My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Ten Years

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When Su Changqing heard the Zhou Emperor’s words, he pondered for a moment before replying, “Then the meaning of Your Majesty is…?”

The Zhou Emperor smiled and said, “Since Su Wen is only a deputy in the East District’s patrolling office, why not let him take up a position in the Martial Inspectorate at the same time? With Su Wen’s talent, it would be a pity if he doesn’t walk the martial path.”

Su Changqing was stunned. He only knew that Su Wen had a cultivation level, but from the Emperor’s words, he seemed to imply that Su Wen’s talent seemed to be quite good, thus he wished for Su Wen to focus on cultivating.

After he finished speaking, the Emperor didn’t give Su Changqing a chance to reject and simply concluded, “Alright, it’s settled then. Tomorrow, let Su Wen report to the Martial Inspectorate. Changqing, you retreat first.”

Obviously, he still had something to say to Feng Baichuan.

Su Changqing could only bow and leave.

The Zhou Emperor then turned to Feng Baichuan and asked, “Without the Divine Sorcerer Art, how long can Su Wen live?”

After pondering for a moment, the latter replied, “The progress of deducing the Divine Sorcerer Art has never stopped. Although I have developed several body tempering techniques, the strengthening effect on the meridians is not as good as the Divine Sorcerer Art itself. Most importantly, the strengthening of the meridians cannot be increased at a quick enough pace, so there is no way to withstand the True Qi that has been strengthened by the Gu. However, according to my deduction, Su Wen should be fine for a decade if he studies diligently.”

The Emperor sighed, “What a pity. He’s quite a good seedling, but can only live for ten years. Alright, don’t tell anyone about this. You can leave too.”


Feng Baichuan bowed and left.

After he left, a smile broke out on the Zhou Emperor’s face.

“Ten years… With the help of the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu and Su Wen’s talent, he might have a chance to ascend to the Heaven Rank! Even if he’s only at the 1st Stage of Heaven Rank, that’s a completely different level of power.” He muttered, “If he can ascend to the Heaven Rank within nine years, one year’s time is enough to change the world!”

In the shadows, the eunuch added, “Your Majesty is saying that so long as Su Wen ascends to the Heaven Rank, following the continuous purifying of his True Qi due to the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu, he will eventually implode due to being unable to withstand the strength of his True Qi. Hence, there’s no need to worry about him going out of control, right?”

The Zhou Emperor however shook his head, “There’s no need for this. After all, that child is an official of my Great Zhou. Furthermore, there’s no need to be worried about Changqing’s son.”

“Yes, I misspoke.”

“Do you think Su Wen and Yan Luoying’s marriage should be changed?”

The Emperor suddenly posed this question.

The old eunuch had followed him for many years and naturally understood what he was thinking. He said, “Your Majesty wants to tie Yan Luoying down through marital affairs, but Su Wen will not live for long. It is indeed somewhat inappropriate.”

The Emperor nodded, “That makes sense. On Su Wen’s side, We can choose one of the princesses to marry him. On the one hand, it’s to show Our honor and favor. On the other hand, this child is very talented. If he manages to sire a child with royal blood, the child might become the pillar of Great Zhou in the future. When Yan Luoying asks to withdraw from the engagement next time, We might as well agree.”

When Su Changqing returned to his residence, the father and son met and exchanged information.

Su Changqing sighed, “Looks like you have no choice but to go to the Martial Inspectorate. I never expected that the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu would have such an effect. It looks like while Lan Qingqing’s mother isn’t a member of the Royal Family, she must be someone with some status in the Blood Barbarian Tribe. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know about such a secret.”

Su Wen was a little worried. “Father, if my martial arts talent is exposed, will it cause trouble for us on His Majesty’s side?”

Su Changqing shook his head and said, “I don’t know. No one knows what His Majesty thinks. However, with the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu entering your body and your martial talent not being too bad, you will definitely become someone His Majesty will focus on nurturing. From the looks of it now, our Su family’s power is even greater and it is inevitable. Thus, I think that as long as you and I are loyal to His Majesty, there will be no mistake.”

“Then, can Feng Baichuan really resolve the Gu in my body?” This was Su Wen’s other concern.

After all, this was a matter of life and death.

Su Changqing shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but since he spoke out in front of His Majesty, I believe he still has some confidence. I will immediately think of a way to help you find the whereabouts of the Divine Sorcerer Art.”

Su Wen came out of Su Changqing’s room with a heavy heart.

Although Su Changqing had given him some words of assurance, he did not believe that Feng Baichuan could really solve this problem.

At this moment, the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu in his body had once again already woken up and started to absorb Su Wen’s True Qi.

This fellow was like a hardworking worker who did not know how to relax. When he woke up, he would take in all the True Qi and when he got tired, he would run into Su Wen’s blood to sleep.

It did not care that its actions would bring trouble to Su Wen.

After some thought, Su Wen went to look for Lan Qingqing.

This time, he only came by himself.

The two of them locked eyes the moment he walked in the door.

“I need the Divine Sorcerer Art!” Su Wen went straight to the point.

Lan Qingqing shook her head. “I didn’t! The Divine Sorcerer Art has long been lost. When the Great Zhou invaded the Blood Barbarian Tribe’s capital, the Royal clan killed their wives and children, destroyed all their treasures, and fought to the death with the Great Zhou Empire. All of them had the heart to destroy indiscriminately. At that time, the Divine Sorcerer Art was completely destroyed. Let alone me, even my mother did not have the chance to obtain it.”

Su Wen’s gaze gradually turned sharp and murderous. He softly asked, “In other words, I’m destined to die?”

Lan Qingqing said, “That might not be the case. In fact, the essence of people dying from the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu is that their meridians are unable to withstand the strengthening of the True Qi. In the end, the True Qi will break away from their control, causing the internal organs to explode and die. In fact, as long as one cultivates other body-tempering cultivation techniques to strengthen the meridians, it should be able to delay it… Perhaps it can drag on for three to five years…”

As she spoke, Lan Qingqing’s voice became softer and softer because she realized that Su Wen was on the verge of going berserk.

“But it’s not like there’s no other way! It’s said that the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu can go into incubation.” Lan Qingqing said.

Su Wen narrowed his eyes. “Incubate?”

“Yes, but this only exists in legends. I don’t know if it’s true or not. The Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu likes to eat Qi and blood, but in reality, it needs high-quality Qi and blood essence. It’s said that as long as one uses the blood of the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise, they can make the Gu go into incubation…”

Su Wen sneered. “Hehe, are you f*cking kidding me?”

On the surface, the blood essence of the four divine beasts was even more unreliable than getting the Divine Sorcerer Art.

However, a trace of joy rose in Su Wen’s heart!

This was because the blood essence of the four Divine Beasts was listed in the Exchange System.

However, the Emotional Value needed was an astronomical figure to Su Wen.

Lan Qingqing was also helpless. She gritted her teeth and said, “I’ve already told you everything I know.. There’s nothing I can do even if you don’t believe me. Now that things have come to this, if you want to kill me, I only hope that you can make it quick!”

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