Nine Sun God King

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 : Beautiful Teacher

“A prince who cannot reach the fourth level of the Martial Body realm at the age of fifteen must join the army and head to the border!” The Queen’s face was frosty as she stared coldly at Qin Yun. She shouted sternly, “Qin Yun, what are you standing there for? Didn’t you hear what I said? ”

Qin Yun calmly stood beside the red carpet and watched as though nothing had happened. After hearing the Queen’s question, he smiled slightly and said, “What a pity! I have entered the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage, there is no need for me to go! Hurry up and start! Hurry up! ”

When these words were spoken, everyone was shocked and stirred up!

Everyone knew that Qin Yun had turned to scrap five years ago.

A few days ago, he broke through to the third level of the Martial Body realm and injured Qin Tianyi. As soon as news of this got out, it shocked the entire Imperial City.

And now, after only ten days, he had broken through to the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage!

This cultivation speed was unbelievable!

“Lying to avoid joining the army is a serious crime!”

The Queen did not believe Qin Yun’s words. Her ice-cold eyes suffused killing intent as she coldly shouted, “Quickly stand in front of me!”

“I have just cultivated inner Yuan, I am already a martial artist at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm!”

Qin Yun opened his palm and forced out a sparkling mist of air.

The inner Qi overflowed like a fluorescent light. This was a clear feature of condensing inner Qi. It was only because the inner Qi was thin that it looked weak.

Qin Yun only had the First Sun Spiritual Pulse, but he could enter the fourth level of the Martial Body realm at the age of fifteen!

Everyone had faces full of shock and doubt as they discussed the matter.

The empress’s face changed slightly, her voice sounded anxious, “You must have used some secret method to avoid joining the army, which caused the internal Qi to leak out.” Quick, ask the teachers of the Hua Ling Wu Academy to come over. They are at the southern region of the plaza.

It looked like Qin Yun was about to join the army. As long as he bribed the people in the army, they would be able to secretly kill him. However, what was happening right now was something she could not accept.

A guard hastily ran to the south district of the plaza to invite the teacher of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan.

Qin Yun was very calm because he was able to condense inner elemental energy. He was indeed at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. He was not worried at all.

“Esteemed Empress … The teachers of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan are very busy. The guard walked over and whispered.

The corner of the empress’s eyes twitched, she was secretly angry, but she could not say anything. The Hua Ling Wu Academy was very strong, so they had no fear of the imperial power of their empire.

“We’ll head over right now!” The Queen said expressionlessly.

“Alright, I will also register to enter the Hua Ling Wu Academy!” Qin Yun smiled slightly. He too looked forward to entering the Hua Ling Wu Academy.

When the empress heard this, she became even more anxious.

If Qin Yun entered the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard and did something in the future, it would be a great danger to her.

… ….

The southern region of the Imperial Palace Plaza was packed with people, forming a long line.

The people who came to register were all disciples of famous sects, handsome men and beautiful women. All of them were dressed extravagantly, and their faces were filled with the usual arrogance of noble children.

The moment Qin Yun arrived, he saw Qin Tianyi, whose face was swollen like a roasted pig’s head.

When the empress saw Qin Tianyi, her face turned extremely cold. Her heart was filled with rage.

Her youngest son, Qin Tianyi, was quite talented. However, his face had swollen from being fanned by a piece of trash like Qin Yun, and he had also lost fifteen Spiritual Energy Pills. He had now become a laughingstock in the palace.

The thing that infuriated her the most was that if Qin Yun had truly broken through to the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. It was definitely because she had consumed a large amount of spirit pills that he had managed to break through. As for fifteen of them, they had been snatched from her son. It was undoubtedly her son’s great help to Qin Yun!

Yuan Yanying was also there. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress at such a young age that it gave her a noble aura. She was initially chatting happily with others but when she saw Qin Yun, her expression changed slightly. She did not dare to look at him.

Ten days ago, she was certain that it was impossible for Qin Yun to break through and had asked him to give the Psionic Pill to Qin Tianyi. But now, Qin Yun had broken through to the fourth level of the martial body.

A guard came over and whispered to the Queen, “They said that they wanted Qin Yun to queue up. If he really steps into the fourth level of the Martial Body Realm, he will be qualified to enter the Hua Spirit Martial Arts Academy.”

When Qin Yun heard this, he quickly walked over.

Ten teachers had come here to recruit students. The most eye-catching one was a female teacher with long hair and a shawl, who wore white clothes.

The female teacher was very beautiful, but her face was ice-cold. She seemed to be a very strict teacher.

The grand preceptor was also a woman. Qin Yun preferred it that his teacher was a woman, so he walked over to her side to register for the class.

The old officials rushed over.

When they learned that Qin Yun had cultivated to elemental energy, they ran all the way over.

Qin Yun was infuriated when he saw the old officials. He swore to himself that when he became strong in the future, he would make the old officials pay a painful price.

The empress and high ranking officials all had grave expressions on their faces as they walked to the side of the female teachers, waiting for the results.

The female teachers would conduct a simple test on the students who signed up.

Although she was being watched, she was not affected at all. She did not even deign to look at the group of powerful ministers.

Moments later, it was Qin Yun’s turn to be interviewed. He was already at the front and was taking the opportunity to size up the beautiful teacher.

Her face was sparkling, her skin was like jade, and her appearance was absolutely beautiful. When she was focused, she was cold and serious, and her cold and arrogant temperament was completely natural. A light breeze blew over, stirring her hair. Within her cold, proud, and beautiful demeanor, there was also gentleness and elegance.

Qin Yun could not help but be captivated. Out of all the beauties he had seen, only the Grand Preceptor could match up to her!

The female teacher had a sign on her desk with her name and introduction written on it.

“Yang Shiyue, twenty-three years old, born with six meridians, 9th level of the Martial Body Realm, an outstanding student of the Sky Profound Martial School!”

When he saw the beautiful teacher’s introduction, Qin Yun was even more astonished!

She was already in the 9th level of the Martial Body Stage at the age of 20! If he were to make a breakthrough, she would be able to step into another great realm — the Martial Dao Realm!

At that time, she would truly be able to touch upon the great Dao of martial arts!

One had to know that in the imperial court, the insufferably arrogant generals and ministers were all bullies in their seventies and eighties. However, they were only at the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Body realm.

There was also the Tianxuan Academy, which was even more terrifying than the Hua Ling Martial Arts School. It was full of mystery and color, and it only accepted people with outstanding talents.

Yang Shi Yue was at the ninth level of the Martial Body Realm at such a young age, yet she was a teacher. It was really puzzling.


Finally, it was Qin Yun’s turn.

The empress, the old officials, and people from various noble families all regained their spirits at once.

Whether Qin Yun was truly at the fourth level of the Martial Body Realm or not, the result would soon be clear.

Yang Shiyue whispered, “Qin Yun?”

Qin Yun said with a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “I am Qin Yun! “I have cultivated to the Inner Yuan and am a warrior at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. I want to enter the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy to cultivate. I hope that Teacher Yang can give me some pointers!”

Yang Shiyue had long heard of Qin Yun and was extremely curious as to whether he had truly reached the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage.

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