Nine Sun God King

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The door to the Hall of Heavenly Lions opened and Yang Shiyue led Qin Yun in. The interior was extremely spacious. It was like a large square with a sparring stage in the middle.

At this moment, a few teachers from the seniors’ classes arrived. They were extremely surprised when they saw Yang Shishi bringing Qin Yun to register.

Qin Yun had only been in the Martial Arts Academy for a few days, but he wanted to participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Arts Competition!

Although Qin Yun had performed exceptionally well in the match, everyone felt that with his current cultivation, it was too hasty for him to participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet.

No matter what, there was a huge gap between the fourth and fifth layer of the martial body. On one hand, it was the intensity of one’s inner Qi. On the other hand, it was the strength of one’s inner Qi.

“There’s no need to feel any pressure. You’re just here to join in on the fun.” Yang Shiyue smiled gently at Qin Yun and patted his shoulder. Then, she led him to the old man who had registered.

“Young man, it’s good to have more experience, but be careful and don’t force yourself.” The elder said with a smile as he looked at Qin Yun.

A strange sneer suddenly came from behind.

“Teacher Yang, one shouldn’t be arrogant. One must have self-awareness and be humble. Isn’t that what you teach your students as a teacher? You can’t be complacent just because Qin Yun won the battle. You can think of him as powerful. ”

“Your class only has him as a student. If he were to die in the sparring, that would be hilarious!”

The one who spoke was a middle-aged woman, who was also a new teacher. Her name was Cui Hui.

Cui Hui came to Yang Shiyue’s side and looked at Qin Yun. He gave a disdainful snort.

Everyone could hear the jealousy in Cui Hui’s voice.

Cui Hui was one of the few female teachers in the school. When the young and beautiful Yang Shiyue arrived, she was hailed as the number one beauty teacher of the Hua Ling Martial Arts School. Therefore, Cui Hui was very jealous of Yang Shiyue.

Qin Yun was rather surprised. There were more than ten students behind Cui Hui. Among these students, there were two girls that he knew. One of them was Yuan Yanying!

The other was a beautiful girl. She was Qin Yun’s aunt’s daughter and his cousin, Yan Yun. She was extremely beautiful. Although she was young, she was as beautiful as a flower. She looked down on everyone.

Yan Yun’s grandfather was the Duke of Yan, and he held a high position in the imperial court. When she was young, her relationship with Qin Yun was also rather good. However, after Qin Yun lost his power, the Yan family immediately turned hostile.

Furthermore, the Duke of Yan was a participant in the abolition of Qin Yun’s spirit vein.

Yang Shiyue did not give Cui Hui a good look and said coldly, “The reason I let Qin Yun participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet is to seize the opportunity to train. What does it have to do with you?”

Principal Zhang was wearing a grey robe today, and just as he entered, he saw Yang Shiyue and Cui Hui bickering and hurriedly came over. He smiled and said, “The Heavenly Lion Martial Meet faces the fourth and the fifth level of the Martial Body Realm. We welcome the fourth level students.”

“Because of that, this year, there are special rewards. As long as you are a student in the 4th level of the Martial Body realm, you can pass the preliminary exam and you can get a Superior Yuan pellet.”

When he saw Cui Hui’s expression change, he continued, “However, there is only one spot for the reward. Only Qin Yun is registering for the award, so regardless of whether he passes the examination or not, this Origin Pill is his!”

Cui Hui widened her eyes in shock and shouted, “When did the rules come out?” How come I didn’t know? ”

Principal Zhang smiled and said, “Last time, I asked your new teacher to come to a meeting to discuss the matter of the Sky Lion Martial Meet. However, only Teacher Yang came, so the meeting was not held. As for the rules for the rewards of Yuan Dan, I just decided it all of a sudden. ”

“We’ll register now!” Cui Hui quickly pulled Yuan Yanying and Yan Yun, and called over a dozen of the students behind him.

“The registration fee is 20,000 crystal coins per person!” Principal Zhang smiled treacherously.

Cui Hui gritted her teeth in anger. She had more than ten students, that was over two hundred thousand crystal coins!

She could not bear to part with it, and the student himself did not carry such a crystal coin with him.

More than ten teachers from the other classes had brought their students out since early in the morning. No one knew the new rule of the Celestial Lion Martial Meeting.

Now, this reward rule was suddenly introduced to let the teachers who didn’t come to the meeting have a bitter memory.

The registration period will end before noon. In other words, it would be too late for the other new students to register!

“Little Yun, you and Yan Ying will participate!” There were two tests in total, one on speed and the other on strength. Your family’s Qing Gong is quite good. You’ll definitely be able to pass the speed test. Even if Qin Yun had a movement technique, he would not be able to master it in a short period of time. He is far from being your match. ”

Cui Hui took out forty thousand crystal coins and gave the two girls their nameplates. If they were to obtain a Supreme Origin Pill, then she would take it.

Superior Yuan Dan was a Superior Grade Spirit Dan. This kind of pill was rarely seen in the market. This time, the Hua Ling Wu Academy was really generous with it!

Qin Yun looked at Yang Shiyue and secretly marveled at her brilliance. He insisted that he participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet. If he was able to obtain the first place in the test, he would be able to obtain a valuable Origin Core Pill!

Yan Yun looked at Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue with eyes filled with disdain.

She said with a smug smile, “Qin Yun, don’t hope to surpass me. Our Yan Clan’s Qing Gong is one of the best in the Heavenly Qin Empire.”

Yuan Yanying had previously witnessed Qin Yun’s strength and could not even raise her head due to the shock. She did not dare to look straight at Qin Yun now.

There were also many older students in the Skylion Palace, and this was something they were very happy to see and hear. They were all not far away, enjoying watching the lively scene.

Qin Yun gave a faint smile and said loudly, “Your Yan family is one of the top gatekeepers. I know this very well!”

“Qin Yun, you need to know that it might not be a big deal to offend the Duke of Yan.” But, you have to be careful of little Yun’s fiance. ” Cui Hui sneered sinisterly, “Yang Shiyue, you need to discipline your own student more. How dare you be so rude! Don’t you know? Little Yun is already engaged to Wei Xuankun! ”

When the older students heard this, they all took a deep breath and exclaimed in admiration.

Wei Xuankun was the son of a famous Grand Master with a cultivation of the 5th level of the Martial Body realm. He was also a student of the Hua Ling Wu Academy!

Yan Yun immediately looked proud as she rolled her eyes at Qin Yun. With a light snort, she felt extremely proud of herself.

The other female students, including Yuan Yanying, all revealed looks of envy!

Grandmaster Inscription had a lofty status, great strength, and a solid foundation of all sorts of strong individuals.

In the Tian Qin Empire, there was only one Master Grand Master with the surname Wei, and that was Master Wei. Wei Yong was an intermediate level Inscription Master!

Master Wei was extremely famous, and many nobles and teachers treated him as a distinguished guest.

To be able to marry the son of an Inscription Master meant that her future husband was most likely a great master! Otherwise, even the granddaughter of the Duke of Yan wouldn’t be so proud!

“My future husband also came to participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet. First place belongs to him.” Yan Yun’s voice was full of pride, and she was shouting very loudly, so many people could hear her.

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