My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Digging A Hole For Your Father

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In the end, Su Wen drank too much and was carried out of the Crown Prince’s residence by He Ping’an.

He placed him in the carriage before pulling it back to the Su residence.

Even at that time, he still could not remember the rest of the poem.

Of course, Su Wen just didn’t want to say it. He did it on purpose.

Being a cliffhanging dog? How satisfying!

He did it purely to make those people feel terrible.

He Ping’an carried Su Wen to the porch of the inner courtyard, before stopping there.

The rules of the residence were that male outsiders were not allowed to enter the inner courtyard of the residence.

Ning Shuang received the drunk Su Wen from He Ping’an and carried him back to the room.

Cui Yumian fetched some hot water and helped Su Wen wipe his face and hands.

Su Nuannuan was also at the side. The young lady wrinkled her nose as she said, “The smell of alcohol is awful. Why do people want to drink?”

Cui Yumian smiled. “Some people just like alcohol. Actually, I don’t like to drink alcohol either. Tomorrow, Sister will make you some sour plum soup. It’s sweet and sour, and very delicious.”

Su Nuannuan tilted her head to look at Cui Yumian and smiled. “Sister Cui, you want to accompany my brother today! You want me to leave!”

A faint blush appeared on Cui Yumian’s face. She had actually been seen through by a child.

Su Nuannuan walked to Su Wen’s side and gave him a light kiss before giving Cui Yumian a kiss as well. “Hmph, Brother is drunk today so I won’t fight with him. Sister Cui, you have to sleep with me tomorrow.”

Su Nuannuan left, leaving only Ning Shuang and Cui Yumian in the room.

Cui Yumian looked at Ningshuang and said with a smile, “Sister Ning Shang, can you stay here tonight and help me?”

“Yes.” Ning Shuang nodded.

“By the way, where are you from?” Since Su Wen was sound asleep on the bed, Cui Yumian started chatting with Ning Shuang.

The latter was a refugee and was brought along by her mother to escape to the capital. Later on, she sold herself into the Su Residence to be a maidservant.

Ning Shuang did not hide anything either, telling Cui Yumian everything in detail.

“The Prime Minister saved both of us. After my mother passed away, I grew up in the Su residence and served Young Master Su Wen. I don’t remember where my hometown is and my mother never told me.”

Cui Yumian and Ning Shuang were both people with tragic backgrounds.

The two of them gradually hit it off.

In the royal palace, Empress Han was currently holding onto a paper with a poem written on it.

“If time could stop at the moment we first met, then there would not be abandonment and neglect…”

“What a beautiful poem. Unfortunately, there’s only one line.”

She was the Crown Prince’s biological mother. Back when she was younger, she could also be considered a peerless beauty.

But following the passage of time, as her youthfulness slipped away, so did her beauty.

All that was left was the memories of the past. Reading this poem again, she was deeply moved.

Although she was now the Empress, the Emperor no longer favored her.

He would only occasionally come over to chat, but he rarely stayed overnight.

Hence, she loved poetry and books and often read poetry to entertain herself. The Crown Prince was aware of her interests and sent this poem over even in the middle of the night.

He only hoped that this would make her happier.

However, the Crown Prince was not aware that this poem made Empress Han inadvertently recall her past, adding to her sorrow.

The sky had just begun to brighten when the Emperor rose and prepared for the morning court.

The Zhou Emperor was considered a diligent person. Even decades after he had ascended the throne, he had never been absent from the morning court assembly.

After the report, he returned to the Cultivating Heart Palace. As for Su Changqing, he was about to leave when he was stopped by a eunuch.

“Minister Su, the Empress invites you to meet her.”

The eunuch’s order confused Su Changqing.

He did not have any interactions with the Empress before, so why would she suddenly summon him?

“May I know why the Empress summoned me?” Su Changqing asked.

The eunuch shook his head and said, “This servant does not know. Please accompany me, Minister Su. You will naturally know the reason once you arrive.”

Su Changqing nodded and went with the eunuch to where the Empress was.

The news quickly reached the Zhou Emperor.

“The Empress is looking for Su Changqing? Why?”

“It seems that His Highness the Crown Prince sent a poem written by Minister Su to the Empress last night. After the Empress read it, she was deeply moved. Last night, she read it several times and even faintly wept.”

The Zhou Emperor was surprised, “Su Changqing has never been outstanding in the area of literature. What poem can he write?”

These words were true. It had to be known that Su Changqing had known him for many years. In terms of political strategy, Su Changqing was absolutely at the top. But in terms of poetry, in the eyes of the Zhou Emperor, Su Changqing was probably inferior to him.

“Let’s go. I want to see what kind of poem Su Changqing can write that can Empress behave as such!”

Su Changqing met the empress in her palace.

He bowed and said, “I am Su Changqing. Greetings, Your Majesty. May I know why you have summoned me?”

Empress Han stared at Su Changqing for a long time before she faintly sighed and said, “You and His Majesty have known each other for many years. Back then, when you were discussing government affairs, drinking and sightseeing, I would often accompany you. However, I didn’t know that you actually had such literary talent. This makes me see you in a totally different light.”

Su Changqing was confused. “Your Majesty, what do you mean by this?”

The Empress gestured slightly, and a palace maid beside her brought a piece of paper with poetry written on it to Su Changqing.

Su Changqing picked it up and slowly recited, “If time could stop at the moment we first met, then there would not be abandonment and neglect… Good poem, good poem… But what does this poem have to do with me?”

The Empress looked slightly displeased as she replied, “Changqing, you and I are considered old acquaintances, so why do you have to lie to me like this? This poem was written by your son, Su Wen, last night at the Crown Prince’s residence for a banquet. He said that he read it from your study room when he was young and only remembered this line.”

“I know that there must be a story behind the poem for you to be able to write such a poem. Today, I won’t ask you for the story, but I wish to know the accompanying verse.”

Su Changqing mouth hung agape as he looked down at the poem in his hand.

I wrote this?

Su Wen saw it from my study?

I’ve f*cking never even seen it myself!

The problem was, it was his own son who said that!

Su Changqing’s brain started working rapidly.

At this moment, the eunuch’s voice sounded from outside the door. “His Majesty has arrived!”

Empress Han and Su Changqing quickly stood up to welcome him.

The Zhou Emperor strode into the hall and laughed loudly. “I heard that Minister Su wrote a good poem that even alarmed the empress. I just want to see what poem you can write, Su Changqing!”

The Empress wasn’t surprised that he would hear about this. There was no such thing as keeping secrets in the Emperor’s harem.

She picked up the poem and presented it. She said with some dissatisfaction, “Your Majesty, look. This is the poem written by Changqing. I asked him the accompanying sentence, but he’s pretending to be confused.”

The Zhou Emperor looked at Su Changqing with an expression of amusement before receiving the poem.

“This is indeed a good phrase…” After reading it, Emperor Zhou understood why the Empress cried last night, and why she summoned Su Changqing today.

Even as he read the phrase, he remembered the many memories in his past. The Empress was among them.

Thinking about how he had neglected the Empress for so many years, he naturally understood her feelings.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to write such exquisite words. I have underestimated you.” The Emperor sighed in emotion.

Su Changqing hurriedly said, “Thank you for your praise, Your Majesty. It was because I was influenced and nurtured by you, only then was I able to create this masterpiece.”

Su Changqing decided to flatter him first.

As expected, the Emperor’s smile grew even wider. “Then write the subsequent phrase!”

Su Changqing almost staggered. This poem was really aiming at his life!

“Su Wen, you b*tard! You’ve dug a hole for your father!” Su Changqing roared in his heart.

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