My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: I Don’t Want Money, I Want The Person

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Su Wen asked again, “What about the Martial Inspectorate?”

Su Changqing gave him a look, saying, “Martial Inspectorate? You’ve already returned home, you don’t think they can send someone to take you away, right?”

Speaking up to this point, Su Changqing said, “He Ping’an did a good job on this matter. If we really allowed Ma Shan bring you back to the Martial Inspectorate, with Feng Baichuan’s character, he might really take the opportunity to absorb the Gu.”

“Feng Baichuan?” This name was unfamiliar to Su Wen.

Su Changqing explained, “The Martial Inspectorate Head, that fellow has always viewed the benefits of the inspectorate as the highest priority. However, since you’ve already returned home, he will not dare to come to our house to cause trouble. This matter will probably escalate up to the court assembly tomorrow. With your father here, His Majesty won’t allow him to take the Gu from you.”

“Alright, I’m going back to my room to sleep. Before I return tomorrow, you’re not allowed to leave the house. You’re not allowed to go anywhere. Stay at home obediently!”

Su Changqing gave Su Wen an order.

Obviously, he was afraid of any accidents happening.

Su Wen however did not go straight to sleep. He got someone to prepare some food and drinks before waiting at the door.

About two hours later, He Ping’an returned.

Only then did Su Wen feel relieved.

“Come, come, come. I got the kitchen to prepare some wine and meat for everyone. Since we’ve been out so late, let’s have a good meal before sleeping!”

After two hours, Su Wen believed that the guards were also hungry.

“Thank you, Third Young Master!” The guards were overjoyed.

If Su Wen didn’t make any arrangements, they could only find some food themselves or sleep with an empty stomach.

Now that good wine and meat were arranged, everyone was happy.

Su Wen also grabbed a drumstick and started eating.

To put it bluntly, the Su family had plenty of money. They naturally had to treat their own people better.

After they finished eating, everyone went to rest in satisfaction. Su Wen also returned to his room.

At this moment, he realized that the Sorcerer Golden Gu had actually spat out all the True Qi it had swallowed earlier.

Su Wen’s Qi was originally red due to its Fire Element Attribute, but now, there was a tinge of gold in the fiery red True Qi.

It also seemed to be of a higher quality.

After the Gu spat out all the True Qi, it seemed to be a little tired. It directly entered Su Wen’s blood before it stopped moving.

The reason why Su Wen attracted this Gu because of the Black Tortoise’s blood essence he had absorbed previously.

The blood essence he ingested had spread to his flesh and bones. In addition to strengthening his body, it also made his blood vitality far surpass that of ordinary humans.

Because of this, Su Wen shone like a beacon of light, attracting the Gu.

On the other side, Ma Shan returned to Martial Sector. His expression did not look too good.

He was left helpless the moment Zhao Jin brought his men here.

A single He Ping’an was already on par with him, let alone Zhao Jin.

After thinking for a moment, he instructed his subordinates to guard the Martial Inspectorate, while he went straight to Feng Baichuan’s residence.

When the two met, Ma Shan fell to his knees.

“This subordinate has committed a crime, the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was stolen from the Martial Inspectorate by Lan Qingqing.”

Feng Baichuan sat on the chair with a calm expression. He picked up the teacup and lightly took a sip.

“Lan Qingqing? She’s only at 2nd Grade Earth Rank, right? Since you know it’s her, it means that you saw her. Don’t tell me that she can escape from you!”

Ma Shan quickly recounted what had happened that night.

Finally, he said, “This subordinate was alone at that time and was held back by He Ping’an. Lan Qingqing went to chase after Su Wen. In the end, the leader of the guards of the Prime Minister’s Estate, Zhao Jin, came. This subordinate could only retreat!”

Feng Baichuan knocked lightly on the table and muttered, “The Golden Gu capitulated towards him? This Su Wen has such vigorous qi and blood? He even has a cultivation level between 7th and 8th Grade of Star Rank? Why have I not heard of him before?”

“The guards of the Prime Minister’s estate also arrived after, that must mean that Lan Qingqing has failed. This represents that this kid doesn’t just have cultivation; his battle prowess should also be quite formidable.”

Feng Baichuan pondered for a while, then looked at Ma Shan and said, “Get up, Lan Qingqing probably used a secret method to summon the Gu. It is already good that you managed to discover it. It’s hard to predict the accident that has happened after that. Go back and guard at ease, you don’t have to worry about the Gu.”

After Ma Shan left, Feng Baichuan remained at his spot. It was unsure as to what his thoughts were.

The next morning.

Emperor Zhou went up to the palace. As Su Changqing expected, Feng Baichuan also went up.

Generally speaking, Feng Baichuan rarely attended morning court sessions. This was a privilege given to him by the Zhou Emperor. After all, he supervised the Martial Inspectorate and had nothing to do with the various official departments. Even if he attended court, there would be nothing much for him to report.

When the Zhou Emperor saw Feng Baichuan, he was also quite surprised. He asked with a smile, “Minister Feng, why are you here today? Do you have something to report?”

Feng Baichuan cupped his hands and said, “I would like to submit an official request to transfer Su Wen to the Martial Inspectorate.”

He was not stupid. With Su Changqing around, the Zhou Emperor would definitely not allow him to take out the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu.

However, it was just as Su Changqing had said. He had always prioritized the interests of the Martial Inspectorate. The Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was considered a divine object, but it had been claimed by Su Wen. How could he let others take advantage of him for no reason? He was unwilling to do so. After much thought, he decided to transfer Su Wen to his department instead.

My things can only be used by my own people!

That was Feng Baichuan’s mentality.

The Zhou Emperor narrowed his eyes in response. Why would Feng Baichuan bring that up for no reason?

Did he discover Su Wen’s cultivation base?

After pondering for a while, he replied, “Let’s discuss this later. We’ll settle the governing affairs first.”

Feng Baichuan didn’t say anything. He glanced at Su Changqing, who was not far away, but found that Su Changqing had no reaction to his request.

After the morning court assembly ended, the Zhou Emperor met Su Changqing and Feng Baichuan together.

He looked at Feng Baichuan and asked, “Minister Feng, why do you want to transfer Su Wen to the Martial Inspectorate?”

Feng Baichuan immediately reported what happened yesterday. After he finished recounting, he said, “This Su Wen is quite talented in martial arts. At such a young age, he is already at the late stages of the Star Rank. In addition, the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was attracted to his body, which shows how powerful his blood vitality is and how talented he is. Such a talent naturally needs to enter the Martial Inspectorate. Moreover, Su Wen doesn’t have the Divine Sorceror Art now. If this goes on for a long time, his body will probably have problems. I am willing to help him deduce the cultivation technique and refine his body to solve the problem!”

The Emperor looked at Su Changqing and asked, “What do you think?”

Su Changqing shook his head and said, “You cannot. Right now, my son is still young. If he enters Martial Inspectorate, he will be placed far away from the imperial court, his official career cut off.”

Feng Baichuan said furiously, “Su Changqing, although your son has obtained the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu, he doesn’t have the Divine Sorceror Art. If this goes on for a long time, there will definitely be problems with his body. If you are willing to let him enter the Martial Inspectorate, with my help, he might be able to live a few more years or even solve this problem. Otherwise, just wait to collect your son’s corpse!”

Su Changqing smiled in response, “I’ll also be honest with Your Majesty. That Lan Qingqing was captured by my son last night. Since she dared to steal the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu, she must have a way to use it. When my son asks about it, everything will be fine, there will be no need for Lord Feng to worry.”

Hearing this, Feng Baichuan became anxious. “Su Changqing, your son took the Divine Artifact of the Martial Inspectorate, and you don’t want to give anything back in return?”

The latter glanced at him before laughing, “What are you saying? How much money do you want in return then? Tell me.”

Feng Baichuan got even angrier. “What’s the use of money? I want the person!”

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