My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu

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The golden light was extremely fast, but He Ping’an’s reaction was even faster!

His sword shot out of its sheath!

Piercing straight towards the golden light!


With a crisp sound, He Ping’an’s face was filled with shock. The long sword in his hand had actually broke!

In that instant, the golden light hit Su Wen.

The next second, the golden light sunk straight into Su Wen’s body!

The woman’s eyes widened in disbelief. She cried out involuntarily, “How is this possible! How can the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu choose to enter the body of you people from Zhou!”

However, Su Wen did not even register what she was saying.

What made Su Wen horrified was that after that damned Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu entered his body, it actually began to absorb the True Qi stored in his body!

The Heaven & Earth Great Solar Sutra that Su Wen cultivated was an extreme Yang attribute cultivation technique. It was supposed to be the bane of insect-attributed organisms.

However, he did not know what this Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was made of. It seemed completely fearless to his True Qi.

It greedily gulped down the True Qi present in Su Wen’s body.

Su Wen was shocked at this sight. He hurriedly tried to circulate his True Qi to force this thing out, but it was completely useless.

“D*mn it! What the f*ck is this thing?” Su Wen was extremely anxious when he saw that the True Qi in his body had decreased by about 30% in just a short while. If this continued, wouldn’t something happen to him?

The man from Martial Inspectorate frowned and walked forward, saying, “I am Martial Inspectorate’s Golden Saber Deacon, Ma Shan. The Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu in your body is one of Martial Inspectorate’s secret treasures. You have to come back with me.”

The Martial Inspectorate’s deacons were divided into four levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron. The Golden Saber’s deacons were considered top level experts even in the Martial Inspectorate.

It was second only to the elders.


He Ping’an took a step forward and said solemnly, “We have to report this matter to my clan’s Prime Minister first!”

“Prime Minister?” Ma Shan frowned. One had to know that Great Zhou only had one prime minister, and that was Su Changqing.

In other words, the person before him was Su Changqing’s son, Su Wen?

That would be troublesome.

This Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was not an ordinary item. Logically speaking, the Martial Inspectorate had to retrieve it no matter the costs.

Although it had entered Su Wen’s body, it was not impossible to take it out. It was just that Su Wen would be harmed in the process.

“No! He must return with me!” Ma Shan snapped coldly.

Ma Shan was not afraid of Su Changqing. To put it bluntly, their Martial Inspectorate was directly under the jurisdiction of the Zhou Emperor. As for the people in the Martial Inspectorate, they would not enter the royal court as officials either.

Thus, no matter how powerful Su Changqing was in the court, he wasn’t afraid.

On the other hand, he had not only lost the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu during his shift today, but had even allowed it to enter Su Wen’s body. If he let Su Wen leave and his family did not allow them to retrieve the Gu, wouldn’t he lose this precious treasure?

At that time, he would be punished by the Inspectorate.

He Ping’an held his broken sword in his hand, and his eyes shining with a fierce light. Killing intent rose from his body as he said, “Young Master, quickly return to the residence and report this matter to the Prime Minister. Leave this place to me!”

Ma Shan was furious. “You’re courting death!”

As he spoke, he abruptly removed his hands. True Qi surged violently, and two huge hand seals shot towards He Ping’an!

“What a good Great Vajra Palm!”

He Ping’an brandished his broken sword in response, and a silver light flashed. A chilly sword aura emerged.


The two of them exchanged blows, before each taking three steps back.

They were actually evenly matched.

As for Su Wen, he had already activated his movement technique, directly running towards his residence.

He was not stupid. This damn thing had entered his body. Looking at Ma Shan’s stance, he was itching to get him into the Martial Inspectorate. There was definitely nothing good by following him there.

At this moment, a delicate shout came from behind!

“Return the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu to me!”

It was the beautiful woman who was injured by Ma Shan.

Her name was Lan Qingqing, and her nickname was Flying Yaksha.

Even though she looked young, she was actually almost 40 years old.

It was just that most martial artists didn’t look old, so appearance wise, she still resembled a young beauty.

This woman had also heard of Su Wen’s identity, but she didn’t care. At this moment, she wanted to kill Su Wen and take out the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu.

Su Wen did not even turn his head as he continued sprinting away!

However, Su Wen’s movement techniques were far inferior to this woman’s.

The distance between them was shrinking at a pace visible to the naked eye.

Lan Qingqing was also secretly shocked.

Through the conversation just now, she also found out Su Wen’s identity. In the capital, it was rumored that Su Wen was a person who was proficient in neither literature nor martial arts.

But right now, this guy’s movement technique revealed that he had clearly stepped into the upper grades of Star Rank.

Even Lan Qingqing was far inferior to Su Wen at this age.

However, she did not have time to think too much. The opportunity was slipping from her hands.

Thanks to Su Wen’s appearance, she was able to escape from Ma Shan.

There was also a chance to take back the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu.

Finally, Lan Qingqing caught up to Su Wen. She exerted strength in her legs and leaped high into the air before bringing her palm at Su Wen!down

On the other side, Ma Shan and He Ping’an had started a fierce fight. Both of their skills were similar. Because He Ping’an held a broken sword, Ma Shan had the upper hand at the moment. However, he was unable to take down He Ping’an in a short while.

After fighting for a while, Ma Shan stopped. He knew that it was useless to continue fighting like this.

“Hehe, that Lan Qingqing has already gone to chase after your young master. She is a vicious and merciless person. Furthermore, her cultivation is at the 2nd Grade of Earth Rank. From the looks of it, the cultivation of your young master that escaped from just now is only at the Star Rank 7th or 8th Grade. If you don’t go, your young master is dead for sure!”

Ma Shan spoke.

He Ping’an looked at Ma Shan and said with a smile, “Earth Rank 2nd Grade, she is indeed much stronger than my young master. However, that woman was just injured by Deacon Ma, right? How much battle prowess can she display now?”

Ma Shan sneered and said, “Lan Qingqing is nicknamed the Flying Yaksha. She has been roaming the martial world for many years. How rich is her combat experience? Are you that confident? Can your young master escape from her?”

“If you let me bring Su Wen back, I promise you that the Martial Inspectorate will never harm Su Wen’s life! What do you think?”

He Ping’an however shook his head, “This Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was a divine item of the Divine Sorcerer Sect in the past. According to what I know, after it enters the body, there are only two ways to take it out. The first is to kill the host directly. The second is to disperse the person’s True Qi and release their blood. When their Qi and blood are depleted and they are on the verge of death, the Gu will fly out on its own since it does not have any more food! No matter which of these two methods, my Su Family cannot accept it!”

Ma Shan said, “But the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu has entered his body. Without the Divine Sorcerer’s Art, your young master will die sooner or later!”

He Ping An said, “We both know that it’s not up to us to decide what to do with him.”

In reality, that was indeed the case. What Ma Shan wanted to do was to bring Su Wen back to the Martial Inspectorate and report to the Inspectorate Head. It would be up to the Head to decide if he wanted to retrieve the Gu directly.

As for He Ping’an, what he wanted was for Su Wen to return home and report this matter to Su Changqing to prevent the Martial Inspectorate Head from taking the Gu directly.

On the other side, Lan Qingqing had already made her move. She slapped her palm towards Su Wen.

At this critical moment, Su Wen stopped running and suddenly turned around, his entire body in an extremely relaxed posture!

With his left hand at the front and his right arm at full strength, he suddenly struck out!

A fist and palm collided.


There was a loud bang!

Su Wen took five steps back, while Lan Qingqing was sent flying!

The result of their exchange was because Su Wen was stronger than her. It was because Lan Qingqing was flying in the air and had nowhere to borrow strength from. Su Wen was standing on the ground and had some support, so he could exert more strength.

A vicious glint flashed across Su Wen’s eyes as his fist gained momentum. He did not retreat but instead charged straight towards Lan Qingqing

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