Nine Sun God King

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Blue Sword

Qin Deren’s eyes were stinging from the intense light that was released by the Flame Fist. His eyes turned red and he could not see anything. There was no time to dodge!

Qin Yun’s Flaming Light Fist was overbearing and scorching hot. With a roar, fire billowed as it enveloped Qin Deren!


Qin Deren’s abdomen was heavily hit by the Fury Fist. A burst of flames burst out and spread throughout his body. Like a fireball, he flew out of the battling platform and landed on the ground as he screamed miserably!

Shocked, the few teachers rushed over to extinguish the flames.

Qin Yun slowly stood up. His fists were still burning.

After taking a deep breath, he glanced at Yan Yun, seemingly telling her, ‘Your fate will be same as him!’

Just a moment ago, Yan Yun was still smiling gleefully. However, at this moment, she couldn’t say a single word.

She hurriedly looked at Wei Xuankun. She only wished for him to cripple Qin Yun completely!

“Qin Deren, the eldest son of the Duke of Qin, he’s only mediocre!” Qin Yun looked at the dying Qin Deren with a cold smile.

Qin Deren was actually the son of the Duke of Qin!

Everyone finally knew Qin Deren’s background and were astounded. However, they were even more astonished by Qin Yun’s strength. He had actually defeated such a figure!

This time, Qin Yun had defeated an extraordinary disciple. He was the eldest son of the Duke of Qin. It was no small matter!

Qin Yun’s victory was not as easy as before. It was as though he had been severely injured.

Of course, Qin Deren’s injuries were even worse. If he didn’t rest properly for three to five years, he wouldn’t be able to recover.

In the tournament, injuries were unavoidable. For many years, young students with good aptitude had been crippled because of this, so it wasn’t weird for them to be injured.

“Qin Yun has won again!” Even those at the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage are not his match, let alone those at the fourth level! ”

“Is he really at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm? This is too scary! ”

Everyone had the same question on their minds. This kind of strength was completely illogical. At this moment, many people no longer looked down on Qin Yun like they did before.

“Qin Yun was injured by Qin Deren. Even if he can enter the finals, he will not be able to defeat Wei Xuankun!”

“It’s hard to say now because Teacher Yang is here. With her helping Qin Yun heal, he might be able to recover.”

As the crowd was discussing, they saw Yang Shiyue walk in from the main hall’s entrance and quickly made way for her.

When Yang Shiyue arrived, she saw that Qin Yun’s footsteps were unstable. He walked slowly down the stage. Clearly, he was injured.

This made her anxious and she quickly performed her Supreme Purity Art. With a light leap, she soared into the air and flew towards the martial stage.

Yang Shiyue wore a simple white dress that emitted a sparkling mist. Accompanied by the gentle and graceful dance of her dress, she was like a fairy that descended to the mortal world, beautiful beyond compare.

Such a beauty made everyone exclaim in admiration!

Yang Shiyue flew a few hundred meters in the air before landing lightly beside Qin Yun. She hurriedly supported him and spoke with a clear and cold voice that carried a trace of gentleness. She said softly, “Why are your injuries so severe? I already said not to force it! ”

As she spoke, she hurriedly channeled her gentle and pure internal energy and channeled it into Qin Yun’s body to help him recuperate from his internal injuries.

A few male students were extremely jealous when they saw how concerned Yang Shiyue was for Qin Yun.

“I was careless and fell into a trap!” Qin Yun briefly explained the process to Yang Shiyue, causing her to feel a surge of anger.

On the other side, Wei Xuankun had already won.

There were still four people left in the competition. In the next round, the two winners would enter the finals!

Judging from the current situation, other than Wei Xuankun, the other three had sustained varying degrees of injuries.

Two of the students were seriously injured, and their teachers had decided to withdraw from the competition. Because even if he won another match, he would still not be able to defeat the final Wei Xuankun!

“Qin Yun and Wei Xuankun will enter the finals.” President Zhang walked to Qin Yun’s side and advised, “It’s still not too late to decide to withdraw from the competition!”

When Qin Yun had competed with Qin Deren in martial arts, he had sustained severe injuries. Furthermore, he was only at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. It was enough for him to be proud of having reached this stage in the Celestial Lion Martial Meeting.

“No!” Qin Yun’s face was filled with determination. His elemental energy was not damaged, but his arms and body were in pain.

He had already come this far, he definitely could not give up!

“Remember, if you think you can’t handle it, don’t try to be brave!” Yang Shiyue’s voice was severe, but her eyes were filled with gentleness.

Qin Yun had been channeled inner force into his body by Yang Shiyue. His injuries had recovered considerably.

He took a deep breath and walked towards the biggest dueling platform in the hall.

In the Lion of Heaven’s Palace, Wei Xuankun stood proudly on the stage in the middle. When he saw how intimate Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue were, he could not help but feel a surge of jealousy. His eyes were filled with viciousness.

When he saw Qin Yun coming up, he gritted his teeth and said, “Qin Yun, I want to destroy you completely so that you will become a piece of trash in Yang Shiyue’s eyes!”

“I admit that you possess the Violet Gold Fire Martial Spirit and your strength is comparable to a Martial Body Level 5, but against me, you have no chance of winning.”

As Wei Xuankun was speaking, an old servant of his threw a sword up from below the battling platform.

After he received the sword, he said loudly, “This sword was forged by my father. It is called the Blue Sword. It is a low rank spiritual weapon and is worth five hundred thousand crystal coins!”

“I, Wei Xuankun, have always respected the strong. Qin Yun is younger than me and his cultivation is not as high as mine. If he can win today, I’m willing to give him my beloved sword!”

After saying that, he walked to the side of the dueling platform and placed the sword there. He looked at Qin Yun and said proudly, “Qin Yun, if you defeat me, take the sword away!”

This was an Inferior Grade Spirit Treasure and Wei Xuankun, who was only at the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage, possessed such a powerful weapon!

The people below the stage all looked at Kun Blue Sword. They took deep breaths and revealed envious and surprised expressions.

The son of the Grandmaster Qing Wen was different. He possessed a precious spiritual weapon at a young age!

Many of the students here came from prestigious backgrounds, but they could only envy spirit artifacts!

When Yan Yun saw the admiration in the students’ eyes, she smiled proudly and said, “Brother Kun possesses many spirit level martial skills. He is much stronger than the trash that Qin Yun has mastered! “Level 5 Martial Body mainly cultivates inner strength. Brother Kun is able to comprehend Qi Transformation, and is far above other level 5 martial artists.”

Transformation of qi meant reaching the intermediate stage of the fifth level of the Martial Body, half-step into the sixth level of the Martial Body!

The people who had lost to Wei Xuankun earlier were initially unconvinced, but after hearing Yan Yun’s words, they could not help but be reconciled. This was because they were unable to condense their inner strength!

Now, everyone felt that the outcome of the battle had been decided. That was because Qin Yun was facing a martial artist who was close to the sixth level of the Martial Body realm!

“The decisive battle of the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet will now begin!” President Zhang had personally presided over it. He too believed that Qin Yun had no chance of winning and only hoped that Qin Yun would not suffer too serious of an injury.

Wei Xuankong stood on the spot as his blue robes fluttered. A faint golden mist emanated from his body, shrouding his entire body and forming an air shield!

“It’s the Diamond Qi barrier!” Spiritual Tier Inferior Grade Martial Arts! Master Wei sure knows a lot of rare martial arts! ” Cui Hui burst out laughing as he looked at Yang Shiyue, who had a serious expression. She said proudly, “This is an energy barrier that is powered by inner force. It is difficult to break through with inner force. Qin Yun will definitely lose!

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