Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?

Chapter 1268: No More Blessings

Sitting in his room, the Marquess didn’t know what was going on but he felt strangely unsettled. There was a bad feeling in the pits of his stomach and caused him to be restless. Pacing back and forth, he didn’t know what could be wrong.

‘The flow of Blessed Crops seems fine, profits are up. Nothing is wrong… could it be because of the Sister from earlier? No that can’t be.’ He thought to himself. He had made advances like that plenty of time before and it had always worked out.

The first time he did it, he had the same unsettling feeling but it faded away after the third time.

Shaking his head, he looked out the window at the setting sun. Regardless of what may happen, he was sure things will go well for him. After all, god had blessed him with discovering the Blessed Crops, it clearly meant that god had favored him against the others.

Hearing the door open without a knock, the Marquess frowned.

“Did I not tell you to announce yourself with a knock everytime you entered?!” He lashed out in annoyance as his butler should’ve known better.

However, seeing the same Sister from earlier today closing the door behind her, he started to salivate at the thought of her answer. If she had come here then she had resolved herself. An obscene light flooded into his eyes as he sat down on his chair.

“Since you are here, I suppose it is time for me to hear your answer. It’s a little early than the time limit but that simply means you have come to your senses.” He smirked.

“Do you know how many lives you have harmed?” Leia asked, causing the Marquess to frown but played along. Even if she decides to back out at the last moment, he wasn’t going to let her leave easily.

“Who cares how many ants die, how many crumbs are dropped from the piece of bread. But spare me the boorish talk and come entertain me instead. Entertain me well and I may even do more for the parasites you seem to care so much about.” He laughed while patting his leg.

Taking a deep breath, Leia stared at him coldly.

“You are right, who cares how many ants die. Then I suppose getting rid of you will be doing this world a service.” Waving her hand, chains of shadow leapt up from the ground and secured him to his chair.

“Every death that you have caused, directly or indirectly, you will suffer through it all. The shadow of death will always haunt your sight and when you least expect it, it will strike. You will watch as your horrors manifest, your fears grip your throat and everything you own and treasure fly out of your reach. And you will know that everything is caused by me.” Leia warned as she approached him step by step.

Before he could even say anything, a hook was flung out of the ground and pierced his tongue.

Flicking her finger, it was torn out before he could even protest.

Screams exploded out of his mouth as blood and tears pooled beneath him.

“Nothing you say will benefit this world so you should stay mute. Your eyes only know greed so you have no need for them. From this moment on, you will be trapped in a nightmare of your own making.” 𝘣𝘦π˜₯π˜―π˜°π‘£π˜¦π˜­.𝘰𝘳𝘨

Reaching out with her fingers, she gouged out both his eyes and crushed them in her palms. Below him, a portal opened. In the depths of that darkness, he will suffer everything that he has caused. Constantly repeating for all eternity.

But her vengeance wasn’t done yet. Her anger could not be quelled. Everyone that accepted what he was doing and ignored the cries of the weak shall not be ignored. This was going to be a purging. Those undeserving of her blessing shall not see the light of day.

Clasping her hands together, black mist rolled out around her and spread towards the city. It was lethal to everyone that had a connection to the Marquess, those that simply watched and enjoyed the luxury without doing nothing else.

To her, she didn’t understand why they couldn’t spare even a fraction of their wealth so that the weak can survive. A fraction so miniscule that it would not even affect their lives.

All they know is to hoard, to hoard and hoard more wealth. Never sparing even the smallest coin for the weak.

“Death is a guardian to keep the world in check. And so I shall take up my mantle once more and bring death upon the living.” Leia proclaimed.

She could feel the essences of the corrupt living being snuffed out by her mist. Those that came into contact were erased as though they had never existed before, not even a speck of them remained.

With the threat of the mist, she could see human nature better than ever. Those who saw the consequences of being touched by the mist ran away in terror.

They dragged, shoved and pulled each other towards death as long as they could survive. Stepping on one another just to reach higher ground without reaching a hand back to save the one who had just helped them. Instead laughing at their na?ve thinking and cursing them to die by the mist.

She could no longer see the beauty of their nature. To her, Aaron had become the special exception with a handful of others. The core nature of humans was to harm itself.

To her, it was beyond strange that they could become the dominant lifeform within this planet when all they do is harm their own interests.

Where was the beauty in this? Where was the beauty in watching a husband throwing their wife over the edge of the cart just so they could go a little faster.

Watching all of this unfold, Leia could only feel her anger rising to levels she never imagined before. Even before her blessings, this society was flawed. Her blessing only brought the flaws to the surface.

“Disgusting, repulsive. Unfit to live on the sanctuary that Chaos has created for them. These beings should not be allowed to witness the perfection of the Garden Project.” Leia gritted her teeth as her power continued to flow. It was now threatening to flood over to the capital of the Kingdom when Pyre appeared before her and kneel down.

“Please calm yourself your highness. If you continue to unleash your power even I will not be able to hold it back anymore!” He begged as Leia glared at him before taking several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself down.

Gritting her teeth, she retracted her power and the mist started to fade away.

“You can leave now. I’m going back to the village.” Leia commanded after a short pause.

Nodding his head, Pyre bowed down once more and left the area, feeling thankful that Leia was able to calm herself down in the end.

Looking over the city, Leia observed silently. She witnessed their panic and confusion, the consequences of their actions during the mist, the ones that survived enough though they were engulfed and the betrayal that they experienced.

Unsure of what to say, she simply sighed and landed at the gates of the city. Since confusion and panic was the only thing happening right now, she borrowed some horses and a carriage before making her way back to her village.

However, she didn’t forget to take away the blessings that they didn’t deserve. All of the Blessed Crops that were kept in a monopoly withered away instantly with a snap of her fingers. Those that bought the crops were allowed to enjoy their blessings for now.

When she got back to the village, she was going to do the same. There was no longer any need to discuss the options in her mind since she had seen herself how human nature reacts.

‘I suppose the best I can do right now is to talk to Aaron and figure out a way to help the village. Without the Blessed Crops, they’re bound to panic. But I’m sure they’ll be able to pull through.’ Leia thought to herself with high hopes. She had seen how the village banded together in tough times and survived till now. If they can do it once, they can do it again. To her, they seemed much happier and united during that time.

Upon her return to the village, Leia couldn’t speak a single word.

The words that Aaron spoke to her appeared in her mind.

“It’s not a big plan. Just rallying some people to our cause I suppose. Some helping hands in trying to get everyone to come to their senses and realise how much wealth has changed them.”

“I’ll try and get everyone to come back to their senses by the time you come back.” He would promise.

“Don’t worry about it. Everyone in this village has known each other since birth after all.” He would reassure.

Biting her lip, Leia felt as though something was stuck in her throat. Not letting her speak a single word.

Nailed to large wooden pillars that were erected in the center of the village, Aaron’s corpse and several others rotted with birds picking away at their flesh. Tools plunged into their chest with parts of their body being hacked to pieces.

This village could no longer be called her paradise.

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