Nine Sun God King

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Trial of Freshmen

Two days had passed. Yang Shiyue, who was in the hall, saw Qin Yun coming out happily. She smiled lightly as she handed him a cup of tea.

“Let me see!” Yang Shiyue took the ghost blade and said in surprise: “It’s much better than what I imagined, the source energy gathering patterns on it are very good, and can fully absorb inner strength!”

She released her inner force into the ghost blade, and a burst of sharp power flowed out from the blade. He then brandished his blade and hacked at the previously used ghost head blade. With just a slight slash, the blade was cut off, and it cut through the blade as though it was made of mud!

Of course, the main reason why she had such an effect was because her inner Qi was strong enough.

Qin Yun secretly envied this power. When he engraved the knife, he knew how hard the blade was.

“The release of inner Qi is very smooth!” Yang Shiyue praised: “It’s much better than the half spirit weapon I’ve seen before! You can use this knife for yourself! “Come, I will now begin to explain the Wind Slasher Spell. I will sit down and listen carefully.”

Qin Yun sat down and concentrated as he listened to the beautiful teacher’s lecture.

There were a total of six forms to the Wind Slasher Incantation. They were the Wind Slaying Fist, Wave Breaking Fist, Mountain Splitting Fist, Ground Splitting Fist, River Splitting Fist, and Lightning Fist.

As long as he could use inner qi and smoothly execute these six moves, he would be able to reach the basic level.

If he could use inner force, he would be able to reach the Small Success stage.

As for mastery, it would require the use of inner strength.

“I have to reach the sixth level of the Martial Body to be able to condense inner strength.” So, to learn it, one must at least be at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. ” She planned to let Qin Yun master Wind Slasher Technique to the basic level before the trials began.

Over the next few days, she guided Qin Yun in his cultivation of Wind Slasher Arts.

She only had Qin Yun as her student, so she could focus on teaching him.

This was one of the reasons why Qin Yun was improving so quickly.

In a few days’ time, Qin Yun would be able to execute the six forms of Wind Slasher.

Yang Shiyue wore a yellow and white waist dress and had a serious expression. Her face was cold and charming and she held a wooden sword in her hand, giving her a heroic air.

She was seriously sparring with Qin Yun. As she brandished her sword, waves of air billowed, causing the bamboo leaves outside the yard to sway.

Qin Yun was dressed in black. His young and handsome face was stern. His head was covered in sweat and his steps were a little messy. He held a heavy saber and was having a difficult time sparring with Yang Shiyue.

Yang Shiyue saw that it was enough and softly shouted: “Okay, we will end it here today! You have already learned the Six Style of Wind Slaying Fist! To learn such a high-grade Spirit Level Martial Skill, normally it would take you half a year to learn it. However, it took you only a few days to reach the Entry Level. ”

When she thought of this, she was still very surprised. She continued to say, “You will start the exam tomorrow. You need to experience battles more before you can use martial skills with greater familiarity.”

Qin Yun nodded. Over the past few days, he had taken the time to make more than ten fire talismans for self-defense during training.

He had a mysterious storage spiritual tool, which Yang Shiyue also found out about. He said the Grand Preceptor gave it to him, so she didn’t pursue the matter.

… ….

The next morning, Qin Yun woke up very early.

He wore a red and white tunic with a bit of armor on, making him look more heroic and valiant. He looked like a young general that was about to enter the battlefield.

He sat on the roof of the small building and watched the nine golden suns slowly rise up into the sky. He bathed in the morning sunlight and absorbed the nine suns’ spiritual energy into his body.

Yang Shiyue walked out from the house. She had a simple ponytail and was dressed in a black tight suit. She carried a strong killing intent, giving her the impression of a jade-faced female assassin.

Qin Yun jumped down from above and walked out of the bamboo forest yard with Yang Shiyue.

They arrived at the Hua Ling Wu Academy. Outside the grand entrance, the other freshmen gathered in the spacious plaza.

Every freshman had to participate in this trial, and head to a place to hunt for disturbing demon beasts.

Just a moment ago, Yang Shiyue had told Qin Yun that among this batch of freshmen, there were a few students with good aptitude who had stepped into the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage.

Amongst them was the Jiang family descendant who’d awakened a sonic wave martial spirit.

“In this exam, the class that kills the most demon beasts will receive a generous reward. In the process of hunting and killing demon beasts, it is very dangerous. You must listen to teacher’s instructions and not be conceited, lest you lose your life. ” Principal Zhang sternly said, “I will also go with you. You can rest assured!”

Principal Zhang had always said that he was only at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm. However, there were rumours that he had already stepped into the Martial Dao realm. Everyone thought that the rumors were true, so they were relatively at ease.

Just as they were about to leave, a group of horses and carriages appeared in the distance.

The luxurious carriage shone with a golden light under the sun. With a single glance, one could tell that the person in the carriage was an extremely powerful individual.

Suddenly, dozens of horse carriages sped up and galloped over.

Cui Hui shouted in surprise, “It’s Master Wei’s convoy!”

“Brother Kun’s injuries have healed!” After saying that, Yan Yun glanced at Qin Yun, as though she was saying, “You look good”.

Not long after, the convoy arrived and stopped in front of the main gate of the Hua Ling Wu Academy.

A few teachers of the Hua Ling Wu Academy and dozens of older students who were at the 5th level of the Martial Body realm came one after another. They faced the carriage and respectfully shouted: “Welcome, Master Wei!”

A middle-aged man with a square face wearing golden silk clothing walked out of a huge caravan. His thick eyebrows were raised and his face was stern.

Behind this middle-aged man, there was also a blue-clothed man. It was Wei Xuankun!

After Wei Xuankun was injured by Qin Yun, he was sent away to recuperate. And at this time, his complexion was extremely good. His injuries had already completely healed.

His father was a great Inscription Grandmaster, and he had plenty of medicinal pills to recover his strength so quickly.

Master Wei scanned the area and his gaze stopped on Qin Yun. He said indifferently, “Kun’er, you have stepped into the sixth level of the martial body. You should settle down in the academy in the future!”

Wei Xuankun, after being heavily injured, had actually stepped into the sixth level of the Martial Body realm. A large group of older students could not help but feel envious as they went forward to congratulate him.

“Master Wei, it’s all our fault for not stopping him in time, causing Young Master Wei to suffer from severe injuries.” A teacher was blaming himself.

Quite a number of people immediately looked at Qin Yun!

Is this the status of a great Inscription Master? Qin Yun was alarmed as he suddenly felt a great deal of pressure.

He didn’t expect Master Wei to have such a high status. There were so many people who were respectful to him in the Hua Ling Martial Arts School.

There were many teachers in the Hua Ling Martial Arts School who were at the 7th or 8th level of the Martial Body. However, they humbly lowered their heads in front of Grandmaster Qing Wen!

“Master Wei, we are starting the freshmen assessment today, so I’m leaving. Please forgive us!” Principal Zhang smiled.

“After so many years, Principal Zhang’s cultivation seems to have improved a lot. He must have already stepped into the Martial Dao realm. I will stay at the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy for a few days and see if I can meet a genius with strange patterns! ” Master Wei laughed heartily. A threatening aura burst out, causing many young students to be unable to breathe.

After Master Wei had finished, he boarded a horse carriage and entered the Hua Ling Wu Academy!

“Let’s go, the new students’ experiential learning will begin!” All of you follow me closely! ” Principal Zhang shouted and started running.

The Hua Ling Wu Courtyard was just outside the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, and beside it was a raging Cloud Dragon River.

They were now heading towards the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range along the Cloud Dragon River!

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