My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Feng Baichuan’s Arrangement

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Feng Baichuan sized Su Wen up from head to toe and said, “You are eighteen years old this year, and you can be considered a genius for being a warrior at the 7th Grade of Star Rank. Even in the Martial Inspectorate, it is rare for someone your age to have such a cultivation level.”

“Our Martial Inspectorate is divided into the four levels of gold, silver, bronze, and iron. Ma Shan, whom you met that day, is a Golden Saber Deacon.”

“This division of deacons corresponds to cultivation. Those above the Earth Rank 4th Grade are all Golden Saber deacons. For those in 1st to 3rd Grades of Earth Rank, they are Silver Saber deacons. The 7th to 9th Grades of Star Ranks are Bronze Saber deacons while Iron Saber deacons are for those between 4th to 6th Grade of the same rank. Those below are all ordinary Martial Inspectors.”

“With your current cultivation, you can become a Bronze Saber Deacon. You will have three Iron Saber deacons under you, and a hundred Martial Inspectors

“At the same time, you’ll have to report to a certain Silver Saber Deacon.”

Speaking up to this point, Feng Baichuan emphasized, “Remember, your father’s tricks don’t work in the Martial Inspectorate. This place has always been ruled by strength. Whoever has the biggest fist will be able to speak well.”

Su Wen looked at Feng Baichuan and smiled. “Uncle Feng, are you the strongest here?”

Feng Baichuan said proudly, “Of course!”

At this moment, Feng Baichuan thought of something. He immediately asked, “Oh right, where’s Lan Qingqing? That criminal actually entered the Martial Inspectorate to steal. She can’t be forgiven easily.”

Su Wen said with a regretful expression, “This woman was captured and brought back to the manor yesterday. After the interrogation, the guards were careless and didn’t keep a close eye on her, allowing her to actually escape.”

Feng Baichuan frowned and said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll have people chase after this person and not let her escape easily.”

Su Wen smiled. “Of course.”

After everything was settled, Feng Baichuan handed a document to Su Wen and said, “As for you, since you have some animosity with Ma Shan, I will transfer you to someone else. Remember to restrain yourself. If you get beaten up here, your father won’t be able to help you.”

Having finished speaking, he ordered, “Liu Ruyu, bring Su Wen around and introduce him to the rules here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a woman walked out from the side. She had a flirtatious expression on her face, and her eyes curved into crescents as she said, “Alright.”

Feng Baichuan introduced, “She is Liu Ruyu, a Golden Saber Deacon, but she is not in charge of any Martial Inspectors. You can call her Aunt Liu.”

“Hello, Aunt Liu,” Su Wen greeted obediently.

Liu Ruyu smiled and corrected, “Call me sister.”

“Stop fooling around. You’re ten years older than me. How can he call you sister?” Feng Baichuan scolded.

Su Wen was secretly shocked. This woman was not simple. She looked like a young girl, but she was ten years older than Feng Baichuan, who was about the same age as his father!

Liu Ruyu tilted her head and looked at Su Wen with a smile. “If you don’t call me sister, I’ll find a secluded place to beat you up.”

“Hello, Sister!” Su Wen immediately called out with a smile.

Liu Ruyu’s body moved slightly, and before Su Wen could react, he realized that Liu Ruyu had already appeared beside him. A faint fragrance entered his nose, making Su Wen stir a little.

Feng Baichuan stared at Liu Ruyu and said, “His Majesty is paying attention to this person. Don’t be rash!”

At the mention of His Majesty, Liu Ruyu’s expression changed slightly before she smiled. “I’m just playing with my little brother. Why are you so nervous?”

After that, she held Su Wen’s hand and turned around to leave.

Su Wen was led along by her hand out of the place. He could feel the smoothness of her palm as well as her fragrance lingering around him.

Liu Ruyu pulled Su Wen along as they strolled around the Martial Inspectorate.

As they walked, she introduced the Martial Inspectorate to him.

This one Martial Inspectorate supervised the entire Great Zhou, and there were many experts within. Even within the Golden Saber Deacons, there were differences. Some Golden Saber Deacon, like Ma Shan, were existences at the bottom of the Golden level. As for some Golden Saber Deacons with powerful cultivation, they would be sent out to supervise a state. They would even have many Golden Saber Deacons under their command.

As for the exact number of Golden Saber Deacons in the Supervisory Department, no one knew except for Emperor Zhou and Feng Baichuan, but the number was definitely not small.

With so many martial artists joining the department to serve the Zhou Emperor, it was naturally not without benefits.

This place had excellent cultivation resources, countless cultivation methods and even battle techniques.

Liu Ruyu said with a smile, “As long as you join the Martial Inspectorate, you can avoid many detours in your cultivation. This is especially so for a handsome youth like you. Who knows, maybe some Golden Saber Deacon will take a liking to you and give you a few pointers, and you’ll have everything.”

Su Wen squeezed Liu Ruyu’s hand and teased, “Sister, can you then guide me?”

Liu Ruyu gently placed her head beside Su Wen’s ear and whispered, “I’ll give you two pieces of advice. Firstly, don’t trust Ruan Ze, and secondly, remember that strength is king in this Martial Inspectorate.”

Ruan Ze?

Who was this person?

He seemed to have seen this name somewhere before.

Su Wen suddenly thought of something. Wasn’t this the Silver Saber Deacon that he was supposed to report to? What was wrong with this person?

To remember strength as king, why?

“Alright, we’re here. I’m leaving.” Liu Ruyu withdrew her hand and smiled sweetly at Su Wen before turning around to leave.

The smile on Su Wen’s face disappeared as he watched Liu Ruyu leave. This woman appeared to be really weird.

Su Wen was confused by her ambiguous attitude.

He turned around and saw a sign hanging on the door. It read: Martial Inspectorate Golden Saber Deacon Xue Wanjun & Subordinates.

The Martial Inspectorate could be said to resemble a small town within a city. Along the way, he had passed by many of such signs.

Inside were Martial Inspectorate’s cultivators. Most of them resided in this place.

Su Wen went forward and handed the document to the guards at the door. After a while, he was led inside and Su Wen saw many youths practicing martial arts.

Inside the house, Su Wen came across two men.

Xue Wanjun was tall, burly, and over two meters tall. He looked extremely oppressive.

As for the other person, he was Ruan Ze. He had a short stature, narrow eyes, a plump body, and a wide smile.

When he saw Su Wen, Xue Wanjun had a cold expression while Ruan Ze stood up with a smile on his face. He walked forward and said, “This must be Young Master Su. You definitely have a heroic bearing.”

It had to be said that although this guy didn’t look good, his attitude was really good.

Compared to the cold Xue Wanjun, Ruan Ze was much more enthusiastic.

Xue Wanjun glanced at Su Wen and coldly said, “I am Xue Meng’s uncle.”

Su Wen narrowed his eyes. What a coincidence!

Coincidence? Or did Feng Baichuan do it on purpose?

Obviously, the latter was more likely.

Good fellow, saying that he had a grudge with Ma Shan but ended up putting him under someone with a bigger grudge?

However, Su Wen wasn’t afraid of him. He raised his eyes and glanced at Xue Wanjun before sneering. “What? A dignified Golden Saber Deacon still has to bring up your nephew to boost your reputation? Why do you have to bring up people for no reason? I’m Su Changqing’s son, but do you think I tell everyone that? Have you seen me doing so?”

The two people in the room were instantly dumbfounded. How was this bringing up people for no reason? Also, didn’t you just tell everyone that you’re Prime Minister Su’s son?

Xue Wanjun stood up and took a step forward.. An imposing aura burst forth from his body as he coldly laughed while staring at Su Wen. “Today, I’ll let you know my power!”

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