My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: High Pressure

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Yan Luoying frowned. “What is your meaning of saying this? Then what do you think I should do?”

Although Yan Luoying had previously proposed an alliance with Su Wen, she actually still looked down on him.

After all, the reason she proposed an alliance was mainly to dig a hole for Su Wen and to borrow Su Changqing’s power.

However, Su Wen’s words had enlightened her.

She was not someone who cared about face. To her, the most important thing was always how to achieve her goals.

Hence, she consulted Su Wen without any hesitation.

Su Wen smiled and said, “Have you handled a case before? How much do you know about the capital’s eastern district? That was your first interrogation, right? You don’t know anything. Do you think a newbie who doesn’t know anything and doesn’t know anything can handle a case? Even if you are good at leading troops into battle, this and that are two different things.”

“Therefore, whether it’s you or me, what we need to do is not to research the case, but to control the guards under us and seize the lifeline of those old foxes. Only by making them work hard for us can we then achieve something. As the saying goes, one must take care of internal affairs before dealing with external affairs.”

Yan Luoying fell into deep thought. After pondering for a moment, she smiled and said, “Thank you for your reminder, Young Master Su.”

She had to admit that Su Wen’s words were akin to the sunlight shining through the clouds. They easily made her see the truth of the matter.

Yes, everything about how the Patrol Guards before her arrival operated was something she did not understand.

Rather than spending so much time and effort researching it, it would be better to find a way to control her subordinates. As long as they were willing to help, things might become much simpler.

“Men, call Wen Jinming over. Call the guards in charge of today’s patrol and the captain in charge of that street as well!”

With Su Wen’s reminder, Yan Luoying suddenly had an idea.

Soon, everyone arrived. Yan Luoying looked at the patrolling guards and shouted, “The five of you are in charge of patrolling. How did Liu Dahu manage to escape after he killed someone? Where were all of you then?”

The guards replied, “Ma’am, we were at the end of the street at that time. Liu Dahu fled immediately after killing someone. When we arrived, he was already gone.”

“Then what did you do after that? Why didn’t you inform the guards manning the city gates to strengthen their checks, in order to prevent Liu Dahu from escaping?”

“This… At that time, this subordinate didn’t think of that. I was only focused on chasing after Liu Dahu, so I asked for his home address. When I arrived, Liu Dahu had already escaped.”

Yan Luoying rebuked angrily, “Your improper response has resulted in Liu Dahu escaping, that’s considered as you failing in your duty! Immediately throw him into prison and investigate whether he has anything to do with it!”

“No!” Wen Jinming stood up and said sternly, “Lady Yan, what do you mean by this? My brothers have been patrolling the streets every day to protect the common people. Even if such an incident has occurred, it’s not something that anyone here wishes to see. You have no evidence, yet you want to put my brother in jail. I, Wen Jinming, am not convinced by this!”

Yan Luoying narrowed her eyes and said, “Lord Wen, you have to know that I’m the Commander of the Patrol Guards. I have the right to dismiss the guards. Moreover, these guards didn’t handle the situation well and let Liu Dahu escape. It’s a dereliction of duty. How can this not be considered evidence? Men, bring them down!”

Wen Jinming coldly watched as the guards were imprisoned.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Lady Yan, I will write a memorial to report your actions to the Royal Censor.”

“As you wish!”

Yan Luoying smiled, before turning to the captain in charge of the street. With the same smile on her face, she continued, “Your name is Tian Kai, right? I remember you. I’ll give you seven days. You have to bring people to catch Liu Dahu. If you can’t catch him, I’ll also throw you into jail and remove you from your position. Believe me, as long as I’m still in the office for the day, I’ll call the shots here!”

Wen Jinming understood that Yan Luoying had called him here on purpose to suppress the guards in front of him.

This woman wanted to tell everyone that she was the biggest in the Patrol Guards!

Moreover, as long as she wanted to remove someone, no one could save them!

Wen Jinming finally started to take Yan Luoying seriously because he knew that although these guards were complaining about losing their benefits, no one wanted to leave the office.

To be honest, he was initially very happy with how Yan Luoying had behaved earlier today. However, he didn’t expect her to recover and react so quickly.

His mind raced and he turned to look at Su Wen. “Young Master Su, look, Tian Kai is your subordinate. What should we do?”

That’s right. According to the rules, Tian Kai was the captain under Su Wen.

Tian Kai also came back to his senses and knelt on the ground. He wailed at Su Wen, “Deputy Commander Su, you have to speak up for me. This Liu Da-Hu has already escaped and is nowhere to be found. How can we catch him within seven days? Isn’t this making things difficult for me?”

Su Wen smiled and said, “I’m just a mere deputy garrison commander. How can I control the garrison commander? What’s the use of begging me?”

Wen Jinming and Tian Kai wanted to drag him down to deal with Yan Luoying, but Su Wen would not fall for it.

Tian Kai kowtowed to Yan Luoying again.

“Lady Yan, please show mercy. I really don’t know when I’ll be able to capture Liu Dahu, so I can only put up an official wanted poster for him.”

Yan Luoying said sternly, “How do you know that you can’t do it before you even try? If you’re bent on resisting, I’ll throw you into jail today!”

Seeing that Yan Luoying was so determined, Tian Kai gritted his teeth and said, “Lady Yan, I’ll do my best, but I have no confidence in the deadline you mentioned!”

Wen Jinming looked at Yan Luoying and said in a stern voice, “Lady Yan, I have been working as a patrol guard for many years, but have never seen such a person who does not go by the book. I will definitely report this to His Majesty.”

After saying that, Wen Jinming turned around and left. Tian Kai hesitated for a moment before he got up and left too.

After leaving the meeting room, Tian Kai quickly caught up with Wen Jinming and said anxiously, “Sir, what should we do now? This woman is crazy!”

Wen Jinming’s eyes were sharp as he said, “Of course we have to think of a way. I’ve already written a memorial and submitted it to the Royal Censor. We’ll see if there’s any way to chase her away within these seven days. If there’s really no way to chase her away, I’ll definitely give you an explanation!

Also, go to the prison and tell those brothers that since things have already come to this, Yan Luoying will definitely punish them according to the law if they reveal the truth. As long as they refuse to say anything, Yan Luoying won’t be able to do anything either. I’ll think of a way to settle this matter elsewhere!”

The next morning, during the Court Assembly.

The Royal Censor stood up and reported, “Reporting to Your Majesty, ever since Yan Luoying was appointed the Commander of the East District Garrison, a murder case happened in the east of the city within a day. Yan Luoying didn’t think about how to arrest the murderer, but she severely punished the innocent citizens and threw the patrolling guards into jail for their crimes.

She also used her power to suppress others and coerce her subordinates, shirking her responsibility and causing resentment to spread within the patrolling guards. The guards were disheartened and had a petition, and 80% of the patrolling guards had already signed it, requesting to transfer Yan Luoying from her position to someone else!”

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