My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Entering the Residence

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When Wen Jinming heard the captain’s words, his face was filled with displeasure. He said angrily, “It’s true that a high-ranking official can crush someone to death, but the matters of the eastern part of the capital aren’t things that a mere commander like her can handle. In the end, this matter isn’t my own matter, and it also concerns the interests of my brothers below. If this eastern part of the capital becomes chaotic, even her position might be at risk!”

“But she is Yan Ze’s daughter after all. I heard rumors that she is engaged to Su Wen. Su Wen is the son of the prime minister! We cannot afford to offend him.”

Speaking of Su Wen, Wen Jinming revealed a smile and said, “This is the second thing I’m talking about. There’s news from the palace that Yan Luoying proposed to annul the engagement in front of His Majesty, and Su Wen also provoked Yan Luoying in front of the royal palace. The two of them don’t have a good relationship! Hence, we can offend Yan Luoying, but we can’t offend Su Wen. That Su Wen coming to our patrolling office is just a formality and he will be promoted sooner or later. We have to coax and respect him instead.”

“Is this news accurate?”

Everyone had some misgivings about the credibility of the news.

Wen Jinming was furious. “Of course! I spent three thousand taels of silver for it!”

It was obvious that some people in the palace were aware of how much information could be worth. They immediately found the people that needed such information at an instant.

Wen Jinming changed the topic and said, “However, this is a different story. If Yan Luoying is willing to maintain the status quo, then it will be good for both of us. Everyone can continue to be cordial on the surface, each taking their own share.”

After the discussion, everyone dispersed.

In the meantime, He Ping’an arrived at the Hundred Flowers Pavilion.

Carrying stacks after stacks of banknotes.

When he saw the Madame, he paid the remaining amount and bought over Cui Yumian’s indenture contract.

This time, Cui Yumian did not shed a tear. She bore only a face full of smiles.

Before they left, the Madame held onto Cui Yumian’s hand and said, “Yumian, he’s the son of the prime minister. Don’t think too much about it when you’re there. Serve Young Master Su well and you’ll have everything else you need.”

To put it bluntly, she was reminding Cui Yumian to behave with her tail between her legs.

Cui Yumian nodded, deeply engraving the advice to her heart.

The carriage left slowly, and the news quickly spread.

Eight million taels of silver to redeem the Courtesan Belle.

An unprecedentedly high price!

But these were all topics to be left for later.

When Cui Yumian arrived at the Su Residence, Su Wen was already waiting at the entrance.

Seeing her get out of the car, he went forward to welcome her.

The two of them entered the courtyard and Su Wen smiled. “Let’s stay here for a few days. When Xue Meng and I are done, I will move out.”

Cui Yumian was delighted to hear this.

She nodded lightly in response.

Immediately after, Su Wen brought Cui Yumian to meet his family.

The first was his father, Su Changqing. When he saw Cui Yumian, Su Changqing couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. “My son has good judgment.”

Cui Yumian’s looks could be said to be otherworldly.

After that were the aunts, Su Changqing’s wives, including Su Wen’s biological mother.

Cui Yumian, on the other hand, was gracious and did not show any signs of disrespect.

“Is this Third Brother’s wife? She’s even prettier than the Eldest and Second Sister-in-law! Third Brother is the best!” A seven or eight year old little girl smiled and said.

Su Changqing had three sons and only one daughter.

Her name was Su Nuannuan and she came from the same mother as Su Wen.

Naturally, their relationship was the best.

On the other hand, Su Wen’s mother looked at Cui Yumian with a face full of smiles. “Yumian is so pretty. Once you enter the house in the future, we will be a family.”

Cui Yumian felt warmth in her heart.

She was actually mentally prepared to accept the harsh criticism.

After all, she knew that with her background, once she entered the Prime Minister’s residence, even if she was only a concubine, it was very likely that she would be looked down upon.

However, unexpectedly, both Su Changqing and Su Wen’s mother were rather gentle and warm to her.

Next was the family banquet.

Su Nuannuan was someone who was obsessed with looks. She especially liked Cui Yumian and stuck by her side.

This allowed Cui Yumian to feel the tenderness of having a family.

After the banquet ended, Su Wen led Cui Yumian back to her room.

In the room, the two of them sat facing each other. Su Wen gently stroked Cui Yumian’s hair and gently said, “It’s been hard on you. I can only give you the position of a concubine.”

The status of concubines was not high to begin with.

It was different from an actual marriage, with all sorts of etiquette and rituals to be performed. Taking a concubine did not however require any ceremony.

Although Su Wen was a preposterous person, he knew that even Su Changqing would never agree to him marrying Cui Yumian.

Cui Yumian chuckled. “What are you talking about, hubby? I’m already very grateful that you were able to redeem me so quickly. I’m already very satisfied to be able to serve you by your side. What status I have is not important. Even if I’m brought over as a maidservant, I won’t complain.”

Cui Yumian also knew that with her background, being a concubine was already her limit, so she had never hoped for more.

Su Wen slowly moved closer to Cui Yumian. He looked at her beautiful face and gently leaned over.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was a series of knocks on the door.

Su Wen was furious. “Who is it!”

“Third Brother! It’s me! I want to sleep with Sister Cui!” Su Nuannuan’s voice came from outside the door.

Su Wen: “Nonsense, there’s no place for you. Go back to your room and sleep!”

The outside went quiet, and the footsteps faded away.

Cui Yumian couldn’t help but laugh. “Little sister is really cute.”

Su Wen rolled his eyes. “She is indeed cute, but sometimes it gets too annoying!”

The atmosphere in the room became ambiguous again.

As their eyes met, Cui Yumian blushed and slowly lowered her head.

Su Weng was about to make a move when… “Bang bang bang!”

The knockings sounded again.

“Third Brother, I’ve already instructed the servants to clean up the guest room for you. You can give the room to me now!”

Su Nuannuan shouted out proudly.

Su Wen suddenly stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door and looked at his younger sister. He gritted his teeth and said, “Su Nuannuan, quickly go back to your room and sleep. Do you believe that I will beat you up?”

Su Nuannuan instantly felt wronged. She pursed her lips and her eyes started to water up.

“I just want to sleep with Sister Cui. You… you’re bullying me… you said there’s no room, so I already got someone to clean the guest room, why do you still want to beat me up? Boohoo!”

Su Wen felt a headache coming on as he looked at Su Nuannuan.

Can I beat her? … I can’t.

Can I curse at her? … Can’t either.

“Forget it! I’m scared of you. Don’t cry anymore. You can sleep with Yumian today.”

Su Wen finally gave in.

Su Nuannuan’s tears turned into a smile instantly. She rushed into the room and climbed onto the bed. She held Cui Yumian’s hand and happily gushed out, “Sister Cui, Nuannuan will sleep with you tonight. Sister Cui, you’re so pretty. Nuannuan likes you so much!”

The world of children was very simple. She liked Cui Yumian’s looks and beautiful things. That was all.

Cui Yumian looked at Su Wen worriedly, afraid that he would get angry.

However, she realized that Su Wen was only looking at them with a smile.

“You two rest early, good night!”

Su Wen went out and closed the door.

He shook his head helplessly. “The guest room? I’m so angry now. She’s occupying my woman and she cannot even bear to let me stay in her room. What a clever girl!”

He could tell what Su Nuannuan was thinking.

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