Nine Sun God King

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Martial Spirits

The Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. It was roughly two hundred kilometers away from the imperial city of Heavenly Qin.

Within the mountain range, the strange peaks were like a forest. They were tall and majestic as they were enveloped by the ocean of smoke.

A raging river flowed through the mountain range like an angry dragon.

The Hua Ling Wu Academy was located outside the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, beside the Cloud Dragon River. Surrounded by the walls of the huge rock, it looked like an ancient city with a solemn and dignified appearance. From afar, it looked like a fierce tiger lying beside the Cloud Dragon River with an imposing manner.

After the carriage entered the main gate of the Hua Ling Wu Academy, magnificent and tall buildings could be seen everywhere. The buildings and palaces clustered together, and there were countless forest gardens. Even the Imperial Palace was only mediocre.

The carriage arrived at a compound on the west side of the Hua Ling Wu Academy. Yang Shiyue woke Qin Yun up and asked, “Can you walk by yourself?”


The Nine Yang Energy that Qin Yun had absorbed through the nine-pearl bracelet had a very good effect on nourishing his body and healing his internal injuries. It was much better now, but his face was still pale.

Yang Shiyue was about to go help Qin Yun when she saw him jump down from the carriage. She could not help but exclaim in surprise, “You’ve recovered quite well!”

Qin Yun felt somewhat guilty as he said, “Teacher, I’ve caused you trouble!”

“The tuition for this semester is 20,000 crystal coins. I’ll pay for you temporarily. The Hua Ling Wu Academy was very strict. If one could not pass the end of term exam, one had to withdraw from school … Before that, you must return the crystal coins to me. ”

Yang Shiyue’s solemn expression made Qin Yun’s heart turn cold. Twenty thousand crystal coins was not a small sum, but he firmly believed that he would be able to gather enough within the semester.

“I’ll take you to the classroom to rest first. When all the other students are here, you can begin to awaken your Martial Spirit!”

Yang Shiyue brought Qin Yun into the compound. There were many classrooms inside, and the classroom closest to them was the class that Yang Shiyue led.

There were already more than ten students in the classroom, and most of them were the descendants of ministers and generals of the imperial court, or the outstanding disciples of the martial family. They were all carefully chosen by Yang Shiyue. Many of them had also recognized Qin Yun.

The students who knew Qin Yun were astonished. They had arrived at the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard earlier and did not know what was happening in the plaza of the imperial palace.

Qin Yun came in contact with various kinds of looks: ridicule, doubt, disdain, surprise …

He didn’t even pay any attention to this. The past few years of experience had made him even calmer.

“In the afternoon, I will help you awaken your Martial Spirits. All of you stay here and wait patiently for me to return. Remember, no matter how prominent the family behind you is, as long as you stir up trouble here, you will have to pay a heavy price.” Yang Shiyue’s voice was stern and cold, containing a threatening aura that made people not dare to doubt her words.

After she left the classroom, the frightened students all let out a small sigh of relief.

The Hua Ling Wu Academy was extremely powerful, and had a mysterious power supporting them from the shadows. Even the Heavenly Qin Empire would not dare to provoke them.

Those hot-tempered young students did not dare to be arrogant, and they obediently sat in their seats, waiting for Yang Shiyue to return.

… ….

In the afternoon, after the student recruitment ended, Yang Shiyue’s class had a total of twenty students.

“I will now start to awaken Martial Spirit!”

The moment Yang Shiyue entered the classroom, the students all stood up. Her serious expression made everyone a little nervous.

The awakening of a martial soul was the most important step in the path of martial arts. It would affect the future of one’s career. This was one of the reasons why the students were so nervous.

“Sit down!” Yang Shiyue’s strict gaze swept over them and nodded. Then, she took out a small pagoda that seemed to have been meticulously carved out of crystal and carefully placed it on the podium.

She placed her hand on the small crystal pagoda and said, “This is the Spirit Channeling Tower. It can awaken the martial soul in a person’s body. After the martial soul is awakened, the Spirit Channeling Tower will light up.”

“The higher the grade of a martial soul, the color of the Spirit Pagoda will be different. There will be brass, silver, gold, platinum, and purple gold. There are a total of five types of martial souls.”

“Teacher Yang, what stage of martial spirit is considered qualified?” A student raised his hand and asked.

Yang Shiyue nodded and said: “Even if the Silver martial spirit is qualified, the Gold martial spirit is better, the Platinum martial spirit is the best, and as for the Golden-purple martial spirit … People who can awaken martial spirits of this level are as rare as phoenix feathers or unicorn horns. ”

“Teacher, what stage is your Martial Spirit?” A young girl asked doubtfully.

Yang Shi Yue’s jade-like face suddenly revealed a trace of arrogance. She placed her jade-like hands on the Spirit Pagoda, and the originally exquisite crystal pagoda suddenly emitted a strong white-gold light, causing her eyes to hurt.

“This is the Platinum Martial Spirit!” After her jade-like hand left the Spirit Pagoda, the dazzling white-gold light immediately disappeared.

Seeing the rare Platinum grade martial spirit, everyone was very surprised and hoped that they too had a martial spirit of the same level.

“You guys can start awakening your martial spirits now!” Yang Shiyue held a book and shouted, “Wang Xiaogang!”

He saw a short and skinny young man walking up confidently with his head held high.

Wang Xiaogang put his hands on the tower and asked, “And then?”

“Close your eyes and relax your whole body.” Yang Shiyue said.

Wang Xiaogang immediately closed his eyes and relaxed his whole body. Soon, a trace of a cold feeling spread throughout his body.

A cold wind blew from the small window above the Spirit Pagoda. The Spirit Pagoda also started to light up. It was a faint silver colored light, and it was far from being as glaring as Yang Shiyue’s just now.

“It’s the Silver Wind Martial Spirit, not bad!”

Yang Shiyue nodded in satisfaction and then took down that pen.

After receiving the beautiful teacher’s exaggeration, Wang Xiaochang was extremely pleased with himself as he swaggered back to his seat.

The next person to take the test was a young lady in a red dress. She looked cute, but her eyes were filled with pride.

“Tang Qingyu, let’s begin!” Yang Shiyue said.

Very quickly, Tang Qingyu’s results were out as well. The small window of the tower was overflowing with water as it emitted a silver light.

This is a Silver Water Martial Spirit, it’s not bad. Yang Shiyue nodded in satisfaction.

The two Silver Martial Spirits that Yang Shiyue had chosen could be considered qualified students.

After the third student went up, intense flames spewed out of the window of the small pagoda.

This is the Golden Fire Martial Spirit!

“Yan Zhongming, Golden Fire Martial Spirit!” “Very good!” Yang Shiyue’s cold and charming face revealed a trace of a smile.

That tall youth smiled complacently, because he, Yan Zhongming, had a gold martial spirit and was the best martial spirit that had been awakened.

“Luo Qinghao, Silver Fire Martial Spirit!”

“Ma Hongming, Silver Ice Martial Spirit!”


He tested a dozen students consecutively. Most of them had a silver and gold martial spirit.

There was not a single Platinum, so it was indeed very rare.

“Ye Weixuan, it’s your turn!” Yang Shiyue shouted, her eyes revealing a trace of anticipation.

“Ye Weixuan? “Oh, Ye Family, I heard that all the Ye Family members have the Thunder Martial Spirit. This is a very powerful Martial Spirit, I wonder what grade it is?”

“Thunder martial spirit, just by hearing it, you know how powerful it is! The martial spirits that we had awakened before were all common things such as ice, wind, water, fire, and earth.

The students whispered.

Seeing that everyone was looking forward to him, the corners of Ye Weixuan’s mouth slightly curled up, revealing a proud smile as he walked towards the podium.

After he touched the tower with his hands, he saw lightning flash out of the small window of the tower. The most surprising thing was that the tower was shining with a golden light.

“Golden Thunder Martial Spirit!” Yang Shiyue was slightly shocked, and said: “The Ye Family indeed lives up to its reputation.”

“Thank you for your praise, teacher. I will make good use of my martial soul.” Ye Weixuan smiled proudly.

“Qin Yun, it’s your turn!” Yang Shiyue was actually looking forward to seeing Qin Yun.

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