My Wife Is A General Who Killed Tens Of Thousands On The Battlefield

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Rules of the Inspectorate

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Xue Wanjun walked forward step by step while his imposing aura crashed down on Su Wen.

Su Wen regretted sending He Ping’an out. He should have at least mentioned it to his father.

At the very least, he should have brought another bodyguard with him.

That way, he could be more… arrogant.

However, Su Wen really didn’t care about Xue Wanjun. If Xue Wanjun was really a boorish fellow that didn’t know about the ways of the world, then Su Wen would probably be terrified right now.

However, this fellow had said that he was Xue Meng’s uncle, so Su Wen wasn’t afraid.

Su Wen took a step forward and turned his body slightly. He tried his best to move his neck forward and stretched his face in front.

“Come, come, please hit me!”

Su Wen said with a face full of disdain, “I promise you that if you hit me for no reason, your Xue family won’t have to wait until tomorrow to receive my father’s revenge. It will definitely be more serious than you think, and you will also be chopped into pieces by His Majesty!”

“When I was a month old, His Majesty already gave me the Cyan Sea Star Jade Hairpin. How dare you hit me for no reason?”

Xue Wanjun was stupefied. Did he dare fight?

He didn’t!

If he was a martial artist with no attachments, then there was nothing to complain about. If anyone dared to provoke him like this, he would definitely take action.

However, why was Su Wen not afraid of him? It was because he had the Xue family behind him.

What he did would implicate the Xue family.

Su Wen looked at him from the corner of his eyes and smiled. “Come, why aren’t you hitting me? Look at how skilled you are. If you don’t want to hit me, I’ll move back.”

With that, Su Wen retracted his face.

At that moment, Ruan Ze walked over. His eyes were smiling so widely that only a slit was left. He tried to smooth things over. “It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! Lord Xue is just testing your cultivation level to see if you can withstand his pressure. Young Master Su is indeed a young hero. To have such a cultivation level at such a young age, impressive, impressive.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he cupped his hands and said to Xue Wanjun, “Lord Xue, then I’ll take Young Master Su with me first.”

Xue Wanjun gritted his teeth and said, “Leave!”

Ruan Ze turned around and left the hall with Su Wen.

After they left, Ruan Ze said with a smile, “Young Master Su, I’ve never put on airs. Our Martial Inspectorate focuses on cultivation most of the time. Actually, it’s the same for the higher-ups and lower classes, so just treat me as an ordinary friend. I’m a few years older, so just call me Old Ruan!”

Su Wen smiled. “Old and soft? Old and soft won’t do.”

But then again, Ruan Ze was a fatso. Although he didn’t look good, his words made Su Wen feel good.

If Liu Ruyu hadn’t reminded him before he entered, he would have really wanted to be friends with this fatty.

However, if one were to analyze it properly, Su Wen was probably as much a stranger to Liu Ruyu as he was to the fatty.

Feng Baichuan purposely put him under Xue Wanjun, but what about Liu Ruyu? Feng Baichuan was the one who asked her to show him around. Could her words be trusted?

Su Wen wouldn’t trust that woman unconditionally just because they had held hands.

Ruan Ze understood Su Wen’s teasing, but he did not get angry. Instead, he chuckled softly and said, “When it’s time to be tough, I will. You can just call me Old Ruan during this time.”

Su Wen smiled. “Then you don’t have to call me Young Master Su. Just call me Su Wen.”

Since he was showing kindness, Su Wen would repay in kind.

Ruan Ze looked around and saw that there was no one around. He said in a low voice, “It’s not good to call you by name directly. I’ll call you Brother Su instead. This Deacon Xue of ours has a bad temper, so it’s best that you don’t provoke him. After all, we’re still under him.”

Su Wen curiously asked, “Could it be that he can make things difficult for us?”

Ruan Ze nodded. “That’s for sure. Our Martial Inspectorate monitors all the martial artists in the world. Most of the people we target are vicious.”

“Let’s not talk about anything else, just the difference in combat strength between martial artists of the same level is enormous. There are some strong individuals that can even jump ranks to fight. He could give you some weaklings, but when you arrive, you might find yourself in a sticky situation instead. It’s better not to try anything funny, this concerns your own safety.”

Su Wen pondered for a moment before smiling. “Thanks for the reminder.”

The two of them chatted as they walked and gradually became familiar with each other.

Su Wen also gradually understood that not all the deacons in the Martial Inspectorate had subordinates.

Some people, like Liu Ruyu, had no subordinates at all.

Ruan Ze said, “These sorts of people usually have the strongest combat power at the same level. Although they don’t usually take action, if we really have a thorny case, they will be the first to go up. Of course, there are also some people who are ruthless enough to themselves to manage a group of subordinates as well. This kind of thing is hard to say. After all, those who lead their subordinates will receive more resources from the higher-ups.”

“In addition, within the Martial Inspectorate, everyone has the right to challenge their superiors or any higher level administrators. Once they succeed, they can obtain the cultivation resources of this position ahead of time. However, everyone only has the right to challenge once. Those who succeed can continue. Once they fail, they will no longer be able to challenge again. Moreover, within half a year, the cultivation resources allocated to them will be halved.”

Su Wen asked curiously, “What if the person who was challenged lost?”

“They’ll usually receive the resources one tier lower than them,” Ruan Ze answered.

As the two of them walked, they suddenly saw two youths fighting intensely. From the looks of the situation, it was already beyond the scope of sparring. Su Wen asked, “Isn’t private fighting prohibited in the inspectorate?”

Ruan Ze shook his head and said, “It’s prohibited to have a group fight in the inspectorate. However, no one cares if you fight one-on-one. It’s fine as long as no one dies. If someone dies, it’ll be a big deal. Most people have to pay with their lives.”

As he spoke, Ruan Ze smiled and said, “In front of us are the three teams under Brother Su’s jurisdiction. I’m on your side, Brother. I’ve picked all the elite soldiers for you.”

As they spoke, the two of them reached the designated area. Ruan Ze roared for everyone to gather. Instantly, forty to fifty people ran out from the various houses.

Ruan Ze said, “Although there’s a maximum of 100 people written in the official documents, there aren’t that many people in the inspectorate. That’s why these are all the people you’ll get. Other people have about the same number of subordinates. Brother Su, if you have any capable subordinates, you can bring them in. After all, you can obtain a free set of cultivation resources for each person you have.”

Su Wen smiled. “Alright, thank you for your reminder, Brother.”

Ruan Ze looked at these people and said, “This is the new Bronze Saber Deacon, Su Wen. He is the son of Prime Minister Su Changqing. After today, all of you will be under his jurisdiction. This is a super genius who became a 7th Grade Star Rank at the age of 18. He just joined the Martial Inspectorate today.”

Everyone turned to look at Su Wen.

Surprise could be seen in all their gazes!

So young!

Ruan Ze left after giving his instructions.

Su Wen looked at his subordinates and smiled. “It’s good that everyone knows about me. Go and do what you need to do.”

Establish power? Embrace power?

Su Wen was not interested.

To put it bluntly, he did not want to come here himself.

If not for the body tempering cultivation technique, he would not have come.

In Su Wen’s opinion, the most important job in the Martial Inspectorate was to cultivate and increase one’s cultivation.

All the mechanisms present in this place was to ensure that the basic order was maintained. Other than to prevent the martial artists from flouting the rules through their martial arts, it was also to encourage cultivation and competition.

However, just as he finished speaking, he realized that a man had stepped forward. He said, “Iron Saber Deacon Yan Hui has requested to challenge Bronze Saber Deacon Su Wen!”

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