My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 307(End) - The End

Chapter 307: The End

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In the void.

Asea of stars stood in front of Su Wen.

He opened his eyes, which were filled with vicissitudes.

How many years had passed?

Even he himself could no longer remember clearly.

He had used up too many Time Freeze cards.

Comprehending the Great Dao!

fWith the World Origin of the Formless Realm as the foundation, he could comprehend the Great Dao bit by bit. It had to be said that Su Wen’s own comprehension was hastened by countless times compared to if he didn’t have the Essence.

Anew world now appeared in front of Su Wen.

Su Wen began to congeal his own martial Dao, slowly fumbling to comprehend the world’s origin!

During this process, Su Wen’s cultivation base could no longer be measured by his current grade or rank.

Similarly, Su Wen’s comprehension of the various Great Daos became deeper and deeper.

In Su Wen’s eyes, the Vermillion Bird Body was slowly evolving to its perfect final form.

At this moment, the galaxy filled with shining stars that Su Wen was his domain.

However, compared to before, there were countless more stars present.

Su Wen, who had comprehended the world’s origin, began to construct planets with stars as his unit.

At this moment, there was a blue star in front of Su Wen.

There were mountains, rivers, birds, beasts, and all living things!

However, there was no one, no intelligent creatures.

Creating a world!

Su Wen had achieved this milestone.

With the help of the system, Su Wen completed the most important factor of cultivators, the accumulation of time.

In Su Wen’s eyes, the world now looked completely different.

What he could do was also completely different.

‘The current world was like a piece of paper that he could easily tear apart.

However… Su Wen still had feelings for the people in this world.

How should he put it? Now that his strength had increased to this current realm, his options had also opened up.

Su Wen finally returned to reality, with Wu Muyu still lying beside him.

However, she did not know that Su Wen’s gaze towards her was separated from the previous moment by many millennia!

Su Wen pulled her into his arms and gently hugged her.

Immediately after, a force entered Wu Muyu’s body.

This was the Origin Energy that transcended everything.

In an instant, Wu Muyu’s cultivation base broke through to the Heaven Rank!

At this moment, the once insurmountable barrier was so laughable in Su Wen’s eyes.

Right at this moment, a black cloud appeared above Su Wen’s head. The power of heaven and earth gathered as if it wanted to do something.

Su Wen raised his head slightly and looked at the sky with a smile.

With a casual wave of his hand, the sky turned clear.

In the deeper void, a certain existence could only tremble at his actions.

‘Wu Muyu did not notice anything. She was still immersed in her own improvement at this moment.

“Brother Su! I… what’s happened to my cultivation level!”

“Heaven Rank…” Su Wen smiled.” Study it slowly from now on, and accompany me for eternity!”

“Ah? What is eternity? Is it fun?”

“Eternity… can be slowly played with. We can play many, many times!”

After this, Su Wen left the residence, arriving in front of Zhao Jin and Chu He who were waiting for him beside the carriage.

Just like the yesteryear, it seemed as though nothing had changed.

Su Wen looked at Chu He and said with a smile, “Your wife isn’t an easy person to deal with.”

Chu He smiled and didn’t answer. Instead, he changed the topic.

“Young Master, how much longer will the war between humans and demons take? Why don’t I go to the front line as well?”

Su Wen glanced at him. Whatever Chu He was hiding could not be hidden from Su Wen’s eyes at this point.

He shook his head. “There’s no need. It’ll be over soon.”

The Demonic Tribe ancestor deep in Chu He’s consciousness was stunned by Su Wen’s gaze.

How was that possible?

How could this man be so terrifying?

Su Wen’s gaze made him feel as if his soul was about to be destroyed.

Originally, he didn’t really appreciate Chu He’s idea of becoming Su Wen’s servant, but now, he suddenly felt that it wasn’t a bad idea to do so!

Zhao Jin brandished his whip, spurring the horses into action.

Su Wen suddenly asked, “Brother Jin, what kind of life do you want? Is there anything you want?”

Zhao Jin was stunned for a moment, but then he smiled and said, “T’ll just follow Young Master and bully others. What do I want? I don’t lack food and clothes now. My cultivation is high, and I can play as I want. What’s there to be unhappy about in life? Living for a few more years is my greatest wish.”

“Haha, well said!”

Su Wen smiled.

That’s right. For the majority of people, who would pursue such an ethereal object such as transcendence?

In reality, people always lived for the pursuit and the journey. When they truly arrived at the end, they would only find that it was boring being alone at the top.

‘What was worth cherishing were their current lives, the people around them. Su Wen felt incomparably blissful at this point.

With the system, he could easily spend thousands of years comprehending the Dao.

Otherwise, without this power, the people around him might have already died.

If that time really came, what was the use of this power?

Soon, the carriage arrived at the palace.

Su Wen went straight in.

‘When he met Xiang Feiyan, Xiang Yan plunged into Su Wen’s embrace.

“Change the child’s name to Su Yan,” Su Wen said softly to Xiang Feiyan as he hugged her.

“Hmm?” Xiang Feiyan froze.

She stared at Su Wen and clenched her fists nervously.

Su Wen chuckled. “I can help you break through to the Heaven Rank and even become a Saint. You can sit on the throne until you get tired of it. However, it’s better to change our son’s surname. Yan’er, what do you think?”

Xiang Yan looked at Xiang Feiyan fearfully and said in a low voice, “Mother, can I?”

Obviously, he was thinking the same thing.

Xiang Feiyan never expected Su Wen to say such a thing.

His tone was actually so arrogant!

Su Wen knew that she did not believe him. He walked to her side and grabbed her arm!

In the next second, a family of three appeared in the vast starry sky.

They gazed at the huge stars that surrounded them.

Xiang Yan involuntarily shouted out, “So beautiful!”

Standing beside Su Wen, everything was normal. Xiang Feiyan and Xiang Yan could still breathe and speak.

Xiang Feiyan was also shocked by the scene in front of her.

Immediately after, Su Wen pulled Xiang Feiyan and they fell straight down!

The trio landed on one of the newborn planets.

Su Wen smiled and said, “I plan to name this planet as the Great Chu Star and hand it over to your Chu Country to control. How about that?”

Xiang Feiyan, who could sense the stellar aura, was stunned.

“This will be a new world!”

Su Wen said grandly.

Xiang Feiyan was now completely convinced by Su Wen’s strength. This was already at a level that she could not understand.

Su Wen smiled and said, “This time, everyone’s territories will be big, so there’s no need to fight. Everyone can live a good life now. However, there are many things that have to be started anew.”

That’s right, people could migrate here, but the family business could not. It would definitely require a period of recovery.

However, with Su Wen protecting them, they would not have to worry about natural disasters for a long time. Their lives would definitely be better than ever before.

This time, Xiang Feiyan did not refuse Su Wen’s request.

Immediately after, they returned to the human world.

Su Wen sent Su Yan back to Xiang Feiyan and smiled. “Soon, you will realize that power and authority are actually dull.”

‘That was indeed the case. Without an opponent, one would only feel the loneliness of the crown.

‘What fun was there in that?

Xiang Feiyan still did not understand at this moment. She leaned towards Su Wen and said softly, “I can’t lose the foundation of our ancestors.”

Su Wen did not say anything else.

In Great Zhou!

All of a sudden, Monk Zhizhen opened his eyes.

‘Two figures had already appeared in the palace at some unknown point in time.

Su Wen stood in front of him while Zhao Jin followed behind.

‘They looked at each other for a moment before Su Wen sighed, “I never expected it to be you.”

He really did not expect the person who established a new realm to be the monk Zhizhen!

Zhizhen looked at Su Wen in fear.

He could clearly sense that Su Wen’s every move contained the power of the Great Dao.

‘That was the end goal that he was pursuing!

‘What he was looking forward to!

Su Wen looked at Zhizhen and chuckled. “I didn’t hate you initially, but I hate you a lot right now.”2

No matter what, Su Wen did not like the fact that the Great Zhou citizens had their vitalities extracted.

‘As he spoke, Su Wen snapped his fingers.

Rain began to fall from the sky in the entire Realm!

‘After everyone was washed by the rain, their life force slowly recovered. The permeating water vapor gradually drenched the entire world.

It brought with it a new life for the people in this realm.

As for the black bugs, they were completely washed away by the rain.

Zhizhen raised his hand and pointed at Su Wen in fear, his arm trembling.

This move was out of his expectations!

It was a complete suppression!

As for Zhizhen, he could feel his life force slipping away.

“Old souls of time immemorial, don’t come out and cause trouble again.”


No one expected that such a great figure, the previous Demon Emperor, would be killed by Su Wen just like that.

Zhizhen’s eyes lost their luster.

He was originally the reincarnation of the True Demon Emperor and had slowly awakened his original ego step by step.

It was with great effort that he had finally completed his plan of establishing a realm, but it was a pity.

After Su Wen appeared, everything changed.

At this moment, within Great Zhou.

‘There was a joyous atmosphere!

Everyone had regained their youthful looks and vitality.

All the lifelessness was swept away.

In the palace, the second prince was originally leading the ministers of the court to discuss matters when Zhizhen died.

In an instant, he regained his clarity.

His eyes were filled with confusion.

Soon, the memories of this period of time surged into the Second Prince’s mind. What exactly had happened during this period of time?

However, when he stretched out his arm, the second prince discovered that even though he was not drenched by the rain, his vitality had similarly recovered.

The ministers returned back to the pink of health.

‘They looked at each other in surprise and joy!

‘Wu Qiuhan shouted, “The heavens have protected our Great Zhou! The heavens protected our Great Zhou!”

The Third Prince narrowed his eyes as excitement flashed across his heart!

This was great!

He would have a chance to break through to the Heaven Rank!

Right now, he was still working hard for the Heaven Rank.

With his vitality depleted initially, it would be extremely difficult for him to break through to a higher realm.

At this moment, everyone saw a familiar person appear.

It was Su Wen!

“Hello everyone! Long time no see!”

Su Wen walked into the hall with a smile as he greeted them.

Zhao Jin bowed and followed behind.

The scene fell silent.

“How dare you come back!” The Third Prince snapped.

Pa! Zhao Jin, who was behind Su Wen, stepped forward and slapped him.

Zhao Jin’s current cultivation completely crushed the Third Prince’s.

“Who the f*ck are you shouting at? Didn’t you see that my young master saved you? If it wasn’t for our many years of friendship, I would have beaten you until your brains came out of your ass!”

Zhao Jin hollered.

His arrogance was the same as many years ago.

However, this time, he was even more arrogant.

Everyone fell silent! Su Wen saved everyone? Just this little brat?

Some people might not believe it, but they did not dare to speak.

Su Wen walked to the throne, but the Second Prince did not dare to sit on the dragon throne. He only placed a luxurious chair on the same level as the throne and sat there instead.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Su Wen sat down on the dragon throne.

Looking down at all the shocked gazes, Su Wen smiled.

“The view here is pretty good. Unfortunately, it’s not comfortable to sit.”

He shook his head slightly.

‘Wu Qiuhan said angrily, “Su Wen, you’re too rude.”

Zhao Jin rolled up his sleeves and took a step forward. Wu Qiuhan didn’t give in at all. He mustered his courage and said, “Either you beat me to death or you come down!”

This old fellow was really quite loyal to the country. He was even someone with morals, how rare.

He was not even fazed by death.

Unfortunately, Su Wen didn’t care about him. Instead, he looked at the helpless Second Prince and asked with a smile, “How is it? Do you want to be the emperor? If you want to be the emperor, I’ll make sure your father never comes back.”

‘The Second Prince gulped nervously.

Su Wen’s arrogant attitude as though he owned the world, as well as his promise, was too tempting.

Right at this moment, a communication request came from the Star Disk in Su Wen’s arms. It was Gongsun Shi.

Su Wen shook his head slightly and casually crushed the Star Disk.

“Forget it, forget it. Since you don’t have the guts, then let your father continue to be the Emperor.” As he spoke, Su Wen looked at the Third Prince and smiled. “Don’t even think about it. You won’t have a chance in this lifetime. Just study your martial arts well!”

The Third Prince was furious!

This person was simply annoying to the extreme!

The Second Prince looked at Su Wen’s departing back and felt lost.

He suddenly mustered his courage and shouted, “I want to be the Emperor!”

“Then be a good Emperor and love the people like your children! From now on, you are the Emperor!”

As soon as Su Wen finished speaking, the Second Prince suddenly felt his cultivation base rise!

In just a moment, he broke through to the Heaven Rank!

‘A powerful force rippled through his body, enough to suppress everything!

Su Wen was a little glad that Su Su had managed to obtain this Formless Realm’s Realm Essence.

If it was not for the Realm Essence, it was unknown how long it would take for Su Wen to comprehend the Great Dao.

It might take him more than 200,000 years or even longer to do so.

‘With a complete World Origin, it was like a textbook placed in front of Su Wen. Although the Realm Origin could only be considered a small world, it undoubtedly opened a door for Su Wen.

It allowed Su Wen to transcend from his original martial path to an even higher level.

Within the Nine Nether Island!

‘The alliance army of the Human and Demon Realm was already confronting each other.

Gongsun Shi felt a bitter taste in his mouth. He was at a loss as he looked at the tall, red-skinned Evil Fiend demon ancestor with a horn on his forehead.

There were now two Saints!

But in the end, he was the only one on his side.

If that was the case, how could they still fight?


Chu Xun laughed maniacally and shouted, “Haha, they actually separated the two Saints. Then let’s work together to kill this human Saint first, in case the other Saint arrives.”

“Alright!” The Evil Fiend Ancestor agreed.

How could they know that there was no second Saint?

‘The demon Heaven Rank experts charged forward!

Gongsun Shi had no other choice. He directly rushed up and fought against the two of them!

At this moment, in the sky, blue light began to condense from the floating mechanical cannons!

Ni Hongxiao stood at the back, staring intently at the Star Disk.

“prepare! The floating nuclear cannon will automatically lock onto those using Demonic Qi!”

“Automatic attack mode activated! Fire!”

This was a weapon that Ni Hongxiao had developed to deal with the Heaven Rank experts.

She hovered high in the sky, using the Heaven Rank Demonic Qi as the marked targets to attack.


Beams of blinding blue light blasted down from the sky.

‘The strength emitted from all those beams were no less terrifying than a Heaven Rank expert!

No Heaven Rank expert could ignore such an attack.

In an instant, all the demon experts were stunned!

What the hell was this?

At this moment, a huge explosion suddenly erupted in the Demon Realm. Dozens of places exploded at the same time!

With each huge explosion, a mushroom cloud rose.

This further left Chu Xun and the Evil Fiend Ancestor in shock.

What kind of method was this?

The two of them quickly cast their senses towards the interior of the Demon Realm.

The Evil Fiend Ancestor still felt alright. After all, this was not his territory that had been bombed.

However, Chu Xun’s eyes were wide open.

This was the encampment of the Demonic Tribe!

In that explosion, countless cities of the Demonic Tribe were blasted into ruins.

For the first time, Ni Hongxiao showed that technology was power.

It was too terrifying!

‘The alliance army of the human world, which originally had fewer experts, actually gained the upper hand in the Heaven Rank battle.

If the Demon Race really only had one Saint Rank

At that time, the human race might already have won a great victory.

Unfortunately, Gongsun Shi was gradually unable to hold on under their combined attacks!

“Come meet your death!”

Chu Xun roared and punched out with all his strength.

At this moment, a figure appeared.

“That won’t do!”

A teasing voice sounded.

It was Su Wen.

Chu Xun’s fist was right in front of him, but no matter how the latter tried, he could not move an inch forward.

Su Wen looked at him and said seriously, “In this world, your fist technique can be said to be the best, but… it’s useless!”

Chu Xun wanted to attack again!

However, Su Wen only softly spoke out, “Deprivation!”

‘As soon as Su Wen finished speaking, Chu Xun stopped in shock. He realized that he was unable to sense and mobilize any of the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi any longer..

He plummeted straight from the sky.

Su Wen looked around and spoke out another command, “Confine!”

Inan instant, everyone seemed to have been frozen in the sky, and no one could move.

“This is clearly a broken world. It’s just struggling at death’s door.”

Su Wen sighed slightly.

Everyone looked at the god-like Su Wen and were stunned.

What was going on?


Chu Xun fell to the ground.

He lay there in a daze, staring at the sky.

He did not know what to do any more.

This was the first time he felt so powerless.

Just a single command changed everything.

Four hours later, all the upper echelons of the human and demon worlds gathered.

Su Wen sat on the throne high above them.

He said, “Now, let me introduce myself. All of you should have heard of my name. My name is Su Wen, and I can be considered to have reached the level of Realm Creator.”

Su Wen announced calmly.

He continued, “According to my current knowledge, there are very few individuals at the Realm Creator Rank, and every one of them is a mysterious existence. However, at present, the plane that everyone is on is a portion of an incomplete large world.

The creator has most likely already given up on this world, so as it continues to decline, some powerful people can temporarily seize the authority of the plane, which is also what you know as the Realm Controllers.”

“However, they can’t interfere with the operations of the world’s essence, and can only rely on the power of heaven and earth to eliminate those who are outsiders of the Realm.”

Zhizhen, the person who established a realm, and me are examples of realm outsiders. However, my strength has already exceeded the tolerance of this world and also beyond their purging range.”

“Let me tell you something. The current me can destroy everything in this world with a flip of my hand.”

Su Wen simply laid down his cards.

“However, I’m the head of the human world. I definitely won’t watch you slaughter the human world.”

Su Wen said softly, “That’s why the war between humans and demons will end here.”

He then looked at the people in the human world and said, “However, I’m about to bring my close people back to the great world I created.”

“Lwill also take away the citizens of Chu. After that, you can fight again. It won’t be my business anymore. However, if you are willing to follow me, we can leave together.”

As Su Wen spoke, he waved his hand.

‘The universe that Su Wen created appeared in front of everyone’s eyes as a phantom.

Among them were countless stars.

Su Wen pointed at a star and said, “This is the Great Chu Star. It has already been given to the Chu Country.”

“If you guys are willing to go, I can give your tribe or country a single star to live and operate from.

Everyone in the human world looked at each other.

If they didn’t choose to go now… what if both realms started fighting again?

Emperor Zhou’s face turned ashen. Monk Zhizhen was killed?

‘What about that piece of trash who was bragging to him about being invincible in this world?

What should he do now?!

Everyone had their own thoughts.

Gongsun Shi was the first to lean over to his side. He simply laughed, “That’s good. I’ll go with you!”

Gongsun Shi was not stupid. He naturally knew that if he stayed here, he would have to fight sooner or later.

He might even be beaten up by these two Saints.

It was not bad to be able to change locations. He knew that many people would follow him as well once he declared his stand.

As expected, as soon as he finished speaking, the vicious beast race immediately said, “We’ll go as well!”

The barbarians and some small countries all agreed.

Emperor Zhou was left with his mouth agape.

If all of you leave, then can I still choose not to leave?

He said helplessly, “I’ll go too.”

Yan Country had no other choice and directly agreed.

Su Wen did not reject them. No matter what happened, he still accepted them all.

It was just that no one expected such an outcome.

‘The Realm Creator, Su Wen, then brought the people from their current world to the new world.

The war between humans and demons also came to an end because of the agreement.

Each country now stood on their own various planets.

Anew life began.

Ten years later, in a tavern in Great Chu.

The stall was already closed at this point.

Zhao Fu, the former Emperor Zhou, was complaining while using a broom and dustpan to clean the area.

He snapped unhappily, “Why do you need me to be your waiter?”

Su Changqing crossed his legs as he chewed on some melon seeds. He casually spat on the ground that had just been swept over, before smiling, “There’s no need to be so formal between us brothers!”

“Bullsh*t! In the past ten years, I’ve never seen you extend your hand to help me!” Emperor Zhou was furious.

“Isn’t this mainly to wear down the impetuous aura on your body. Otherwise, how could you achieve the Grand Dao?” Su Changqing smiled and shot back.

He looked as if he was saying ‘I’m doing this for your own good’, but he casually threw out another melon seed skin.

“Don’t throw it over there, this grandpa just swept that area!”

Su Changqing pretended to be furious. “Insolence, don’t you know who the boss is!”

Emperor Zhou said angrily, “So what if you’re the boss? I’ve tolerated you for a long time!”

Su Changqing threw away all the melon seeds and sneered, “You’ve been commanding me for decades, but you can’t take it after a decade of myself commanding you?!”

Emperor Zhou also threw the cleaning tools in his hand on the ground and was very unconvinced. “I gave you glory, wealth, and power. What are you giving me in return? Melon seeds?”

After looking at each other for a moment, Su Changqing touched his chin and said with a smile, “Why don’t… we go to the planet Yan Country is on to play? Let’s see if we can rebel and build a country or something?”

Emperor Zhou was stunned. Excitement flashed across his eyes. “This sounds fun!”

“Tl be the emperor this time!” Old Su smiled.

“Based on what!”

“Just because my son is Su Wen!”

Just this sentence left Emperor Zhou utterly convinced… Well, anything was better than being a waiter here!

At this moment, Su Wen was in a large residence in the capital of Great Chu Star with his wives.

‘As Su Wen expected, Xiang Feiyan got tired of her position as the Emperor after two to three years.

She was no longer willing to be one.

‘There was no opponent, no danger. All she had to do was watch the sun rise from the horizon daily, and watch the citizens living contented lives.

She hated the fact that she could not stay with Su Wen every day when she was the Emperor.

At this moment Su Yan had already ascended the throne and became the undisputed Emperor of Great Chu Star at the tender age of 10.

‘With Su Cheng, Su Yu, and Yan Ze helping him, there would not be any problems.

Su Wen was lying in the courtyard with Wu Muyu in his arms.

In the past decade, basically every wife had a son.

Now, the house was extremely lively.

‘The children fought all day, and the wives were busy nurturing their own children.

Ni Hongxiao was still busy with her own research everyday.

Life would continue beautifully.

All the way until the world died.

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