Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life

Chapter 413 - Untitled

Chapter 413: Untitled

“Fine, I’ll get lost right now!”

Luo Zheng’s face was pale, and her tone was very calm.

At the next moment, she limped and dragged her swollen ankle across the floor as she slowly made her way out of the bathroom. She then took out a clean set of clothes and put them on calmly.

At last, she hid her emotions and slowly left the bedroom without looking back.


The bedroom door was closed, and Bo Hancheng finally snapped out of his trance.

He stared at the mess in the bathroom, and looked out again, only to realize that Luo Zheng was no longer around.

He walked out of the bathroom with a sullen expression and stood in front of the French window.

He could also see Luo Zheng leaving the mansion and continuously walking on with an unsteady gait into the darkness, like a broken kite that he wanted to grasp.

Luo Zheng… Luo Zheng… Luo Zheng…

He repeated her name deep down, over and over again.

At the thought of her answer, Bo Hancheng felt a strong, murderous intent and he seemed to have fallen into paranoia.

He had no choice but to let her leave while he was still a little rational.

Otherwise, he really could not guarantee her safety if she agitated him with her hostile words!

In her eyes, he was just a substitute.

He could have any woman he wanted and yet, he allowed her to trample all over him again and again.

Hah, in that case, I don’t want her!

The distance from Royal Orchid Garden to the city center was undoubtedly extremely far.

Luo Zheng took one step at a time while her body became weaker and weaker. Her ankle was badly swollen and towards the end, her pace became extremely slow.

The summer nights were not long.

Finally, Luo Zheng fainted when she reached the city center of Beijing.

All of a sudden, plenty of people came forth and began gossiping about Luo Zheng… after which, just as everyone was about to call the police and ambulance, a slender figure squeezed through the crowd and walked towards Luo Zheng hurriedly. “Luo Zheng? Why are you here!?! Hurry and wake up…”

Luo Zheng’s eyelids were heavy and when she heard the clear male voice, she could vaguely identify who it was. However, she couldn’t bring herself to open her eyes and look at him!

In the hospital, family members of patients, nurses and doctors come and go from time to time.

Luo Zheng only regained consciousness again in the afternoon.

She vaguely heard a female doctor criticizing someone. “As her boyfriend, how could you be so rough? Even if you are young and impulsive and want to do that kind of stuff, you should have been careful. The girl is so weak and delicate. How could she have been able to bear with it? You two should still be students. Do your parents know about this? Can you take responsibility…”

The man then said composedly, “Well then, is she… alright?”

“The checkups that we’ve done so far show that there aren’t any major problems with her but the bones in her feet have been dislocated and there are too many wounds on her body. Due to the sexual intercourse that she had, her hymen was almost badly torn! So, she must rest in bed, as for the rest… we have to conduct blood tests on her. Is it because you are scared of spending money that you don’t want to let the little girl go through the physical examinations…”

The female doctor continued to talk about the other things.

She was almost criticizing him like an elder, rattling on and on.

However, the man was rather patient and simply expressed assent without rebutting much.

“We really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You look so gentle and refined on the surface. Why were you so rough? If she’s my daughter, I’d teach you a hard lesson!”

The female doctor then left in exasperation and the silence in the ward was finally restored.

Closing the door of the ward, Jiang Musheng turned his head to look at Luo Zheng whose eyes were filled with tears. “Are you awake? How do you feel…”

Luo Zheng sat up and rubbed her temples, feeling a dull ache. “I didn’t expect it to be you, Jiang Musheng!”

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