Nine Sun God King

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 : Legendary Pulse

After the banquet to celebrate the crown prince was over, the richly dressed princes and princesses began chatting and laughing. They passed by Qin Yun’s shabby little pavilion and saw him sitting beside a well in a daze. Immediately, they guessed at something.

“The former crown prince is about to become a small soldier, going to the border to feed the beastmen!”

“This change is huge, haha!”

“It’s all that Grand Tutor’s fault. What kind of demonic technique is she cultivating with nothing better to do? Otherwise, how could he be where he is today?”

“His mother offended many people in the palace when she was still alive. No one will help her!”

“By the way, the new crown prince originally had five meridians. Later on, he successfully fused with one of Qin Yun’s spirit veins. Now, he has six meridians talent and he has stepped into the sixth level of the Martial Body realm at such a young age. He is much stronger than Qin Yun back then …” “And he’s also very handsome.”

“The new crown prince will definitely not disappoint us. He will be the future Heavenly Qin Emperor! He should be going to the Tianxuan Martial Arts School tomorrow, right? “That is a very powerful Martial Arts Academy …”

Upon hearing the conversation from afar, all the emotions in Qin Yun’s heart surged … One of the four spirit veins he had taken out had been fused with the new crown prince!

Merging spirit veins was an extremely difficult task. It was very difficult to find a perfect match within ten thousand spirit veins. It all depended on luck, but the new crown prince had successfully fused it!

It was his own spirit vein that allowed the new crown prince to obtain the rare Six Spiritual Pulse. Immediately, Qin Yun’s heart was filled with mixed emotions!

“I can’t accept this! I can’t accept this! Bastard treacherous officials! Bastard empress! I’m going to destroy you!”

He roared and struck the stone well like crazy, causing blood to spurt out from his fists …

Suddenly, he felt a comfortable warmth from his wrist, causing him, who had been infuriated, to suddenly wake up!

“It’s the item big sister Grand Preceptor gave me before she left!”

Qin Yun hurriedly looked at his wrist. It was a string of nine beads of his blood.

He carefully examined the bracelet. There were nine black beads about the size of a longan core on it. They were uneven and did not have any luster. Since there were only nine beads, they appeared to be sparse, ordinary, and ugly.

“The Grand Preceptor elder sister came to find me in a hurry before she left the palace. She told me to keep it safe and didn’t tell me what it was!” Qin Yun stared at the mysterious nine-pearl bracelet as he frowned slightly. He thought back to what happened back then.

A warm current continued to flow from his wrist into his arm.

He closed his eyes and calmed his heart to carefully sense the warm current. He discovered that it was actually formed from nine different types of spiritual energy!

His heart skipped a beat as he opened his eyes and looked at the bracelet on his wrist in disbelief!

As long as one was human, they were born with a spirit vein, called the first sun spirit vein. They could only sense the spirit energy of a single sun. It was difficult for these kind of people to become powerful martial artists, so they were destined to live a mediocre life.

The spirit vein of the two suns would be a bit better, and possessing the three suns would be considered a middle level talent.

The Four Solar Spiritual Pulse was a superior talent, and the Five Solar Spiritual Pulse and Six Solar Spiritual Pulse were both rare geniuses.

The Seven Yang spirit vein was known as a super genius, and the Eight Sun spirit vein was even more rarely seen in ten thousand years!

And the Nine Yang Spirit Pulse only existed in legends!

Qin Yun could sense nine types of spiritual energy through the mysterious nine-pearl bracelet left behind by the Grand Preceptor. It was equivalent to a Nine Yang Spiritual Pulse, the legendary talent!

He was extremely excited as he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, carefully observing the string of nine pearl bracelet.

Each bead had a complicated design on it. The thin lines intersected and intertwined with each other, but upon a closer look, it was very natural and not messy at all.

In order to determine if it was real, he tried to absorb more spiritual energy. Sure enough, he could absorb nine different types of spiritual energy into his body.

He only needed a moment to absorb the nine suns spiritual energy, and the fatigue in his body was greatly reduced.

“The Nine Yang Energy is truly amazing! I have the talent like the Nine Yang Spirit Vein. Maybe I can enter the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage within ten days. That way, I won’t need to join the army.”

Qin Yun was overjoyed as his heart thumped wildly. This joy made him so excited that his entire body trembled.

He really hadn’t thought that the Grand Preceptor’s mysterious bracelet would be able to reverse his fate!

Qin Yun, whose heart was surging with emotions, took a deep breath to relax and maintain a calm mind.

In the world of the Nine Suns, the nine suns all had different auras, covering the entire world.

With more spirit veins, the more sun spirit energy one could sense, the more spirit energy one could absorb. After the spirit energy released by the different sun spirit energy was absorbed into the body, it could even fuse and evolve.

Due to the nourishment of the Nine Yang energy, Qin Yun only needed an hour to absorb it before all his fatigue was gone. The injuries on his fists were also quickly healed by the nourishment of the spirit energy.

He could not wait to enter the room and borrow the nine pearl bracelet to absorb the nine suns of spiritual energy for cultivation. He had to seize the moment to break through and cultivate a powerful force to control his own fate in his hands!

Qin Yun came into his room and sat cross-legged on his bed. He closed his eyes and calmed his heart before beginning to draw on his Qi!

The nine suns spirit energy flowed slowly through the pitch black nine pearl bracelet like a small stream. It entered his body and turned into nine colored threads that converged and flowed through his limbs and bones.

After the spiritual energy entered his body, it would remain the same. Although it could be stored in his body, it would slowly dissipate over time.

At that time, he would need to convert the spiritual energy into inner qi and store it in his Dantian.

The first three levels of the Martial Body Stage mainly focused on Qi Cultivating Stage!

First level of Qi Drawing, learned how to sense spiritual energy, and then drew it into his body.

After the spiritual energy entered his body, the spiritual energy in his body would be assimilated into his flesh and blood to strengthen his body.

At the third level of Qi Cultivating, one could refine spiritual energy into inner Qi and circulate it throughout one’s limbs and bones.

Qin Yun was stuck at the second level of the Martial Arts Realm. After a long period of time, there was no progress and it was difficult for him to break through to the third level.

The key to breaking through to the third level was to introduce a large amount of spirit energy into the circulation of the body to nourish the muscles and blood so that the body would become stronger. Then, the body would turn into a millstone and the spirit energy would quickly circulate through the whole body. It would collide with the blood inside the body and produce internal energy.

Previously, he only had one spirit vein and could only channel spiritual energy from one sun. However, this spiritual energy was extremely weak and difficult to channel.

Through the nine pearl bracelet, he could draw out the nine suns’ spiritual energy!

Right now, the nine types of spirit energies were rapidly flowing inside his body, fusing into his flesh and blood. His muscles and bones were rapidly growing stronger …

Early in the morning, the nine suns formed a straight line and gradually rose from the horizon. They drove away the darkness and cold, bringing warmth and light to the land of the nine suns.

After cultivating through the nine pearl bracelet for an entire night, Qin Yun naturally woke up. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. They were shimmering with light. He looked incomparable spirited and had a great change in temperament.

Clenching his fist, the energy within his body flowed as a ball of energy flowed into his arm. He punched out, creating a storm!

“I succeeded! I finally cultivated inner qi and entered the third level of the Martial Body Stage!” Qin Yun’s eyes could not help but moisten as he felt extremely excited.

He secretly sighed at the legend of the terrifying talent. He had broken through in just one night!

If it was the previous Yang Spiritual Pulse, he would need at least two to three years to breakthrough without any resources!

“Elder sister Grand Preceptor, what happened to you? I will definitely find you! ”

He looked into the distance, his thoughts in a mess!

The Grand Preceptor’s origins were mysterious. His mother had invited her to the palace a long time ago and was responsible for teaching him martial dao. She was a gentle and graceful peerless beauty who’d treated him well since he was young.

“I must conceal this matter well, and I must leave the palace as soon as possible in order to protect myself from the treacherous officials!” Qin Yun thought to himself.

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