My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Upgrade

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Su Wen slept until noon.

He woke up to see that Cui Yumian was right beside him.

It had to be said that this woman was indeed enchanting beyond words. Su Wen gently pushed her arm away and got dressed before leaving.

Cui Yumian opened her eyes, looking a little disappointed.

She could not figure out what Su Wen was thinking.

Her meaning yesterday was clear and she did not believe that Su Wen would not understand.

However, Su Wen did not promise her anything until the end.

This made her feel uneasy.

However, she was still very considerate and did not interrogate him. She did not say much and only served Su Wen for the entire night.

She had also tactfully pretended to be asleep earlier and did not open her eyes even when he left.

She was so obedient, it made one’s heart ache.

She struggled to get up, got dressed, before sitting in front of the bronze mirror, gently combing her hair.

“Yumian, are you awake? I’m coming in.”

From the door came the voice of the Madame.

Cui Yumian quickly responded, “Come in, Big Sis.”

The Madame entered the room, her face full of joy. She held Cui Yumian’s hand and exclaimed, “Yumian, did you know? Young Master Su came looking for me just before he left! He asked about buying you out and even left me three million taels of silver to make a reservation! You, you’re going to be the wife of the prime minister’s son!”

These banknotes were brought by Su Wen when he asked He Ping’an to retrieve the hairpin.

It was also to prepare for the last round, but he did not expect it to not be of any use.

Cui Yumian opened her mouth in shock!

She never expected Su Wen to be so efficient!

Cui Yumian started laughing. As she laughed, tears flowed down her face.

She hugged the Madame and bawled her lungs out.

As Su Wen returned home, he realized that his Emotional Values kept surging.

[Ding-dong. Zhang San is jealous of you. +3 Emotional Value.]

[Ding-dong. Wang Wu despises you. +1 Emotional Value.]


They were all people he didn’t know.

Moreover, the growth was not in huge amounts each time, but it more than made up for it through the sheer number of people.

His Emotional Value increased rapidly, causing his system level to increase by three whole levels.

Su Wen looked at his character panel.

Host: Su Wen

Emotional Value: 12,800 points.

Level: 11

Cultivation: Star Rank 7th Grade

Cultivation Technique: Heaven & Earth Great Solar Sutra

Battle Technique: Jadebreak Fist (LV5) Layered Wave Saber (LV5)

It could be said that Su Wen had never been so rich since he transmigrated.

In fact, although his bad reputation had spread far and wide in the past, it did not resonate with the public, so he did not gain any emotional value as a result.

But this time he spent a huge sum of money to get it on with Cui Yumian. It had indeed ‘touched’ the hearts of many people.

To ordinary people, he spent so much money at once and even slept with such a beautiful woman. It made them jealous and envious.

At the same time, many people thought that he was a super prodigal son and looked down on him.

In any case, the combination of all these factors caused many people to have strong negative emotions towards him, which allowed him to gain a lot of points.

Su Wen was not in a hurry to use his points. Instead, he turned his attention to the reward obtained by levelling up the system.

Leveling thrice meant that he would have three chances for the system lottery.

In Su Wen’s opinion, this lottery was pretty good. The cultivation techniques and martial techniques he was currently cultivating were all drawn from this lottery.

Furthermore, emotional value could not be used to increase his cultivation grade. Instead, his current cultivation level had a lot to do with the items he drew from the lottery.

“Activate the lottery draw!”

[Ding-dong. The host has drawn the Origin Breath Pill. It can increase your cultivation level by three years!]

Su Wen shook his head and was rather dissatisfied with the item he got.

However, he continued to open the lottery.

[Ding-dong. The host has drawn the Blood Essence of the Black Tortoise. The host can slowly refine it to increase the strength of the physical body.]

This time, a smile appeared on his face. The Black Tortoise’s blood essence was a rare and precious item. If a martial artist consumed it, it would be extremely beneficial.

It was not something that could be bought with money.

[Ding-dong. The host has drawn the Military Tactical Formation, Trap Formation!]

This made Su Wen frown. In this world, military formations were extremely important to generals.

A powerful military formation could give soldiers all sorts of buffs.

This was akin to making the soldiers stronger!

It could be said that in addition to knowing where to place their troops and how to manipulate the terrain to their advantage, an outstanding general would also be aware of Military Tactical Formations.

However, this thing had a limited effect on an individual’s strength.

“Forget it, I’ll hold onto it first!”

Su Wen then swallowed the pill and the black tortoise’s blood essence without any hesitation.

In an instant, the True Qi in his body began flowing furiously.

The elixir quickly transformed into a thread of Qi and merged with Su Wen’s own, making his True Qi more robust.

As for the Black Tortoise’s blood essence, it was being ground down by Su Wen’s True Qi, scattering to his limbs and bones.

Roughly two hours later, Su Wen opened his eyes.

A sharp light flashed past his eyes before it quickly disappeared.

Su Wen clenched his fists as his muscles tensed up. He had the feeling that if he punched out, everything in front of him would be destroyed.

Suppressing the urge to throw out a punch, he took a deep breath and calmed his True Qi instead.

Only then did Su Wen turn his gaze to his martial techniques.

[Levelling up the Jadebreak Fist requires 3,500 points. Do you wish to do so?]


[The Layered Wave Saber needs 4000 points to level up. Do you wish to do so?]


[Upgrading the Layered Wave Saber requires 8,500 points. Insufficient Emotional Value, cannot be upgraded.]

[Upgrading the Jadebreak Fist requires 7,200 points. Insufficient Emotional Value, cannot be upgraded.]

His Emotional Value appeared to be in abundance initially, but after Su Wenwu’s skills were upgraded, the point requirements increased tremendously.

In the end, he only managed to upgrade both of his martial arts skills to Level 6.

However, Su Wen was already very satisfied with the upgrade.

Although his cultivation base had not broken through, his combat strength had increased by quite a bit.

Suddenly, Ning Shuang’s voice sounded from outside his door.

“Young Master, someone from the palace has come. They would like you to pay a visit to the royal palace!”

Su Wen touched his chin. Make me visit the royal palace? For what?

Of course, he also knew that there was no way to ask about this. He thought for a moment and asked, “Where’s my father?”

“The Old Master went for a court session, but has yet to come back.”

“Alright, I understand. I’ll go now.”

Su Changqing was very busy. As the prime minister, he was not someone that could be seen lazing away. Every day, even after the court sessions, he had to deal with the memorials in the palace. After he was done, he would send them to the emperor for review.

Such was the nature of the civil and governing roles.

Su Wen had initially planned to discuss some matters with Su Changqing, but in that case, he could only pay a visit to the royal palace first.

He went out and saw the eunuch who had come to deliver the decree.

Smiling, he greeted, “Sir Eunuch, may I know how I should address you?”

The eunuch in question quickly bowed and said, “This lowly one is Liu Yuan.”

Su Wen was the son of the prime minister after all, so he did not dare to put on airs.

When Su Wen saw that there was no one around, he casually handed over a banknote and said with a smile, “Eunuch Liu, please take this and get some tea for yourself.”

Liu Yuan pretended to decline out of courtesy, before finally accepting it.

The smile on his face had also widened quite a bit from before.

“May I know why His Majesty has summoned me?” Su Wen asked in a low voice.

Liu Yuan replied in a low voice, “It seems that Yan Ze’s daughter Yan Luoying has entered the capital. His Majesty wants the two of you to meet.”

Su Wen came to a realization. So this was the reason!

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