My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 306 - Preparations

Chapter 306: Preparations

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After hearing Gongsun Shi’s words, Su Wen fell silent.

He looked at Gongsun Shi and said with a smile, “I will return to the human world since there’s some free time! When the war is about to start, contact me with the Star Disk.”

Su Wen planned to go back and farm some Emotional Value!

Ever since the last time, he had already thought of a way. He only needed to harass people on a large scale.

‘Three days passed in a flash.

However, it was obvious that Gongsun Shi had no intention of handing over Emperor Zhou.

The transaction between the two worlds was also cut off. The relationship between the two sides became tense again, as they began to prepare for battle.

However, neither side took the initiative to attack. Instead, they were in a deadlock. Days passed one after another.

At this moment, Chu Xun realized that many of his people actually didn’t want to fight.

Why? Just because Chu Xun wasn’t afraid of death didn’t mean that the others weren’t.

Everyone knew that there were two Saints on the human side.

On the other hand, he was the only Saint here. To put it bluntly, the death of the 9th Grade Heaven Rank Hydra in the last battle had shocked everyone.

Even if Chu Xun was strong enough, who could guarantee that he wouldn’t die in battle?

Especially for those other races, no one was willing to risk their lives.

In the end, who would be willing to risk their lives to become stronger if there was a path that could achieve the same thing without any injuries?

Therefore, Chu Xun had heard a lot of anti-war discussions recently.

Many people even suggested that he accept the compensation from the human world.

This made Chu Xun extremely unhappy! Accept compensation?

He was absolutely unwilling to do this.

However, even though he was unwilling, many of his subordinate races also showed resistance to his choice, such as directly migrating into the Heavenly Fiend and Evil Fiend territories.

‘The Heaven Rank experts that were gathered also secretly escaped.

This made Chu Xun feel a little hard pressed.

Su Wen’s plan had succeeded. Once someone got used to living a comfortable life, they would naturally be unwilling to take the risk to fight.

Even the low-level demons were unwilling to start a war.

In reality, apart from a few extreme demons who wanted to go to the human world to quickly increase their cultivation, most of the demons were satisfied with the current situation.

Originally, the Demon Realm’s resources were tight, and thus the various tribes continuously fought for resources.

However, ever since they obtained Ni Hongxiao’s genetically modified Giant Strength Rat and Longevity Grass.

‘The commoners at the bottom of the Demon Realm also got to live a good life. They did not lack meat to eat, and could just plant and raise rats in peace.

To put it bluntly, did he really think that he now had too much time and wanted to create some trouble?

Did they necessarily have to wage war?

The citizens of the Demon Realm, who had been tempered by war, were no longer willing to fight!

Of course, such personal wishes were nothing in front of Chu Xun, a person at the top of the food chain. He did not need their support nor assurance.

He possessed absolute strength, and his right to speak was based on his strength.

Not all subordinate races would have the courage to escape.

Not all Heaven Rank experts chose to leave either.

Most of them still chose to listen to Chu Xun’s orders.

However, for the tribes that were originally independent of the Demonic Tribe, they did not participate in the battle this time!

This included the Flame Demon Tribe and some other neutral tribes. After all, the impression Xue Qianxun gave them was too deep.

None of them were willing to be the vanguard for the Demonic Tribe.

“Your Majesty, we can only rely on our tribe’s strength this time,” Mo Youhan said to Chu Xun.

Chu Xun’s face was cold as he said, “These short-sighted fellows, do they think they can stop fighting just because they don’t want to? If we retreat this time, the other party will definitely push their luck.”

“But if it’s just us, we might not be able to gain an advantage by attacking the allied army of the human world.” Mo Youhan said worriedly.

“To be honest, if I only had the Demonic Tribe, it won’t be so easy to resist the alliance army of the human world.”

Asmile appeared on Chu Xun’s face. “But there’s no hurry. Our reinforcements will arrive soon!”

“Huh? Reinforcements?” Mo Youhan was stunned.

She muttered, “How can we still have reinforcements?”

“The Evil Fiend Tribe!” Chu Xun’s eyes flashed with excitement.

“That old fellow has already decided! He wants to join forces with me and attack the human world!”

“Why?” Mo Youhan couldn’t understand.

Chu Xun smiled. “Because of the person who drew the realm boundary!”

“The Heavenly Dao says that those who kill the realm establishing individual can transcend!”

Chu Xun’s gaze was distant as he said, “No one knows what the end of cultivation is. We are constantly pursuing the unknown, constantly pursuing power, and constantly pursuing our comprehension of heaven and earth.”

“But that old fellow has survived since ancient times and has never been able to transcend. He’s already going crazy thinking about it! He doesn’t care about the battle between the two worlds at all.

So I’ve already promised him that I’ll help him kill the realm establishing individual if he helps in the war! This time, even if there are two Saint Ranks in the human world, we have nothing to fear!”

Mo Youhan did not expect Chu Xun to join forces with the Evil Fiend Ancestor!

This way, if the two largest forces of the Demon Realm joined forces, then they could be said to have 90% confidence in the war against the humans.

Even if there were two Saint Ranks in the human world, the Evil Fiend Ancestor was still someone who had survived from the ancient times. His strength was unfathomable.

In reality, even Su Wen and Gongsun Shi did not expect such an outcome.

However, a strange scene appeared. Whether it was the humans or demons, they all started to observe this situation intently.

However, no one attacked first.

At this moment, Wu Lie had already arrived at the Demon Realm. Behind him were Su Wen’s Demon Race subordinates.

At this moment, there was a horn growing out of Wu Lie’s forehead.

Obviously, he had disguised himself as a member of the Demonic Tribe.

“Come, come, come. Are you ready? Number 245, bury it!”

‘Wu Lie commanded people to bury a huge spherical object under one of the demon cities

Obviously, whether it was the human world or the demons, they had already started to use various methods for this war.

On the other side, the human world, Great Chu.

Su Wen had already been back for some time.

With his current cultivation, it would only take about a day for him to go from Great Chu to Nine Nether Island.

‘These days, the commoners on the continent were about to go crazy.

Su Wen started to harass them for 24 hours straight.

It was unknown when he started to annoy everyone.

Sometimes, it was just white noise to remind people of his presence.

Now people pointing at Su Wen and cursing… were everywhere.

In any case, Su Wen was very thick-skinned, so he ignored everything else to accumulate his Emotional Value crazily.

To him, not only would this help increase his cultivation and combat prowess, there was also no one who could stop him. It was simply too easy to collect Emotional Value.

At this moment, he was at home, while Wu Muyu leaned on him.

“Brother Su, don’t leave when you come back this time, alright…”

‘Wu Muyu said sweetly.

To her, she did not care about the war between humans and demons. She only wanted to accompany Su Wen.

Perhaps it was a little selfish, but it was also being very petty.

But this was all Wu Muyu wanted.

Asharp glint flashed across Su Wen’s eyes as he smiled. “I naturally didn’t come back this time to play! Trust me, there will be an outcome soon!”

He looked at his system.

Emotional Value: 750 million!

It could be said that Su Wen now had a lot of capital to do what he wanted.

After comforting Wu Muyu, Su Wen entered the system interface to browse.

In reality, it was already very difficult for Su Wen to directly increase his strength through the system.

However, the system still had one more item that he could use at any rank and grade.

It was the Time Freeze Card!

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