Nine Sun God King

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The crowd quickly retreated to make room for them to fight.

The Empress and the old officials did not obstruct him. They were very confident in Qin Tianyi.

Qin Tianyi had four spirit veins and had sufficient cultivation resources over the years. He was much stronger than Qin Yun in every aspect.

“Fourth Prince, you’ll definitely be able to defeat him!” The one who spoke was a middle-aged man wearing a black armor. He was General Yuan, Yuan Yanying’s father. Yuan Yanying stood beside him.

“Yi’er, after I defeat him, I’ll reward you with 20 Spiritual Energy Pills!” The Queen’s cold eyes flashed with viciousness, implying that Qin Tianyi would do whatever it took to cripple Qin Yun.

It was as though the old officials were seeing Qin Yun suffer a crushing defeat. All of them revealed proud smiles.

Qin Tianyi had started earlier than Qin Yun. With the support of the Queen and the old official, he had many cultivation resources and a more solid foundation than Qin Yun. That was why everyone was so confident in him!

“Let me preside over this competition!” Since this is a competition, it is inevitable that there will be casualties. At that time, you can’t blame others! ” Yang Shiyue did not stop him. This was an opportunity to examine Qin Yun’s foundation.

When she saw that Qin Yun and Qin Tianyi were ready, she shouted lightly, “Begin!”

With that, Qin Tianyi was the first to attack. His footsteps were stable and he was extremely fast. Like a gust of wind, he charged at Qin Yun.

To be able to do such a thing at such a young age, many seniors secretly nodded in praise.

Qin Yun’s hawk-like eyes stared at Qin Tianyi as he charged over. At the same time, he began accumulating his inner Qi as he prepared his Qi Explosion Technique!

“As expected of the Queen’s son, to have such a solid foundation at such a young age.”

“If your breath is even, your steps are steady, and you are calm and collected, you will definitely become something great in the future.”

“It looks like Prince Tianyi was indeed ambushed by Qin Yun in a shameless manner.”

When the crowd saw Qin Tianyi’s movement technique, they all praised him.

“After Qin Yun was crippled, he had been neglected for five years. No one supported him from behind. “Recently, I have been able to breakthrough thanks to the help of medicine pills. There are no martial arts techniques that I would have lost without a doubt.”

“Daddy, Big Brother Tianyi is so formidable. He’s much stronger than me.” Yuan Yan chuckled. Her eyes were filled with admiration.

“Of course, my judgement has always been good. It’s definitely not wrong for you to marry him!” General Yuan was elated as he said with a smile, “Qin Yun will not live past today.”

Qin Yun was also infuriated when he heard General Yuan’s words. Yuan Yanying had been treated by the Grand Preceptor back then, but in order to curry favor with the Empress, he had forgotten this favor!

When Qin Tianyi charged at Qin Yun and heard the praises from the crowd, he could not help but feel at ease. He saw Qin Yun standing there motionlessly with a myriad of flaws. He felt even more disdainful.

As for Qin Yun, the inner Qi he had accumulated for a long time surged into his arm. The inner Qi of the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage was stronger and thicker. The formidable power it brought made his fists tremble slightly.

Thump thump thump!

Qin Tianyi advanced with steady steps. As he approached Qin Yun, his speed suddenly increased. He appeared in front of Qin Yun in an instant!


Qin Tianyi’s inner energy surged out of his fist with a “huff” sound. He charged straight at Qin Yun’s face.

Such a flowing cloud of attacks made everyone exclaim in admiration. In contrast, Qin Yun seemed to be so frightened that he could not move. It made people feel that he was much weaker.


Qin Yun’s face suffered a heavy blow as his head tilted to the side as blood trickled from the corner of his mouth!

He did not move to dodge. He used his own face to receive Qin Tianyi’s heavy punch!

“The speed of Prince Tianyi is too fast. Qin Yun has no time to dodge. He’s really weak!” A person exclaimed.

Having succeeded, Qin Tianyi was secretly pleased. He looked at Yuan Yanying and smiled proudly …

At that moment, Qin Yun’s body jolted as his bones produced a thunderous boom. The inner Qi that he had accumulated for a long time surged into his fist, generating a strong explosive force!

By the time Qin Tianyi reacted, it was already too late!

Qin Yun punched out like a thunderbolt and the inner Qi was like a gale wind. It was as though a vicious bolt of lightning had struck Qin Tianyi’s abdomen as it rumbled and resounded through the horizon!

Qin Tianyi was beaten to the point of letting out a miserable cry. He spat out a mouthful of blood and knelt on the ground with his hands covering his stomach!

Immediately after, Qin Yun’s legs kicked out as the wind howled. It was as though he was tearing through the air as he kicked at Qin Tianyi’s chin!


Qin Yun was actually… He won!

The people who had praised Qin Tianyi earlier were all dumbstruck, unable to believe what had just happened!

No one had expected Qin Yun to withstand the punch in order to distract Qin Tianyi before seizing the opportunity to launch a thunderous counterattack!

After punching Qin Yun, Qin Tianyi was indeed very pleased. He believed that Qin Yun would have no strength to fight back. However, Qin Yun had not only fought back, but his strength was extremely astonishing as well!

The surroundings were completely silent. The young disciples of the famous sects looked at the dying Qin Tianyi with fear in their hearts. They were also at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm, but their strength was not as terrifying!

A few of the old officials rushed over to check on Qin Tianyi’s injuries. Immediately, their faces turned ashen.

“The elemental energy is dispersing, and spirit vein is severely damaged!” An old official looked angrily at Qin Yun.

“Great!” Although Qin Yun’s mouth was filled with blood, he still laughed maniacally.

The son of the Heavenly Qin Emperor, his status was honorable, and he was crippled just like that! Furthermore, he had been crippled by Qin Yun. This was unbelievable!

Yuan Yanying’s beautiful eyes widened as she stood there soullessly with her delicate body slightly trembling. Qin Tianyi had just been praised as someone who had a high chance of winning, but now he was crippled!

She looked at Qin Yun, who was beaming with pride, with a complicated expression. She bit her lips. The person she had looked down upon had unexpectedly become so powerful!

Yang Shiyue frowned. Qin Yun’s strength had alarmed her. At that moment, she had also decided to let Qin Yun be her student.

“Qin Yun … It’s just a normal exchange of pointers, yet you are so ruthless. You intentionally severely injured a prince with boundless potential, quickly take down this villain! ” The empress was furious, her cold voice trembling.

“He kept saying that I’m trash, but I’ve defeated him. He’s even inferior to me, so what kind of boundless future can he possibly have? If I leave him with his dog life, you shouldn’t harbor hatred in your heart! ” Qin Yun used what Qin Tianyi had said to retaliate at the Queen.

“Qin Yun, prepare to die!”

An old red-clothed official behind the Queen suddenly roared and released a thick wave of inner Qi that turned into a shockwave as it charged at Qin Yun!


The shockwave exploded on Qin Yun’s body, forcing him to retreat a few steps. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

The red-clothed old official strode in front of Qin Yun and waved his palm. Just as he was about to strike, he saw Yang Shiyue suddenly appear in a flash and stand in front of Qin Yun!

“He is my student, if you want to kill him, you have to pass through me first!” Yang Shiyue’s voice was cold and filled with killing intent. She released a formless inner Qi to block the palm of the red-clothed old man that was about to land.

Yang Shiyue and the red-clothed old official were currently circulating their inner force and fighting in the air!

After Qin Yun was injured by the shock wave, he frantically used explosive force to accumulate his Qi. He wanted to counterattack!

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