Nine Sun God King

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Cloud Dragon Mountain Range

Within the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, misty smoke waves covered thousands of perilous peaks. It was like a veil that covered all of the secrets within the mountain range.

Within the mountain range, there was a forest that was as vast as the sea. There were all kinds of demonic beasts, and they were all very dangerous and mysterious. This was the most dangerous and mysterious place in the Heavenly Qin Empire.

Legend has it that on the other side of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, there was an even wider area. The person who built the Hua Ling Wu Academy came from that side of the mountain range.

The great river surged with waves of raging winds.

Qin Yun followed by Yang Shiyue’s side. With steady steps, he and a large group of people ran into the mountain forests off the coast.

Half a day later, they had already passed through several large mountains and entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

They arrived at the outer region of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. There were many dangers hidden here, so they needed to be extra careful.

Principal Zhang led the students and teachers into a forest. Stopping on an open space, he said to the students, “Next up, teacher will accompany you in your battle against the demon beasts. This will train your combat abilities and also let you understand the strength of the demon beasts!”

“The experiential learning time is three days. Within these three days, the class that kills the most demon beasts will be rewarded!”

“Principal, what if there is a teacher helping you in the dark? Isn’t that unfair? ” Yan Yun shouted as she glanced at Yang Shiyue.

Yang Shiyue was the strongest teacher here, at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm. If she were to help Qin Yun, she would undoubtedly win.

“Do you not trust the teacher?” Principal Zhang’s face darkened as he said coldly.

“It’s not that we don’t trust them, but … Teacher Yang and Qin Yun only have two people. If they were to cheat, there’s no way for us to know! ” Yan Yun said timidly in a low voice when she saw Principal Zhang angry.

The other students and a few teachers also joined in!

Especially Cui Hui. She said hoarsely, “Teacher Yang values Qin Yun greatly, so we can’t trust him.”

“That’s good. I’ll have the teachers draw lots and the teachers will be assigned to lead the classes!” Principal Zhang pondered for a moment before replying.

That was all they could do now.

Yang Shi Yue was a little worried, but thinking of how Qin Yun was strong and had a fire talisman to defend himself, she could only agree.

After drawing lots, Yang Shiyue led the class.

As for Qin Yun’s class, which only had one student, it was led by a tall, thin, middle-aged man in blue. He was a teacher from the fifth class. His name was Ding Tianchun, and he had a cultivation base at the seventh level of the martial body.

Ding Tianchun had a squarish face with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He looked very honest and had a warm smile on his face. He seemed like a very easy to bully person.

“The strongest Monstrous Beasts in this area are only rank 6, which is equivalent to the 6th level of the Martial Body realm. Teachers can easily deal with them. Even if a rank 7 beast appears, there is no need to be afraid. You must believe in your teacher’s strength, and also believe in yourselves! ” Principal Zhang said in a powerful voice, encouraging everyone, “I’ll wait here for your return. I wish you all good results.”

“Let’s begin!”

The teachers immediately led the students into the forest.

“Qin Yun, you don’t have to worry. I have a lot of experience in finding demon beasts!” Ding Tianchun smiled as he ran.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Professor Ding!” He had previously been scammed by Qin Deren once, so he was extremely wary of strangers.

They ran for over an hour in the forest ….

Ding Tianchun suddenly discovered something as he whispered, “There is the aura of a demonic beast here!”

He stopped and started to search the ground.

Not long after, Ding Tianchun found the demonic beast’s footprints and said, “From the footprints, it’s a very big, sharp turkey. It can spit out flames and when it flaps its wings, it can release spikes.

In this short period of time, Qin Yun and Ding Tianchun got along pretty well.

However, he still remained vigilant.

Ding Tianchun was a responsible teacher. Along the way, he imparted many knowledge about the demonic beasts to Qin Yun. Furthermore, he also had the experience of dealing with the demonic beasts. Qin Yun had benefited greatly from this.

As Qin Yun ran, he suddenly said, “I can feel a trace of hot air!”

He possessed the purple gold fire martial soul, so he was extremely sensitive to fire.

“I told you before, you should know how to deal with the sword stabbing turkey, right?” Ding Tianchun said in a low voice, “This fella is searching for food nearby. If you follow the heat wave, you will be able to find it.”


Qin Yun carefully stepped on the Fiery Cloud Steps and moved like the clouds. Without a sound, he followed the weak wisp of hot air.

It was noon, and the sun was high in the sky. The forest was filled with ancient trees with lush foliage, but it was also shady. From time to time, a cool breeze would blow past.

But now, a hot wind suddenly blew over!


Accompanying it was a sharp and ear-piercing cry of a chicken!

“He’s coming, very fast!” Qin Yun was alarmed as he hurriedly dodged the attack.

What came over was not a sword prick, but many dagger-like spikes!

After the spike stabbed into a large tree, it exploded into a ball of fire, blowing apart the several meter thick tree trunk!


A large tree collapsed to the ground!

Qin Yun watched in horror. If he was stabbed, there was a high chance that he would be blown to smithereens!

The sharp sword also suddenly charged at turkey!

It was a giant chicken over a meter tall. Its appearance was similar to that of a fighting chicken. Its feathers were steaming hot and its chest was puffed up. It exuded a mighty aura.


The speed of the sword stabbing at turkey was extremely fast. As it rushed over, it continuously flapped its wings and unleashed a terrifying explosive sword thrust.

“It’s a Level 5 Sword Stinger Turkey!” This fellow has been out recently, and judging from its claws and feathers, they are all flesh and blood. Ding Tianchun said anxiously, “You must be careful of its sword!”

When the sharp sword came charging over, it unleashed another wave of sharp thorns!

Qin Yun’s movement technique was very profound and he could always dodge easily. This made Ding Tianchun secretly exclaim in admiration.

“Flame Light Fist!”

After finding the opportunity, Qin Yun punched across the sky!

Violent purple gold qi flowed out from his fist and rushed towards the sharp sword that was stabbing at the turkey’s head.

“Rawrr ~ ~” The sharp sword made the turkey cry out as it was hit. It’s body turned over on the ground.

The inner Qi that Qin Yun produced was not only concentrated at a single point, it was also very accurate as it went straight for the head.

When Ding Tianchun saw this fist, he could not help but praise it!

The power of the Flaming Light Fist was in close combat!

Qin Yun flew to the side of the sharp sword turkey. A pair of fists suddenly emitted fiery red colored flames. It was as though he had taken out a fiery red iron fist from the oven!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His pair of fire fists violently smashed onto the sword stabbing at turkey’s head!

Every punch created a shockwave!

After a few punches, the Swordprick turkey fell to the ground, twitching.

“You defeated the sharp sword, turkey!” Ding Tianchun walked over and said with a surprised smile, “As expected of the number one freshman, his strength is truly astonishing!”

Qin Yun only smiled and asked, “Professor Ding, how do I deal with this turkey?”

“I have a spirit artifact, so I’ll keep it for you first. In the end, it still belongs to you. Ding Tianchun killed the sharp sword turkey and placed it into a storage bag.

“Let’s continue. We have to make the best use of our time to kill more evil demon beasts.” Ding Tian laughed loudly: “You have this kind of strength, even if you go alone to kill the demon beasts, your results will still be the best. With an expert tracker like me, I can find even more demon beasts for you to kill! ”

Up till now, Ding Tianchun had given Qin Yun a good impression. He was indeed a very good person.

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