Nine Sun God King

Chapter 12

Chapter 12. The Mystic Mark

“I will now explain to you how you can use your inner force cultivation method to condense your Spirit Power after you awaken your Martial Spirit.” Yang Shiyue immediately began her lesson, and everyone memorized it carefully.

After she finished speaking, everyone started asking questions where her students couldn’t understand.

All of these students came from prestigious clans and their fundamentals were good. Even if there were some who didn’t understand, as long as they gave them a few pointers, they would understand immediately.

After the students finished their questions, Yang Shiyue continued with her lecture, “Since there are no other problems with the cultivation of spiritual energy, I will now begin to talk about the main points of the cultivation of internal energy and mental cultivation methods!”

Only after awakening the Martial Spirit would one be able to practice inner force mental cultivation. Inner force mental cultivation methods were mainly focused on cultivating inner force, which was extremely important to the cultivation of martial arts. It could complement the martial spirit and the inner qi, and could cultivate the inner qi of the attribute.

Martial skills, on the other hand, could unleash the power contained within their Origin Energy. A good martial skill could perfectly display the power within the inner yuan, allowing a martial artist to become even stronger.

Martial techniques and inner force cultivation methods were called martial arts. They were divided into primary, intermediate, and advanced levels. These were all quite common. Above them, there were even stronger ones, and very few of them were Spirit, Profound, or Earth, with each rank being divided into the lower and upper ranks.

After Yang Shiyue finished speaking, she made the students ask questions they did not understand.

When she saw Qin Yun raise his hand, she asked, “Qin Yun, is there a problem?”

Qin Yun said somewhat anxiously, “Teacher …” I don’t have any inner force skills, so what should I do? ”

Inner force mental cultivation methods were very important. Only after the inner force was condensed, would the family be able to teach it to him!

This was to prevent young people with unstable foundations from cultivating their skills from going berserk, resulting in disastrous consequences.

Qin Yun’s breakthrough was too hasty. There was no time for him to learn the internal energy cultivation techniques of the Heavenly Qin Royal Family.

When the students heard this, they all burst out laughing.

“The TianQin Royal Family’s « Qin Spirit Art » is a superior inner force cultivation method. What a pity, it has no fate with you.”

“Without an inner force skill, this should be considered as crippled!”

“Ai, what a pity. Spirit veins are weak to begin with, but now he doesn’t even have an inner force cultivation method!”

“Inner force mental cultivation methods cannot be taught to outsiders. It’s impossible to get a good inner force mental cultivation method.”

“Without an inner force skill, what would he do?”

Everyone was very happy to add insult to injury on Qin Yun’s behalf.

Qin Yun was feeling extremely depressed as he lowered his head to think of a solution.

Suddenly, a fragrant wind blew over, and Yang Shiyue walked over to his side, passing him a book.

“This is the《 Black Yang Art》, it is only a high level inner force skill. However, it can let you go through the early stages and after you have a certain amount of strength, you can then find a better one. Return it to me when you are familiar with it.”

“Thank you, teacher!” I will definitely cultivate properly! ” Qin Yun hurriedly stood up and said with great gratitude.

The others were mocking him, and only Yang Shiyue was helping him, this moved him to the point that he almost cried.

High-grade inner force cultivation methods could be considered pretty good, but the other students did not think so. This was because their inner force cultivation methods were at least at the low-grade spirit level.

However, they were extremely envious of Qin Yun for being able to receive Yang Shiyue’s attention.

“Go back to your dorms and rest. Tomorrow morning, there will be a Freshmen Competition.” With that, Yang Shiyue walked out of the classroom.

… ….

The students’ dormitory was to the east of the teachers’ courtyard. There were many independent small residences with a comfortable and quiet environment.

Qin Yun was arranged to stay in room ten with four other students from the same class. Not long after the four students entered the small house, they were called away.

“It’s already quite late, what are they going to do?” Qin Yun watched the four students leave and said to himself that he was the only person in the house.

He came to his room, sat on his bed, closed his eyes and thought back to what Yang Shiyue had told him, and then used the nine pearl bracelet to absorb the nine suns spiritual energy.

“The Spiritual Aura in the Hua Ling Martial Arts School is so dense!” After absorbing the spiritual energy, Qin Yun could not help but exclaim in admiration before he began cultivating his mind energy.

After he awakened his martial spirit, he could use it to cultivate his spiritual force.

Spirit power could increase one’s perception, and one could sense everything in their surroundings without even looking at it. It would form an outline in their mind.

The stronger one’s spiritual energy was, the stronger one’s perception would be.

In the classroom, Yang Shiyue had explained in detail the main points of cultivating spiritual force. As long as one was not stupid, he or she would be able to cultivate it.

Not long later, Qin Yun managed to cultivate a small ball of mind energy and stored it in his mind.

After he closed his eyes, he released his spiritual force. He could sense everything within a meter of him, but it was still blurry and not clear enough.

“Spirit power is out of control, what’s going on?” Qin Yun was alarmed. For some reason, he did not know why, but the Mental Energy suddenly spiraled out of control and entered the nine-pearl bracelet!

He only felt a slight tremble in his head before an empty space appeared in his mind. At the same time, he also received a string of information, letting him know the name of this bracelet — Nine Yang Divine Spirit!

“This is a storage space?” Qin Yun exclaimed in shock.

Not only could the Nine Yang Spirit absorb the nine suns’ spiritual energy, it even had storage space inside. This sudden discovery made him ecstatic with joy!

Storage spirit artifacts were very expensive, at least over a million crystal coins. Moreover, it wasn’t easy to buy.

“A storage space the size of a room is no longer small.” Qin Yun carefully observed the storage space. He would be able to store anything good in the future.

“Hmm? Bamboo slip? ” After putting his bag into the storage space, he saw that there were three bamboo slips in the corner.

Bamboo slips were very ancient items and were now made of paper.

With a thought, three bamboo slips appeared in his hand.

Upon seeing the contents, Qin Yun exclaimed softly, “Spirit prints!”

He hastily opened the other two volumes. After taking a closer look, he was deeply shocked by the contents within!

“Thirty-six Spirit Marks, eighteen Profound Marks, and nine Dao Marks!”

Qin Yun took a few deep breaths to calm his agitated heart.

Spirit prints, profound markings, and Dao markings. These were the ancient texts that the practitioners used to observe the night sky, the stars, and the sun, moon, and the moon’s movements to comprehend various kinds of mysterious and mysterious pattern.

After the ancients had comprehended it, they had engraved the patterns on the weapons and armor, making them stronger. From then on, spirit artifacts with all sorts of mystical abilities would appear, and later on, they would be used to set up formations and set up all sorts of enchantments.

Spirit prints were used to refine spirit weapons, but Profound Markings were used to refine even more formidable profound weapons. As for Dao markings … It was a Dao weapon that was comparable to the power of the Great Dao Laws.

It was said that the Heavenly Qin Empire had yet to produce a Dao tool!

Spirit prints, Profound Symbols, and Dao Symbols, are collectively known as spirit inscriptions and was controlled by a few powers. The few spirit inscriptions passed down by those people were all very common basic spirit inscriptions.

“I’ve obtained so many rare and precious mysterious runes, I can definitely become a strong Inscription Master!” Qin Yun was secretly excited. “I have to keep it a secret. If people were to know that I have mystical prints and Dao patterns, it will definitely cause a bloodbath.”

The vast majority of people did not have the chance to learn spirit inscriptions, and even many great powers greatly desired to master these precious and wondrous inscriptions!

Now that Qin Yun had obtained three scrolls, it was an opportunity for him to become an Inscription Master. If it was before, he wouldn’t have dared to think about such a thing.

An Inscription Master was capable of refining weapons and setting up arrays. They were much more respected than a powerful martial artist.

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