My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 302 - Su Su’s Secret

Chapter 302: Su Su’s Secret

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Long Shi and Chu Yiming could be said to be brothers in distress at this moment, not brothers-in-law!

No one had expected that Kaien would have reached half a step into the Saint Rank without a word. His battle prowess was formidable.

Long Kun and Yu Suging were still defeated despite their combined strength.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the two of them immediately escaped together.

Long Shi wasn’t stupid. He knew very well that his father was most likely dead.

However, he could no longer stay in the Heavenly Fiend Tribe. Chu Yiming had become his backer instead.

No matter what, the two of them were considered relatives.

The two of them flew straight towards the Demonic Tribe’s territory.

At this moment, Su Wen, Su Su, and a group of demons arrived at Nine Nether Island.

In the carriage, Su Wen was busy with absorbing the Formless Realm’s Realm Essence into his body! After so many days, he finally completed his control over the Realm Essence.

After putting away the Realm Essence, Su Wen looked at Su Su and asked softly, “Su Su, do you have other consciousness bodies in your body?”

Su Wen asked directly without hiding anything.

Upon hearing Su Wen’s question, Su Su’s expression changed drastically.

Both of them were discovered by Su Wen when they were helping him take over the Realm Essence.

“Daddy, don’t kill Big Sis!” Little Su begged.

“Big Sis?” Hearing this title, Su Wen frowned slightly. However, he immediately smiled and said, “What are you thinking? Why should I kill her?”

Su Su looked at Su Wen and finally trusted him enough. She said, “Then you can’t lie to me. You can’t tell Mother about this either. Otherwise, Mother will definitely kill Big Si:

Su Wen said gently, “Don’t be anxious. Tell me slowly what happened.”

Su Su started to explain slowly.

In reality, Su Su’s Spiritual Sense was born very early.

‘When Su Su was still an embryo, Ni Hongxiao had already erased the spiritual consciousness of the Formless Beast to make way for her.

However, the Spiritual Sense and mental strength of the Formless Beast was too huge, hence Ni Hongxiao’s extermination was not complete.

‘When Su Su’s consciousness was born, the remaining consciousness gave birth to another personality residing within Su Su’s consciousness.

‘That was Big Su.

If one wanted to be accurate, Little Su technically gained sentience earlier.

In addition, Little Su was not a Formless Beast in essence. However, the huge spiritual energy and the erased Formless Beast’s spiritual senses were integrated by Su Su when she was born.

But the problem was that this subconsciousness that had experienced being wiped out by Ni Hongxiao was left behind in the spiritual sense.

This also led to Little Su and Big Su believing that Ni Hongxiao would kill Big Su if she was discovered.

‘The two consciousnesses were born from the same body and the same spiritual power.

They came from the same source, interweaving together, so even Ni Hongxiao did not notice anything wrong.

After her consciousness gradually formed, Ni Hongxiao started to inject a large amount of knowledge into Su Su. It could be said that Su Su’s knowledge far exceeded Su Wen’s to a certain extent.

The two of them thus combined the knowledge given by Ni Hongxiao, gathering the undigested strength and spiritual powers of the Formless Beast and sealing in together with Big Su to hide her existence.

This change was something Ni Hongxiao did not expect.

And in the hearts of the two of them, no one could know about Big Su.

Hence, Little Su even hid it from Su Wen because she was afraid that Big Su would be killed.

However, Little Su could not explain it clearly now, so she could only tell Su Wen what she knew.

However, Su Wen was not stupid and quickly deduced the truth.

He patted Su Su’s head and smiled. “Both of you are my precious daughters! Don’t worry, your mother won’t kill her.”

Su Su looked at Su Wen and asked, “Really?”


‘The father and daughter looked at each other. Su Su could clearly sense that Su Wen did not have any killing intent or deception in his heart.

She felt relieved and pounced into Su Wen’s arms!

“Daddy is the best!”

The traveling workshop stopped, and Su Wen emerged from the carriage. He looked at the White Demons behind him and said in a deep voice, “Now that we’re clear, I’ll tell you honestly that I’m a human. If you’re unwilling to follow me, you can leave.

However, if you choose to follow me to the human race, I guarantee that you won’t die. I’ll find a place for you to live on Nine Nether Island. You can focus on breeding Mountainous Rock Pigs to sell and survive.”

All of the White Demon Tribe members immediately nodded in agreement.

They had already discussed in private that Su Wen had to be a major figure in the human race for being able to fight a 9th Grade Heaven Rank expert head-on. No matter what, it was never wrong to cozy up to him.

Bai Yuexi stood forward and approached Su Wen. She whispered, “Lord, we are willing!”

Right now, the entire White Demon Clan hoped that something would happen between Bai Yuexi and Su Wen.

This would also help to consolidate the White Demon Clan’s position.

Ignoring everything else, Bai Yuexi’s looks were truly not bad.

Her skin was snow-white and flawless. Coupled with her exquisite facial features and her pure white and smooth long hair, she looked like a fairy that had descended from the heavens.

She stole a glance at Cheng Xiaoxiao. These days, Cheng Xiaoxiao had been riding on the same carriage as Su Wen.

‘How could one be so big? If she isn’t a monster, then how did it grow so big?

Bai Yuexi grumbled inwardly to herself.

After receiving an affirmative answer, Su Wen did not stand on ceremony and directly led them in the direction of the human race.

Compared to the strict defense of the human world, the Demon Realm was basically unguarded.

Or rather, it was very difficult for the Demon Race to do what the races of the human world could do with their strength alone.

‘When Su Wen saw the uneasy Cheng Xiaoxiao, he turned around and consoled her with a smile, “Don’t worry, when I return to the human race and launch an attack towards the Demon Realm, I will rescue your clansmen.”

“Okay!” Cheng Xiaoxiao nodded.

By the side, Halles could not help but curse inwardly.

“Stupid woman! He can raise troops to attack the demons? How is that possible!”


Halles’ head was suddenly punched by Su Su, who was riding atop him!

“Don’t let your thoughts run wild!”

Even though it was not killing intent, Su Su could still sense his mocking emotions.

Halles was helpless.

This girl was just too strange!

Nine Nether Island, first line of the Human Race.

‘Wu Lie was currently leading the troops to patrol the area. He had already broken through to 1st Grade Heaven Rank.

In the sky, falcons continuously soared around.

The birds that Ni Hongxiao nurtured could effectively help the human alliance army investigate and find their target.

At this moment, the falcon flew back and sent a message!

‘There were demons up ahead!

‘Wu Lie shouted, “Everyone, get ready. Set up the missiles, kill them!”

He did not hesitate at all.

At that moment, a Heaven Rank expert flew out from the sky!

It was Wu Kunhu!

He shouted out, “A Heaven Rank expert has invaded! Retreat!”

He had discovered a red dot flashing on his Star Disk.

‘Wu Lie flew up and instructed the others, “Go back. I’ll go with my father to take a look!”

‘The father and son flew straight in the direction where the demons had been reported to have appeared.

Seeing that the red dot was getting closer and closer, Wu Kunhu’s expression turned cold.

‘Wu Lie also turned solemn, since he knew they were about to face a formidable enemy.

However, when they saw the Heaven Rank expert, they were stunned.

“Grandpa Wu! Uncle Wu!”

That’s right! What they saw was Su Su, who was riding on Halles.

Both of them were the Heaven Rank experts detected by the Star Disk.

Because Halles did not have a Qi-Concealing Belt, he was immediately discovered.

The convoy also stopped. Su Wen came out, looking at the two of them and smiled. “Long time no see!”

“You’re back!” Wu Lie said in surprise.

“T’m back!” Su Wen agreed with a smile.

Su Wen had left for quite some time.

‘Wu Lie looked at Bai Yuexi who followed behind Su Wen, before looking at Cheng Xiaoxiao. He shook his head and said, “This fellow, your style is still the same. No matter where you go, you have to bring a few women back!”

Su Wen smiled. “Accident, it was truly a coincidence this time!”

‘What should he say this time? It was really not what Wu Lie thought.

However, he had already brought them back, the evidence was d*mning.

The news of Su Wen’s return immediately spread. Su Wen got Wu Lie to help arrange a residence for these demons, while he himself entered Frost Iron City to reunite with his family..

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