My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Greed Has No Principles

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In the Su Residence, Lan Qingqing was in a miserable state. Her hands and feet were chained up, and all her cultivation was sealed.

It was just that after a night, the powerful recovery ability of a martial artist’s physical body had already helped to heal the majority of injuries on her face.

Ever since she was captured, she had not been fed any food or water.

She was always kept under watch.

The room she was placed in also did not have a light, leaving her in absolute darkness.

Since she was placed here, she had been lying quietly on the ground with her eyes closed in an attempt to break through the seal in her body and regain her strength.

It was just that even though Zhao Jin looked a little unreliable, he took his job seriously. Within Lan Qingqing’s body, thirteen restrictions were placed by this fellow using various methods.

No matter how hard Lan Qingqing tried, she could not muster even a trace of True Qi. In fact, along with her movements, it would even cause pain in her body.


The door opened.

Su Wen appeared at the door. Behind him, Zhao Jin bowed and followed behind him with a flattering smile.

“It’s time to grease the door. The sound of the door opening is really unpleasant.”

“Got it. I’ll get someone to do it later.”

The two of them entered the room and Zhao Jin brought a chair over from the side, wiping it down for Su Wen.

Su Wen sat in front of Lan Qingqing.

“Tell me, why did you steal the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu?” Su Wen asked with a smile.

He didn’t directly ask about the Divine Sorcerer Art because he didn’t want to expose his motive. He also didn’t want Lan Qingqing to feel that she could control him and have the capital to negotiate with him.

Lan Qingqing glanced at Su Wen, but remained silent.

Zhao Jin rebuked angrily, “You b*tch, didn’t you hear my young master asking you a question? Do you believe that I’ll kill you?”

Lan Qingqing still remained mute.

Su Wen waved his hand and stopped Zhao Jin who was about to make a move. He smiled and said, “Let me ask you again. If you don’t tell me next time, I will make you strip naked and bring you to the streets. Then, I will make a dozen male dogs in heat. Trust me, I will do what I say.”

Lan Qingqing’s body trembled and she looked at Su Wen with fear.

She didn’t dare to imagine that scene.

At this moment, Su Wen’s voice sounded again. “Why did you steal the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu?”

Lan Qingqing gritted her teeth and said, “What else can I do with it? I naturally want it to increase my strength. Furthermore, the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu is the sacred object of the Blood Barbarian Tribe. It was snatched by you Zhou people.”

Su Wen looked at Lan Qingqing and smiled. “Looks like you’re a descendant of the Blood Barbarians?”

Since she had already made things clear, Lan Qingqing did not hide anything. She nodded and looked at Su Wen. “That’s right! My mother is a member of the Tribe, and I’m a hybrid of a barbarian and human.”

Su Wen stroked his chin. “In other words, you have the Divine Sorcerer Art?”

“No!” Lan Qingqing’s answer completely exceeded Su Wen’s expectations.

His expression was somewhat unsightly as he asked, “Then what is the use of this Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu to you?”

Lan Qingqing rolled her eyes and said, “Who said that the Gu has to be absorbed into the body to be effective?”

Su Wen was stunned. He really did not know anything about this.

Lan Qingqing continued, “If the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu can be absorbed into the body, it will naturally be very beneficial to the person who absorbs it. However, even if it isn’t absorbed into the body, the Gu has another use, which is to purify the blood of ferocious beasts.

The blood of ordinary ferocious beasts has an exuberant fiendish aura within it. If a martial artist rashly consumes it, it will definitely cause the aura to clash with their own blood aura. Not only will it not be beneficial, but it will also cause damage to the body.

However, if the blood of ferocious beasts is cooked before consumption, while the fiendish aura within will disappear, the effects are also severely reduced. The Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu can purify the blood of ferocious beasts, removing the fiendish aura, while retaining a portion of the ferocious beast’s blood essence.

After a martial artist consumes it, they will still experience some form of strengthening. The Martial Inspectorate has already possessed the Gu for so many years; it’s unknown just how many experts they’ve nurtured with it.”

However, she was still withholding some information. If she returned to the Southern Wilderness with this item, she could summon a large number of Blood Barbarians. At that time, she would be a queen.

However, Su Wen finally understood why Ma Shan insisted on taking him in even though he knew he was the son of the prime minister.

This Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu was not just a decoration to the Martial Inspectorate.

It possessed a strategic value to them.

In the imperial palace, Su Changqing looked at the agitated Feng Baichuan and said with a smile, “Old Feng, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but it’s just a Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu. Just treat it as a gift from you to my son. We have been working in the same dynasty for so many years, yet you didn’t even give me a gift.”

“Do you remember, 13 years ago, when we worked together and ate four meals together, it was all paid for by me. You just followed me to eat and drink. I didn’t even ask for your money. This time, my Su Wen accidentally attracted Gu into him, but you still refused to let him go and insisted that he go to your Martial Inspectorate. You’re not showing the bearings of a senior.”

“13 years ago?” Feng Baichuan was dumbfounded. He had already forgotten everything.

The Zhou Emperor smiled and said, “Old Feng, aren’t you being too greedy this time? What kind of person is Su Changqing? If others take advantage of him for one copper coin, he’ll remember it for the rest of his life. You dare to eat his food for free? This is a huge debt to repay!”

Seeing the Emperor gloat at his misfortune, Feng Baichuan said helplessly, “Your Majesty, Su Changqing is just spouting nonsense. Who can remember what happened so many years ago?”

“What a coincidence. I, Su Changqing, never speak empty words. After this matter is over, I’ll write it down as an official document and send it to the Profound Language Pavilion. If you want to deny it, you can go and investigate!”

Feng Baichuan suddenly reacted. “We’re working in the public sector. Naturally, His Majesty will reimburse us for our food and lodgings. Why do you need to pay?”

Su Changqing sneered and said, “At that time, according to the rules, the cost of a day’s meal for each of us is one silver coin. You ate twenty pounds of cooked beef, eight roasted ducks, five roasted geese, and drank ten pounds of Blushing Lady wine. Do you think a silver coin can cover all these?”

With that said, Feng Baichuan suddenly had the impression that such a matter might have happened.

It was indeed normal for martial artists to eat so much because of their large appetite.

He pointed at Su Changqing angrily and said, “I will return the money to you. But this Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu is a national treasure, it cannot be mixed with personal feelings.”

At this moment, the Zhou Emperor waved his hand and said, “Stop, stop, stop. There’s no need to do this. Su Wen is also a subject of the Great Zhou. With the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu on him, I can be rest assured. But Changqing, in my opinion, that Lan Qingqing might not have the Divine Sorcerer Art.”

Hearing the Zhou Emperor speak, Su Changqing was at a loss for words.

Emperor Zhou continued, “When we invaded the Blood Barbarian Empire back then, all of the men of the Royal Clan died in battle. Not a single one of them survived. Before they died, all of their concubines and children were killed by them. The Divine Sorcerer Art was also destroyed by them. With such determination, they were already prepared to die together. How could they leave behind the cultivation technique? Moreover, in all these years, I have never heard of anyone cultivating this art. Even if Lan Qingqing stole the Gu, she might not have any intention of taking it into her body.. If she only wanted to use the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu to cultivate her forces, then Su Wen will truly be in danger.”

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