My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4473 - Revealing A Flaw (3)

Lin Ya had originally planned to slowly wear down their consciousness.

Especially Huo Mian and Professor Lu’s.

However, Su Yu’s return almost threw the dream into chaos.

First, he killed Messiah and then thousands of her biochemical soldiers.

This truly angered Lin Ya, especially with Qin Chu’s sudden arrival.

This boosted the team’s morale and Lin Ya did not want to play around with these children anymore.

She might as well force out the Red Demon’s whereabouts and report to the big boss.

That was why she wanted to threaten Huo Mian with the professor’s life.

After all, no matter how cruel Huo Mian was, she wouldn’t leave her biological father in the lurch.

However, Lin Ya was wrong; Huo Mian really didn’t know where the Red Demon was.

Even if Lu Yan was still awake, she wouldn’t know where the Red Demon was.

The professor was disappointed by Lin Ya’s behavior.

Then he said calmly, “Ya, the children don’t know where the Red Demon is. Why are you doing this?”

“If they don’t know, then don’t you know? So, Old Lu… is your life more important? Or is your item more important? Let me tell you, if you die, you’ll really have nothing left. Your wealth and status will be gone, not to mention your Red Demon. Think carefully. I don’t have the patience to continue playing cat and mouse with you. I’ve been coaxing you and providing for you and your daughter to eat and drink here, but you don’t appreciate my kindness… Don’t blame me for being heartless today.”

Lin Ya’s words showed that she had reached the limit.

Huo Mian was so angry that her stomach hurt…

Huo Mian covered her stomach with one hand and frowned slightly.

She believed that no mother in the world would be so cruel to her child and husband.

“Mian, what’s wrong?”

Qin Chu noticed that something was wrong with Huo Mian’s expression, so he quickly went up to help her up.

Huo Mian was so angry that she couldn’t say anything. Her face was pale as she shook her head.

Su Yu had no idea about the Red Demon, so he couldn’t say anything.

An listened quietly…

“Ya, let me ask you one last time. Is the Red Demon really that important to you? Can you bear to give up on your family?”

Professor Lu’s eyes looked complicated.

Unfortunately, Lin Ya was too anxious to notice these details.

Instead, she tightened her grip on the professor’s neck.

“Cut the crap. If you don’t say it today, all of you will die here. The first one to die will be you.”

Lin Ya had just finished speaking when the professor suddenly raised his palm.

This palm had actually thrown Lin Ya five to six meters away.

Su Yu, Qin Chu, and Huo Mian were all stunned.

“Professor, this is—Taiji Fist…”

Even if one had never eaten pork before, they would have seen pigs run. Su Yu didn’t know much about Chinese martial arts.

However, he knew a little about Taiji Fist because Grandpa Su liked it.

However, Su Yu only knew that Taiji Fist was meant to strengthen one’s body. He didn’t expect it to be so powerful in an instant.

The professor’s palm looked weak.

But Lin Ya was sent flying…

Lin Ya did not expect this weak-looking man to have such skills.

After landing on the ground, she got up and wanted to secretly form hand seals to summon some ferocious beasts to deal with these people.

“Oh no, she’s forming hand seals again. I wonder what she’s going to create?” Su Yu shouted to remind everyone.

Just then, something shocking happened…

With a few muffled sounds, Lin Ya fell to the ground…

Everyone was dumbfounded except for the professor.

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