Nine Sun God King

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Ye Weixuan was secretly unhappy, thinking: What kind of martial spirit could a trash have?

Everyone felt that Qin Yun was at most an Elemental Martial Spirit from a crappy street. There was nothing to look forward to.

Apart from the Elemental Martial Spirit, there was also the Weapon Martial Spirit, the Saber, Spear, Hammer, Axe, and the Beast Martial Spirit. These two types of martial spirits were quite rare.

In addition, there were also some rare Martial Spirits, known as Legendary Martial Spirits. For example, the Spatial Martial Spirit, the Time Martial Spirit, the Life Martial Spirit, the Transfiguration Martial Spirit, and so on, were all very powerful Martial Spirits.

It was obvious that the students Yang Shiyue had chosen were all Elemental Martial Spirits.

“I have nothing to look forward to.” Qin Yun smiled faintly and paid no heed to others.

Yang Shiyue said: “Under normal circumstances, people with the First Sun Spiritual Pulse would give up cultivating the martial path. Because it was too arduous, it was difficult to condense inner strength. However, he could only awaken his Martial Spirit by condensing his inner qi. Therefore, people who possess a spiritual vein of the One Yang will rarely reach the standard to awaken their Martial Spirit. ”

“There’s an ancient book that says that after a person’s martial spirit is awakened, their rank will be very high. At the very least, they’ll be Platinum-rank!”

Now, everyone understood why Yang Shiyue looked forward to it. It was because Qin Yun was such a rare situation. She wanted to see for herself if it was true.

Qin Yun looked at Yang Shiyue’s charming and beautiful eyes and saw a hint of fanaticism within them. He thought to himself, “Could it be that Teacher Yang is studying something?”

A person with high standards like Yang Shiyue probably came here to be a teacher for the sake of studying martial spirits.

Qin Yun was also anticipating his martial soul and said, “I hope that the records are true!”

Just as he was about to reach out and touch the Spirit Pagoda, a loud “boom” suddenly came from outside, causing everyone’s eardrums to ring out.

“This kind of activity… Could it be a legendary martial spirit? When the martial spirit awakened, it released such a strong sound wave. It’s very likely to be the Sound Wave Martial Spirit! ” Yang Shiyue’s face was filled with shock as she rushed out of the classroom.

It was from the class next door!

The legendary martial spirit actually appeared in the next classroom!

Everyone hurriedly rushed out as well. This was something rarely seen. If they went to take a look, they could brag about themselves in the future.

Only Qin Yun was still in the classroom. His hands had already touched the tower!

The Spirit Pagoda suddenly began to shake slightly, and flames began gushing out of the small window.

“What’s going on? This is fire and vibration? The flame was a fire martial spirit! The other one is the Swing Martial Spirit? Is this also a legendary martial spirit? ”

Qin Yun was alarmed as he immediately felt the shockwave and fire energy entering his body.

The two energies entered his dantian like two translucent flames. These were the newly awakened infant martial spirits!

“Double Martial Spirits?” At the same time that Qin Yun was feeling astonished, he was overjoyed.

He closed his eyes and used his mind to control the elemental energy inside his body. It was like a small flame that was trembling inside his martial spirit!

“This should be the Oscillating Martial Spirit, a legendary martial spirit. What kind of martial spirit is it?”

Qin Yun opened his eyes. When he saw the Spirit Pagoda, he was frightened to the point that his back turned cold!

The Spirit Pagoda was actually black!

It was terrifyingly dark, so dark that it made one’s scalp tingle. The Spirit Pagoda was also shaking non-stop, as if it would shatter at any moment.

What was the rank of a pure black soul pagoda? The highest was only purple gold!

“What the hell is that black martial spirit?” Qin Yun was alarmed. After taking a deep breath, he retracted his hand, worried that the Spirit Pagoda would shatter.

The people who had run to the next class had returned as well. They were all sighing over what they had seen and heard in the next classroom.

“What a weirdo, a Silver ranked Sonic Martial Spirit, that is a legendary martial spirit!” His Four Yang Spirit Meridians and the legendary Martial Spirit will bring him a bright future. ”

“That guy is from the Jiang family, the Jiang family is in for a ride!”

“Is this the first time a legendary martial spirit has appeared in our Tian Qin Empire?” He is way ahead of the Heavenly Roaring Empire! ”

“It should be the first time!”

The students returned with faces full of shock as they gasped nonstop.

“Legend has it that the Howling Firmament Empire had a Martial Spirit for a long time. The one who had recently awakened the Legendary Martial Spirit was Xiao Yuelan.” Yang Shiyue’s words stunned everyone. Why haven’t they heard of it?

“Xiao Yuelan didn’t awaken her Martial Spirit here, so of course you don’t know about it!” Then, she glanced at Qin Yun. Xiao Yuelan was Qin Yun’s former fiancée.

She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Qin Yun, did you awaken your martial soul?”

“Of course it’s awakened! It’s a Fire Martial Spirit!” Qin Yun did not know the grade of the fire martial spirit. He planned to hide his black Sensory Martial Spirit first.

When everyone heard that it was a common Flame Martial Spirit, they all lost interest because compared to the Sound Wave Martial Spirit next door, it was too inferior.

Yang Shiyue said, “Qin Yun, place your hand on the Spirit Channeling Tower and allow the fire martial spirit to absorb your inner Qi.”

By doing so, Qin Yun had turned the Spirit Pagoda into a terrifying black color!


Qin Yun was secretly anticipating the grade of his fire martial soul as he placed both his hands on the Tower …

The transparent Spirit Pagoda, under everyone’s gaze, suddenly flashed with a purple light. The small pagoda’s windows spewed out purplish-gold flames, almost blinding the students’ doggy eyes!

A purple gold martial spirit!

It turned out to be a purple-gold level fire martial spirit, and its light was even more dazzling than Yang Shiyue’s platinum martial spirit!

“Amethyst …” Yang Shiyue took in a deep breath with a face full of surprise. This was much more shocking than seeing a sonic wave martial spirit.

“Is this really that powerful?” Qin Yun asked in surprise.

Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun with eyes filled with joy. She slowly nodded and said, “The purple gold fire martial soul is of course very powerful! Martial spirits could bestow inner qi attribute strength, and at the same time, they could enhance inner qi as well. The higher the grade of a Martial Spirit, the stronger its inner qi will be! ”

“If you release your purple gold martial spirit, it will be at least half the strength of my platinum martial spirit. If you use it well, it is very possible that it will be twice the strength! A silver or gold ranked martial spirit would be even worse than a purple gold ranked martial spirit. ”

Yan Zhongming, who had awakened his Gold Fire Martial Spirit, disdainfully said: “He only has a First Sun Spiritual Pulse, and his talent in martial arts is poor. It’s difficult to improve his cultivation, so no matter how good his Martial Spirit is, it’s useless!”

Everyone nodded in agreement. It was difficult to raise one’s cultivation level with a One Sun Spiritual Pulse. No matter how good one’s Martial Spirit was, it could not change one’s talent.

“What a waste of such a good Martial Spirit!”

“A purple gold martial spirit, it’s pretty good to have a look at.”

“If he had a Three Yang Spirit Pulse, then he would be a heaven defying person, what a pity!”

“It seems that Ye Weixuan’s Gold Thunder Martial Spirit is still the strongest.”

Everyone started to mock him.

Now, Yang Shiyue was sure that a person with a spiritual vein would have a high grade martial spirit!

This was not a rumor, but it was hard to understand why this was the case.

Qin Yun also had the mysterious black concussion martial spirit. After much deliberation, he decided to hide the matter from her.

After all, he still hadn’t figured out what black meant, or else he would be mistaken for an evil demon.

The students around him did not think highly of him, but he did not care.

The nine pearl bracelet had allowed him to have the talent of a nine suns spirit vein, and now he also had such a powerful dual martial spirit, his future could be said to be bright!

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