My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Su Wen’s Knowledge

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Su Wen got out of the car and stretched his back lazily. He looked at He Ping’an and smiled. “Uncle He, you’ve worked hard. Rest early.”

A good word warms the person three winters, while a nasty comment hurts for six winters.

Su Wen’s casual words of concern warmed He Ping’an’s heart.

He smiled as he replied, “Alright, I’ll go back and rest first. Young Master, if you go out, get someone to call me.”

He Ping’an shook his head as he watched Su Wen enter the inner hall.

This Third Young Master was always kind to others. Why was he so hard to please once he left the residence?

He gave off the feeling of a cultured and refined scholar in the residence, yet the moment he stepped out of the residence, he turned into a profligate young master who caused trouble.

They were two completely different faces.

However, to He Ping’an, Su Wen’s respect for him made him feel good.

This was also why he was willing to work for Su Wen.

Su Wen walked into the backyard and arrived at Su Changqing’s study.

Lightly knocking on the door, he called out, “Father, your son is here.”

“Come in!”

No one was allowed to enter Su Changqing’s study room without his permission.

Su Wen pushed open the door and saw several lamps lit in the room. Su Changqing was currently seated behind his desk, reading a book.

Seeing Su Wen enter, he put down the book in his hand and raised his head. “Sit down.”

Su Wen sat down and the father and son looked at each other. After a moment, Su Changqing spoke, “His Majesty has bestowed a marriage upon you.”

Upon hearing this, Su Wen brows furrowed for a moment, but immediately regained his composure.

Su Changqing had been staring at his reaction the entire time. At this moment, he was very surprised.

In his heart, Su Wen was a good-for-nothing. He caused trouble every day and refused to be disciplined. He would often spout nonsense and had a bad temper. In his predictions, Su Wen should have flown into a rage when he heard this and strongly opposed it.

Why was he so calm?

“And the bestowed bride is Yan Luoying!”

Su Changqing continued.

This time, Su Wen’s frown deepened.

After a while, he sighed and said, “I understand.”

It could be said that Su Wen’s reaction had completely exceeded Su Changqing’s expectations.

He calmly accepted it! No, he actually accepted it!

How could Old Su, who had been thinking for a long time and was prepared to persuade and coerce him in every way, be satisfied?

Su Changqing couldn’t help but say, “Think about it carefully. That woman isn’t to be trifled with. She just massacred 400,000 people at the border! If such a person marries into the family, who knows how much trouble will arise because of her!”

Su Wen tilted his head to look at him and probed, “You mean… I can choose not to marry?”

“Of course not!”

After saying that, Su Changqing looked at Su Wen’s stunned face and felt that he had gone overboard.

The other party had clearly agreed to it, yet he had to find trouble to ask about it and then immediately reject it.

The atmosphere became awkward.

Soon, Su Wen smiled to dissolve the awkwardness. He said, “Father, this marriage is not up to you and me to decide. Since His Majesty bestowed this marriage upon us, from the moment he opened his mouth, there was no room for us to resist. I understand this logic.”

Su Changqing nodded and said, “It’s good that you know. I didn’t expect my son to have such knowledge. Alright, you may leave.”

Since Su Wen did not object, then the biggest obstacle in this matter was gone.

However, things had once again gone out of his expectations. Su Wen did not even move.

He remained seated on the chair as he seriously spoke, “Father, I can guess what His Majesty is thinking. He is worried about Yan Ze, and Yan Luoying has shown her talent. He wants to bring Yan Luoying back to the capital and imprison her with the betrothal. However, for the imperial descendents, whoever obtains Yan Luoying means that they will automatically gain Yan Ze’s support. This is something that he cannot accept, so he can only find a suitable person among the sons of the nobles. In the entire court, the person he trusts the most is Father, and thus this marriage has fallen to me, right?”

Su Changqing’s eyes widened. He had never thought that his useless son would be able to see through the Zhou Emperor’s thoughts.

All along, he had thought that Su Wen was mostly illiterate.

Thus, he never expected that the latter would be able to analyze matters to this extent.

Su Wen said faintly, “Father, after you marry the Yan family, your reputation will reach the peak of Great Zhou. But have you thought about the future of our Su family?”

Su Changqing looked at his son in front of him and pondered for a moment. He only responded with another question, “What do you mean?”

Su Wen said, “Father’s power was given and raised up by His Majesty, but what if one day His Majesty no longer trusts Father? Where is the future of our Su family? When that time comes, I’m afraid our family will be wiped out in an instant.”

At this point, Su Wen looked at Su Changqing and saw that he had a solemn expression.

But Su Wen continued unabated, “I know that with Father’s ability, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to live your life as a clean and uncorrupted official. However, you deliberately wantonly accumulate wealth and sully your own reputation in order to appease His Majesty’s heart. Father comes from a poor and humble background, with no one to rely on, so I can understand that you want to be an orphan official to win His Majesty’s trust.”

“However, after becoming in-laws with the Yan Family, Father has already become a force that cannot be eliminated.. The Zhou Emperor is now ambitious, but if there comes a day when he is satisfied with his achievements or if the new emperor succeeds the throne, then Father will be the first person to be eliminated. As for my Su family, it will usher in a calamity! This is no longer something that can be resolved by sullying oneself!”

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