Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life

Chapter 412 - Get Lost, Get Lost Now…

Chapter 412: Get Lost, Get Lost Now…

“Although, I feel very disgusted about letting you touch me, I’m willing to do anything so long as I can leave this place… ”

After saying that sentence, Luo Zheng’s face turned pale, and she looked a little sickly.

Bo Hancheng laughed with anger and stepped forward to grab her wrist. “You feel disgusted when I touch you?”

“Yes, I feel disgusted, absolutely disgusted! So, please don’t hold yourself so cheap again, Mr. Bo. Let me leave immediately… ”

Luo Zheng struggled, hating how weak she was that she couldn’t break free from his control.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t be holding myself cheap again and interfere with your affairs! As for your hymen, you may have really reconstructed it with surgery. The effects are indeed realistic. How many men have you fooled using this method, eh?”

While questioning her, he moved his thin lips towards her and kissed her earlobe, neck, collarbone, and even nibbled on them to leave behind some rose-colored hickeys.

“You’re disgusting… don’t touch me… stay away from me…”

Luo Zheng’s body quivered as she tried to resist him angrily but to no avail. Instead, she was pushed against the door of the bathroom by him.

He desperately wanted her and he was filled with lust even at this point.

He clearly knew that she was clean and should be treated with care, but whenever he was with her, all of his composure, rationality and self-control would vanish completely, bit by bit.

“Bo Hancheng… you are not him… you will never be him…”

Luo Zheng felt extremely aggrieved, and Bo Hancheng’s rough and abusive treatment made her suffocate.


Bo Hancheng sneered with an icy cold gaze.

All his demons were unleashed within him, devouring the light. He stared at Luo Zheng and questioned softly, “Hah, you’re referring to your Mr. Bodyguard, aren’t you?”

Luo Zheng bit her lip without saying a word while Bo Hancheng straightened her body. “Luo Zheng, answer me. You approached me from the beginning, all because of Mr. Bodyguard… right?”

Feeling a slight ache in her heart, she looked up at the familiar face of Bo Hancheng who had an unfamiliar gaze in his eyes.

In the end, she still answered with a nod, “Yes, I approached you because of him.”

“So, in your eyes, I am just a substitute? Your Mr. Bodyguard is dead, so… you decided to make me his substitute, right?”

After asking that question, Bo Hancheng was filled with ruthless thoughts and intentions, as if he would really destroy her as long as she said yes!

With tears in her eyes, Luo Zheng insisted firmly, “Yes, you are a substitute. He died… so I decided to look for you, are you satisfied? Are you satisfied with this answer…”

There was a sudden silence in the air.

Bo Hancheng clenched his fists, and suppressed the urge to tear Luo Zheng into pieces, his eyes filled with an icy cold gaze. “Luo Zheng, are you not afraid that… I will kill you?”

While listening, Luo Zheng’s pale lips curled into a smirk and she asked in derision, “Will you?”

After a pause, her contempt intensified and she reached out to place her hand on his shoulder.

“Or should I ask, can you bear to kill me?”

She looked extremely provocative and he found her to be rather irksome to the eyes.

After staring at her for a long time, Bo Hancheng suddenly took a step back and said coldly, “Scram… ”

A second after he said those words, Bo Hancheng’s fist brushed past Luo Zheng’s ear and was slammed against the bathroom door behind with a heavy thud.

“As you wish, I will let you go! Get lost, get lost right now… ”

He was incredibly infuriated and had lost his usual composure. All that was left was immense anger and menace.

“Fine, I’ll get lost right now!”

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