Nine Sun God King

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Cloudsoaring Steps

Yuan Yanying and Yan Yun had not even started moving yet. Seeing that Qin Yun had such a movement technique, they found it unbelievable!

Especially Yan Yun. She had thought that of the freshmen, she was the person who had the fastest grasp of Qing Gong. But now, Qin Yun, whom she had looked down on, had surpassed her.

“Yan Yun needs at least fifty seconds to activate Flying Swallow inner Qi. And Qin Yun only took a few seconds! How did he do it? This is already the realm of the initial stage of Qing Gong! ” Principal Zhang’s white brows tightly knitted as he asked in surprise.

Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun’s somewhat rough movement technique and felt extremely alarmed.

Qin Yun had just obtained the Flaming Cloud Steps yesterday, but today, he had stepped into the Small Success Stage. Previously, he had also reached the small success stage for cultivating the Mysterious Sun Art in one night!

Yang Shiyue also knew that Qin Yun had painstakingly trained for an entire night. She never expected his progress to be so fast that he could use his lightness skill within five seconds!

Seeing that Qin Yun had such a high level of comprehension, she was certain that he was a first class genius when it came to learning martial arts!

“Yang Shiyue, the Hua Ling Wu Academy forbids teachers from teaching Spirit Level Martial Arts to their students. Yet, you dared to break the rules! Quickly tell me, what light arts martial arts did you pass on to Qin Yun? ”

Cui Hui was both angry and jealous. She yelled at Yang Shi Yue, who was not far away, calling her by her name.

As long as Yang Shiyue seized the opportunity, she would not be merciful. She mocked loudly, “Cui Hui, don’t you know how to judge Qin Yun’s Qing Gong body art despite how shallow your knowledge is? How did a frog in the well like you become a teacher? It’s my shame to be a teacher at the Hua Ling Martial Arts School with you. ”

Suddenly, a student exclaimed, “The Qing Gong that Qin Yun is displaying is our Headmaster’s Fire Cloud Steps!”

When everyone heard this, they broke out into a flurry of surprised discussion!

Cui Hui’s face turned red and she was extremely embarrassed.

Even students could see Qin Yun’s movement technique, but she could not. Furthermore, it was the Fire Cloud Steps the Headmaster used!

Everyone immediately thought of the two high-grade martial arts cultivation techniques that Qin Yun had won in the previous battle. One of them had chosen the Fire Cloud Steps.

Fire Cloud Steps was only a high-grade martial art, but no one could accept it … Because the learning speed is too fast, only a few days have passed!

A middle-aged teacher frowned and mumbled, “Could this be …” The legendary heart of martial arts? “This is a godly talent. His comprehension towards all kinds of martial arts is extremely high and he can even understand them without a teacher. It seems like he was able to master the Mysterious Sun Art very quickly …”

Just as everyone was in heated discussion over the matter, Qin Yun had already obtained a third wooden token!

At this moment, Yan Yun finally moved. Her movement technique was graceful, like a spirit swallow flying! Her white dress fluttered in the wind, making her look extremely beautiful. It was pleasing to the eyes, causing everyone to loudly praise her. “Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu …

Even though Yuan Yanying, who was on the same stage as her, was also outstandingly beautiful, she had already been outclassed. She was still channeling her qinggong’s inner Qi …

Just as Qin Yun was approaching a leopard, he suddenly felt a light breeze blow at him.

It was Yan Yun flying towards him at an extremely fast speed!

She deliberately charged towards Qin Yun in order to snatch the wooden token of the leopard from him.

She wanted to prove that her Qing Gong was stronger than Qin Yun in front of everyone!

A middle-aged teacher lectured, “It seems like Qin Yun can only use his Qing Gong and inner Qi. He does not have a grasp of his footwork. His footwork is very crude, as if he’s running in disorder, and his footwork is like an external skill, which is extremely important. ”

“Little Yun is able to use footwork. With such a comparison, it’s clear who is stronger.” Wei Xuankun, who was still a little worried a moment ago, sneered and said, “From that, it can be seen how weak Qin Yun’s foundation is. If he makes a quick breakthrough without it, his cultivation might go berserk.”

On the martial stage, Yan Yun had surpassed Qin Yun!

Everyone cheered and praised Yan Yun’s qinggong!

Since Yan Yun was able to execute her footwork, she was indeed faster than Qin Yun. She had already stretched out her hand, preparing to remove the wooden token on the neck of the leopard.

Qin Yun looked at Yan Yun as he clenched his teeth silently. He felt indignant in his heart.

Yan Yun let the nearby leopards not chase after him, while deliberately running towards him. Clearly, he was provoking them.

Now, he could clearly feel that because the fire cloud did not have a footwork technique, its might was greatly restricted. It needed a footwork to make it explode.

In his anxiety, Qin Yun did not know what had happened. Suddenly, numerous movement techniques appeared in his mind. They were the footwork of the Fire Cloud Steps!

“Cloudsoaring Steps?” It was as if he had suddenly comprehended this footwork, and the air between his legs became thick. Between the trampling of the footwork, the battling platform started to shake with “peng peng” sounds.

Even he himself felt this was inconceivable. A profound footwork suddenly became clear in that instant!

Just as Yan Yun was about to touch the wooden tablet, she suddenly felt a scorching Qi rushing from behind her! She turned her head and saw Qin Yun approaching with an imposing manner. In a blink of an eye, he was right in front of her!

Just as she was stunned, she saw Qin Yun take away the wooden token she was about to obtain!

After Qin Yun obtained the wooden token, he immediately ran towards the other leopard!

The astonished Yan Yun looked at Qin Yun in a daze. She was alarmed and infuriated. She was momentarily at a loss as to what to do.

The smile on Wei Xuankun’s face, who was originally full of joy, instantly froze. His expression was as ugly as if he had swallowed a fly!

A wave of exclamations sounded from the surroundings of the battling platform!

Qin Yun, who had just obtained the Flaming Cloud Steps, was able to quickly circulate the fire cloud’s inner Qi. Furthermore, he was also able to control the footwork as well. This was equivalent to the peak of the initial stage!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would have believed it to be true.

The happiest person in the world was Yang Shiyue. She glanced at Cui Hui, whose face was extremely pale. At the same time, she felt extremely happy and a strong desire rose in her heart.

It was to let Qin Yun compete for the first place in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet!

“Little Yun, quickly join hands with Yan Ying!” Cui Hui, who was standing below the battling platform, suddenly shouted, “Yan Ying, you have to cooperate with Little Yun!”

Cui Hui’s eyes were red with anxiety. If she lost, she would lose 40,000 crystal coins and it would be extremely painful.

“You idiot, you’re so slow!” Yan Yun came back to her senses, and scolded Yuan Yan Ying angrily: “Quickly chase those big leopards over to my side! What are you still standing there for? “Useless thing!”

Yuan Yanying, who was called an idiot, was very angry in her heart. However, because Yan Yun was the Duke of Yan’s granddaughter, she could only bear with it.

“Qin Yun has succeeded again!”

Everyone suddenly shouted as Qin Yun obtained another wooden token. He had already obtained a fifth one!

Yuan Yanying had finally used her Qing Gong!

When Yan Yun saw that Yuan Yanying’s qinggong was not bad, she felt that they were able to force Qin Yun to a standstill. That heavy and anxious mood was gone.

Yuan Yanying chased a big leopard towards Yan Yun’s direction.

After the leopard was chased over, Yan Yun, who was already prepared, rushed over!

However, at this moment, a figure flashed past her!

Qin Yun was here!

He moved as fast as lightning, flashing past the big leopard’s body and taking the wooden token!

Qin Yun had obtained the sixth wooden token. The outcome had been decided!

Previously, Yan Yun had wanted to snatch Qin Yun’s wooden token, but now, she had been robbed by Qin Yun.

“You …”

Yan Yun was infuriated beyond words as she glared angrily at Qin Yun with sinister eyes.

Qin Yun charged at the other leopard and with a stretch of his hand, he obtained another wooden token. It looked extremely easy …

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