Nine Sun God King

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Swift Shadow Ape

Ding Tianchun brought Qin Yun and shuttled through the forest in search of demonic beasts!

It had to be said that Ding Tianchun’s hunting experience was extremely rich. This shocked Qin Yun greatly!

Because not too long after, they had found an armored bear!

Although the armored bear was only a Rank 4 Demonic Beast, it had a very strong armor on its body. It was like the Pangolin, and was not easy to deal with.

The bear was extremely slow, but Qin Yun was extremely fast.

He walked around the bear, continuously punching it with his Flame Fist, sending streams of scorching fire qi into the bear’s body, slowly depleting its energy.

In but a few moments, he had knocked the bear down.

Of course, Ding Tianchun’s guidance also played a big role!

“Your use of the Fire Cloud Steps and inner Qi is very outstanding. It far surpasses many older students who are at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm.” Ding Tianchun praised sincerely, “Just a little bit not good enough!”

“Teacher, please guide me!” Qin Yun said immediately and listened attentively.

“Your attack is fierce and your movement technique is good enough, but you did not combine the two! Movement techniques can bring about speed, and speed can bring about a certain amount of power. If you use this power cleverly and merge it with your martial skills, it can increase your power by quite a bit. ” As Ding Tianchun spoke, he began to demonstrate his skills. As he flew out, he broke a tree apart with a wave of his palm.

He did it in one breath without using any inner Qi. He just connected the movement technique and the external technique in a straight line. With the help of the movement technique, he broke the thick tree trunk.

When Qin Yun saw it, he immediately understood. He said gratefully, “Thank you for your advice, Teacher!”

“With your perception, you’ll definitely be able to easily grasp it.” Ding Tianchun smiled, “Let’s continue looking for the demonic beasts!”

In the following two days, Qin Yun hunted a total of five demon beasts under Ding Tianchun’s lead. Only the previous one was a Rank 5 Demonic Beast, while the others were all Rank 4.

This result could be considered pretty good. After all, he was the only one who was fighting.

“The area we are in is relatively safe. If we were to go any further in, there would be rank 6 beasts.” Ding Tianchun was resting under a big tree.

“Professor Ding, how strong are the strongest demonic beasts in the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range?” Qin Yun asked curiously.

He did not know much about demon beasts, and Ding Tianchun was proficient in this area.

“The entire Cloud Dragon Mountain Range is many times larger than the Heavenly Qin Empire. The two neighboring Empires are connected to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. “In such a vast Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, there are all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. The demon beasts that can eat these things can continuously evolve, so in the depths …” Ding Tian Chun paused for a moment and then continued, “In the depths, there must be Xuan Beasts!”

“Xuan Beast?” Qin Yun was alarmed.

“The Martial Body Realm corresponds to Demonic Beasts, the Martial Dao Realm corresponds to Spirit Beasts, and the Xuan Beasts are above the Martial Dao Realm!” Ding Tianchun smiled, “Of course, this is only a legend. In short, the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range is very mysterious.”

For some unknown reason, Ding Tianchun, who had been laughing and talking, had a drastic change in expression!

“Professor Ding, what’s wrong?” Qin Yun was given a fright by Ding Tianchun’s sudden change in expression as he hurriedly asked.

“Something’s wrong, let’s hurry up and leave this place!” Ding Tianchun hurriedly stood up. Just as he took two steps forward, a shadow flashed by and a powerful aura enveloped him.

Qin Yun felt like he was about to suffocate. As for Ding Tianchun, he had punched the black shadow but failed to hit it!

“It’s the Swift Shadow Ape! It’s a Rank 7 demonic beast that’s extremely fast! Let’s go!” Ding Tianchun’s face turned grim.

Qin Yun only saw a black blur flash past. He could not see what it was. It was clear how fast it was!

He had only just taken a single step when he felt a heavy force rushing towards him, as if death itself was approaching, causing his heart to tremble.

Ding Tianchun roared as he released a ball of inner Qi, sending Qin Yun flying!

After Qin Yun was knocked away, the terrifying power unleashed by the Quick Ape missed. It shattered a few gigantic trees and created a shockwave.

The Swift Shadow Ape seemed to be very angry, charging at Ding Tianchun and sending him flying!

“Professor Ding!” Qin Yun shouted.

“Hurry up and leave, leave this to me!” Ding Tianchun roared at Qin Yun as he battled with the Quick Ape.

How could Qin Yun abandon Ding Tianchun? He immediately took out two fire charms and shouted, “Professor Ding, I have two fire charms! Is it any use? ”

Ding Tianchun had just been hit by the Quick Ape and was injured, but he was still as strong as it was.

“Throw the fire talisman over!”

When Ding Tianchun saw that Qin Yun had not run away, he was filled with admiration. He knew very well that Qin Yun had no way of resisting the Quick Ape! Under such a critical situation, Qin Yun did not leave. He was not a person who was afraid of death. He had an outstanding character that emphasized on loyalty.

“Professor Ding, my fire talisman is stronger than yours. You’d better think of something!” After saying that, Qin Yun took out a few more and covered his inner Qi with a few fire talismans. He tossed them with great force, like a stone piece spinning.

After the fire talisman flew past, it suddenly exploded. The flames covered the sky and covered the earth. Waves after waves surged, instantly burning the entire area into a sea of fire!

Qin Yun possessed a purple gold fire martial soul. With just a slight barrier formed from his inner Qi, he was able to withstand the wave of flames.

He faced the sea of fire and shouted, “Professor Ding! How are you? ”

“I’m fine!” Ding Tianchun slowly walked out with a black shadow ape on his shoulder. His face was covered in dust and was still in a state of shock.

“Isn’t this fire talisman too strong? Did Teacher Yang give it to you?” Ding Tianchun exclaimed and then laughed, “She really did take care of you and gave you such a powerful defense!”

Qin Yun’s fire talisman had interfered with the Quick Ape, so only then could Ding Tianchun find an opportunity to strike!

Ding Tianchun laughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. He then frowned and sat down cross-legged to recuperate.

“I’ll rest for a while!” Ding Tianchun said, “We are surrounded by fire, so it would be safer for us here.”

Qin Yun nodded and looked at the corpse of the Swift Shadow Ape.

“Eh? There’s a black circle on the neck of this Quick Ape! ” As Qin Yun said that, he reached out his hand to touch it. Indeed, he felt a collar.

“This is …” Imperial Beast Ring! ” Ding Tianchun’s facial expression changed, “This Quick Ape has its master!”

“Who could it be?” When Qin Yun heard that, he immediately understood that someone had sent a Quick Ape to kill them!

“Master Wei!” Ding Tianchun said in a deep voice, “The beast collar is a very precious spiritual item, especially one that can control rank 7 beasts. It’s even more expensive. You have enmity with Master Wei, and he can also forge this kind of thing. Other than him, I can’t think of anyone else who would want to deal with you. ”

Qin Yun had injured Wei Xuankun and even broken the spirit sword Master Wei had forged. It was impossible for Master Wei to not hold a grudge!

That was why Ding Tianchun immediately thought of Master Wei.

“As expected, once I walk out of the Hua Ling Martial Arts School, they will make their move.” Qin Yun said angrily.

Suddenly, the flames around him surged as more than a dozen figures flew in!

“Teacher Cui!” Seeing the middle-aged woman in the lead, Ding Tianchun said with a smile but he was secretly worried.

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