Su felt relieved.

Suddenly, Su Su’s expression froze, before changing to that of Big Su.

She lowly whispered, “Mother!”

From the moment she changed her appearance, Su Wen and Ni Hongxiao could feel the change in her temperament.

Ni Hongxiao hugged her and whispered, “Don’t worry, Mother won’t hurt you.”

No matter what, this consciousness was born from Su Su’s body.

In essence, she was not much different from Su Su.

She could also feel Ni Hongxiao’s warm embrace.

Big Su’s body relaxed.

“Why did you want to go to the Demon Realm?”

“Because there are things in the Formless Realm that make my sister and I stronger.”

Big Su began to narrate.

It turned out that the Holy Spirit Mountain in the Formless Realm was actually the most fundamental existence in that entire Realm.

However, when the Formless Realm was destroyed, before the Realm Controller dissipated, he forcefully manipulated the Realm Mist, giving the Realm a chance to survive.

He then left behind two Origin Source items.

The first was the Realm Essence.

That was the foundation of the Formless Realm, as well as the convergence of all Great Daos.

‘The other was the Formless Origin Pearl that Su Su had obtained. This was the convergence of all the Formless Origin Energy.

Born from the Formless Beast egg, the highest lifeform in the Formless Realm, Su Su did not have much need for the so-called Great Dao Integration.

‘What she needed more was this Formless Origin Energy.

With the Formless power, Su Su could better absorb the Formless Beast Origin sealed in her body.

Furthermore, she could also release the seals faster and recklessly use her strength.

Because of this, Su Su entered a period where her strength increased rapidly.

In this world, there were very few people who could control the power of the Formless Energy. Big Su was undoubtedly more inclined towards controlling the Formless Origin Power. Thus, when Little Su encountered danger, she came out and had established a connection with the Formless Origin Pearl

inside the Demon Realm.

That feeling and summoning originated from her most primitive desires.

Any living being that encountered this type of situation would choose to head there.

After knowing the whole story, Su Wen and Ni Hongxiao forgave Su Su.

Su Wen touched Su Su’s head and said, “No matter what, you have to know that your mother and I are the closest people to you. Next time, no matter what happens, you have to tell us. We will help you.”

To be honest, Big Su was actually very pitiful.

From the moment she was born, most of the time, she would either be sleeping or watch Little Su controlling their body.

Furthermore, she was afraid that Ni Hongxiao would kill her.

Hence, her trust in Su Wen and Ni Hongxiao was relatively low.

Su Wen was also aware of this point.

Big Su lowered her head and said, “I know I was wrong. Father, please punish me.”

Su Wen smiled. “What punishment? It’s not a big deal! It’s over now.”

In Su Wen’s opinion, it was normal for children to make mistakes. The main reason was that Su Wen had never taught her properly.

If a parent were to punish their children for mistakes that they had never taught nor explained, that would be too petty.

Furthermore, Su Wen was not an obedient child since he was young. He was naturally more tolerant of his children’s mistakes.

Furthermore, Su Wen had caused so much trouble, yet Old Su had not killed him. How could he punish Su Su so easily?

At this moment, the laboratory door opened.

Yan Luoying and Ning Shuang entered together.

‘When she saw Su Wen, Yan Luoying smiled and said, “Husband, I see you’ve got quite the rewards this time. What’s going on with the two female demons outside?”

At this moment, Big Su returned the control of her body to Little Su.

Little Su immediately ran up and said, “She’s an aunt! I was the one who asked Daddy to marry Aunt Xiaoxiao. She’s so gentle and beautiful! I like her so much!”

Yan Luoying:

Ning Shuang:

Ni Hongxiao : “…”

The three of them looked at Su Su at the same time.

Little Su Su said, “Aunt, don’t blame Daddy. If you want, blame it on me instead!”

Yan Luoying was not really angry at first.

She just wanted to complain a little and make Su Wen panic.

She knew what Su Wen was like.

However, wasn’t this little cotton jacket a little too thick and helpful?

Yan Luoying squatted down and said to Su Su gently, “Su Su, be good. Let’s not take the blame for Daddy! Let him admit what he did!”

Su Su said anxiously, “No, I really asked Daddy to marry Aunt Xiaoxiao. But not for Aunt Bai!”

‘What an objective little child.

Yan Luoying raised her head to look at Su Wen and asked with a smile, “Even if we don’t care about Cheng Xiaoxiao, what about that Aunt Bai? You really dare to bring any bloodline home now!”

“Ah… Hehe! My father is looking for me. I’ll leave first!”

How could Su Wen waste his time with them? He quickly found an excuse to escape.

Seeing that he had run away, Yan Luoying sighed and looked at Ni Hongxiao. “Find a time to enter the residence. Su Su can’t always be alone, she has to be brought to the residence. Ning Shuang, I’ll leave the two women of the Demon Race to you. Arrange a place for them to stay first. When the time

comes, let’s see what our family wants!”

“Alright!” Ning Shuang went to prepare.

Ni Hongxiao however did not respond.

Yan Luoying thus added to Ning Shuang, “Bring Su Su out to play. I want to talk to Sister Ni

Ning Shuang led Su Su out of the door.

Yan Luoying found a place to sit down and looked at Ni Hongxiao. The two of them looked at each other for a moment.

Yan Luoying said, “I know that what happened back then affected you greatly, but no matter what, just treat it as doing it for Su Su. Also, you know very well how Su Wen treated you, and how you treat him. As for your actions now, everyone knows that you’re just deceiving yourself!”

“You had me investigated?” Ni Hongxiao looked at Yan Luoying without any fear.

Yan Luoying smiled and said, “We’re family, so we have to understand each other. Besides, it’s not a secret. There’s nothing to hide. It’s just that everyone knows about your relationship with Su Wen. Even if you don’t enter the residence, can the two of you cut ties?”

“Su Su is also getting older. Think about it carefully.. You are a smart person, there is no point in doing such a stupid thing!”

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