My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Paper

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“Make it quick? It’s not impossible, but how long will it take for you to feel?enjoyable?”1

Looking at the dumbfounded Lan Qingqing, Su Wen asked with a smile.

Lan Qingqing dumbfoundedly muttered, “You… just kill me.”

Su Wen shook his head and said, “Even ants can live without purpose, so why are you in such a hurry to die? There is no deep hatred between us to begin with. Although I KO-ed you, I believe you can understand, right?”

Hearing this tone, although she did not understand what KO meant, she could roughly understand.

Furthermore, she could sense that Su Wen did not want to kill her.

“You want to let me go?” Lan Qingqing probed.

“That’s right!” Su Wen’s eyes were calm as he said, “But if you want to leave, I have a request.”


“Don’t you want to nurture your own force in the Southern Border? Without the Sorcerer God’s Golden Guu, you can get similar results even if you have money. I will give you a million taels of silver, but you have to bring He Ping’an with you. You can build your force together, he will be my spokesperson.”

Lan Qingqing narrowed her eyes and asked, “In other words, in this force, He Ping’an is the boss?”

Su Wen shook his head. “No, you are the eldest and he is the second. He will usually listen to you, but when I need you, you have to help me.”

“Okay!” Lan Qingqing agreed immediately. To her, this was a good deal that had come knocking. Su Wen letting her go and giving her money was just to plant He Ping’an beside her.

In Lan Qingqing’s opinion, the Southern Border would be her starting point. The people who formed the forces were all hers, and she was still the boss. No matter what, she would not end up being controlled by He Ping’an.

By then, wouldn’t He Ping’an be at her mercy?

As for whether she would help Su Wen or not, that would depend on the situation.

After leaving Lan Qingqing’s place, Su Wen went to find He Ping’an.

He brought a jug of old wine, a plate of peanuts, and a plate of sausages.

The two of them sat opposite each other. Su Wen poured a glass of wine for He Ping’an and filled it for himself. He raised his glass and said, “Uncle He, you worked hard last night. Here’s a toast to you.”

He Ping’an did not stand on ceremony. He picked up his wine glass and finished it in one gulp. He smiled and said, “It’s only right.”

Su Wen filled the cup again and said, “Uncle He, you’ve been by my side since I was seven. Thank you for taking care of me all these years. Here’s another toast to you.”

Memories flashed across He Ping’an’s eyes as he heard the words. That’s right, more than ten years had passed in the blink of an eye.

“What’s the matter, Young Master?”

He Ping’an was no fool and could naturally tell that something was wrong with Su Wen today.

Su Wen said with a smile, “There aren’t many people I can trust. In this residence, excluding my parents, only you and Ning Shuang are trustworthy. It can even be said that you know me better than my father, so I can only trouble you for this matter.”

This was true. He Ping’an could even say that he understood Su Wen more than Su Changqing.

For example, Su Changqing did not know that Su Wen knew martial arts, but He Ping’an was long aware.

It was just that he had never mentioned it to Su Changqing.

“Young Master, please speak!”

Su Wen said, “I want you to go to the southern border and form a force with Lan Qingqing. You can also nurture some of our own people.”

He Ping’an frowned. “Does the Old Master know about this?”

Su Wen shook his head. “Nope.”

“Are you going to tell him?”

Su Wen looked at He Ping’an before saying seriously, “My father may currently wield a lot of power and many subordinates below him. However, leaving aside how many of these people are willing to sacrifice their lives for my Su family, at the very least, I believe that more than 90% of them are controlled by His Majesty. Even for you, Uncle He, you’ll have to change your name for this trip. It’s also best if you don’t show your true face.”

Su Wen continued, “I’m different from my father. Although my father has done some tricks, he still trusts His Majesty in his heart. However, I’m afraid that one day, when I really want to hire people, I’ll realize that everyone is controlled by His Majesty and no one can be trusted. I’m not used to exposing all my trump cards to others.”

“Therefore, I hope that Uncle He can nurture a force of our own outside the Su family and even outside Great Zhou.”

“The Southern Wilderness is a good place. Although it belongs to the Great Zhou Dynasty now, the Great Zhou’s government and His Majesty do not have that many spies there even after years of rebellion. It is a good place to develop one’s own power. Lan Qingqing plans to start her career there. Since she took such a huge risk to steal the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu, it can be seen that she is extremely ambitious and can be used by me.”

He Ping’an shook his head and said, “But I’m not familiar with that place. It’s as difficult as ascending to the heavens to cultivate my own forces!”

Su Wen smiled and said, “I gave Lan Qingqing a million taels of silver. When Uncle He leaves, I will give you ten million taels of silver! Does that make Uncle He confident?”

Hearing this, He Ping’an smiled.

With money, wouldn’t it be easy to win people over?

Be it humans or barbarians, they were all the same. There were very few people who could not be moved by money.

In the Patrol Office today, Su Wen didn’t come.

Through the guards, Yan Luoying knew that an accident happened yesterday.

She could only express her regrets.

However, what surprised her even more was that Wen Jinming seemed to have become much more obedient.

No matter what she said, Wen Jinming did not rebut her.

Liu Dahu had also been brought back.

However, what was sent over was a corpse.

Yan Luoying felt that something was wrong.

After that, there were no major incidents in the Eastern District. There were only the typical small matters ranging from gangsters fighting to peddlers fighting for stalls. In one day, there could be almost a hundred or more public security cases. However, they were all handled well by the guards. Those who fought and caused trouble were all arrested.

However, there were more and more cases appearing on Yan Luoying’s desk.

Su Wen did not know what was happening at the Patrol Office. The next day, he followed the Emperor’s decree and arrived at the Martial Inspectorate.

The Martial Inspectorate’s government office was much larger and more imposing than the patrolling office.

In essence, the two were on completely different levels.

Su Wen entered and reported his name before being led to Feng Baichuan.

However, along the way, everyone kept pointing fingers at Su Wen.

Other than Ma Shan, no one else knew that the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu had entered his body. To everyone, they were even more curious about why Feng Baichuan would specifically ask for a famous playboy from the capital during the court assembly to enter the department.

This was also the first time Su Wen saw Feng Baichuan.

When the two of them met, Feng Baichuan sized up Su Wen before saying, “On the path of martial arts, one can only bravely advance. Since you have fused with the Gu, it is even more so. You should also know that the Sorcerer God’s Golden Gu must be paired with the Divine Sorcerer Art; otherwise, as time passes, your meridians will not be able to withstand the True Qi strengthened by the Gu, resulting in self implosion.

The Divine Sorcerer Art might have already been lost, but the Martial Sector has not been idle for so many years. According to the effects of the Art, we have researched quite a number of body-tempering cultivation techniques. Currently, this effect seems to be the best. Take it and cultivate it. However, you must practice it diligently. If you neglect it, the strengthening of your meridians will not be as fast as the speed of the True Qi refinement. At that time, just wait for your body to explode and die!”

Su Wen’s expression turned solemn as he hurriedly received the manual. This was a life-saving item!

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