My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4469 - Four Dream Creators (9)

“Four.” Su Yu extended four fingers.

“Four… so many…” Huo Mian was worried and frowned.

Although Su Yu hadn’t mentioned the power of dream creators yet, Huo Mian could feel it.

To be able to weave such a huge dream, to let so many people enter the dream, and to create monsters like Leila and Jing De, these dream creators must be extremely powerful.

As expected, Su Yu continued, “Dream creators are powerful in the dream. They are like gods. They can create many scenes, characters, and even strange things. If we are killed in the dream, we will die in reality…”

“It’s so creepy…” An mumbled.

Su Yu continued, “But it’s not like we don’t have a way to deal with them. I came back this time to tell everyone how we should deal with them. My master said that a person’s will is very strong. As long as you keep telling yourself that you’re dreaming and that whatever the dream creator does to you is fake, you won’t be hurt. The hard part is that when we’re in danger, we will subconsciously take it seriously. Not many people can really think that they’re dreaming, so we have to adjust our mentality.”

“How do dream creators exist in the dream?” Qin Chu asked Su Yu.

“As humans, people like us… However, dream creators know how to disguise themselves. It is very likely that they will disguise themselves as people that we know. We will not be able to detect them.”

Huo Mian moved her lips. “That’s going to be troublesome… How are we going to find them if this continues?”

“It’s hard, that’s why I wanted to discuss it with Qin Chu…” Su Yu glanced at Qin Chu, his eyes full of trust.

“That’s not important. How are we going to get out of here first? Logically speaking, as long as we don’t split up, Su Yu’s prayer beads should be enough to get us out of here and back to our city. However, Professor is still in Lin Ya’s hands, so it’s going to be difficult for us to find him. Su Yu was right. Why don’t we take this opportunity to turn the world upside down and destroy Lin Ya’s fake palace…”

Qin Chu obviously agreed with Su Yu.

Su Yu was glad that Qin Chu approved of him. At least he wasn’t suspected.

This time, he came back and talked about the dream realm, which was really ridiculous.

If Qin Chu and Huo Mian suspected him, he couldn’t explain himself.

But they didn’t…

They trusted Su Yu unconditionally, which was what moved Su Yu the most.

“Yes, no matter how many biochemical soldiers Lin Ya has, it’s useless… We have our ways… As long as we know that it’s a dream, we won’t be harmed. When we get out later, we’ll kill them all and let Old Witch Lin Ya know that we’re not pushovers that she can easily crush.”

Su Yu was full of fighting spirit.

“Boss, what about Goddess Lu Yan?” An asked as he carried Lu Yan.

“Mian, help Lu Yan up and walk between us. An and I will fight at the front, and Qin Chu will be at the back to protect Mian,” Su Yu said.

Qin Chu nodded.

Suddenly, Su Yu thought of something and took off the amulet around his neck.

This time, the amulet was real. He had gotten it from his mother in the real world.

He put the amulet around Huo Mian’s neck.

“Take this with you. My master said that this item is quite powerful. I remember that you believe in Buddhism. You know how to chant the Great Compassion Charm, right? Remember to recite it when you are afraid and when you feel danger… Although it can’t send you back to the real world, those monsters definitely can’t do anything to you.”

“Su Yu, why don’t you wear it? I can’t take it…” Huo Mian felt guilty; she didn’t want to owe Su Yu anymore, especially at such a critical moment.

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