Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 1 - Nine Yang Who Leapt Through Time (Part 1)

Chapter 1: Nine Yang Who Leapt Through Time (Part 1)

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“Where am I? Didn’t I burn to death?”

Yang Dingtian found himself in a completely foreign world. He was in a cave, a particularly deep cave. Crystal-clear ice covered every inch.

He had been in the female teacher’s dormitory in Shui Mu University a few minutes earlier having sex with his stunning girlfriend and teacher, Li Bijun. When they reached climax, his entire body had been boiling hot. It then ignited, and he lost consciousness from the excruciating pain.

By the time he woke up, he was already in this strange cave.

Yang Dingtian turned twenty this year and was a sophomore student. His dad was a huge fan of Jin Yong, so he gave him a domineering name like Yang Dingtian.

(TL note: Jin Yong is a Chinese novelist who was known for his wuxia novels. Yang Dingtian’s name, Dingtian, roughly translates to “against the heavens” or “on top of the heavens”, which carries quite a domineering meaning in Chinese. Another meaning for “Ding” is “Poke” so this may lead others to think in an erotic way…)

He was fairly attractive, intelligent, sensitive, kind, and a little mischievous. His strength was due to the vigorous Yang Fire within him. Since he was young, he had never been afraid of the cold and could even stand temperatures of ten below zero degrees Celsius dressed in just a shirt. He never gained a single pound no matter how much he ate and had a huge appetite.

Of course, these weren’t bad things. Even so, his parents had brought him to countless doctors, and they all came to the same conclusion. Despite being underweight, he was perfectly healthy.

A sloppy Daoist priest traveling to the west came across Yang Dingtian when the latter was eight years old. Astonished, he said, “I never thought that the legendary Nine Yang Body actually existed.”

The priest had told Yang Dingtian that the Yang Fire in his Nine Yang Body exceeded others by several times. He could never have sex or even masturbate because of it. Even if he abstained from all sexual activities, his Yang Fire would likely still consume him before he turned twenty-five.

Yang Dingtian’s family believed the Daoist priest had lied, so they just ignored him.

Yang Dingtian began to realize things were getting worse as he went through puberty. Whenever he lusted after a girl in real life, photos, or videos, a vigorous flame would burn within him, and his body temperature would skyrocket.

The situation only got more intense. Yang Dingtian first dated and caressed a girl when he was eighteen. He fainted with a fever burning over 42 degrees Celsius that peaked in less than a minute. His girlfriend had been so frightened that she screamed and called an ambulance which fortunately saved his life.

Only then did Yang Dingtian recall the Daoist priest warning him against sexual activities.

His first masturbation attempt proved that the priest might have been speaking the truth.

Yang Dingtian never tried to have sex before he turned twenty. He couldn’t hold it in any longer. His girlfriend was so sexy that she had obliterated his defenses. On the night of his birthday, she finally broke through his last line of defense with the help of alcohol, drugs, eroticism, and lust. They had begun a steamy session in bed.

The outcome proved the Daoist priest right. Yang Dingtian, possessing the Nine Yang Body, really did ignite as he attempted physical intimacy. His father seemed able to predict the future when he gave him his name. Yang Dingtian really had the name Yang…, Ding Tian.

(TL note: Can be interpreted as going to heaven.)

Just when Yang Dingtian had burned to nothingness, lost consciousness, and fell into endless darkness, he woke to find himself in a completely unfamiliar environment. He was deep within an ice cave.

“Where the hell is this place?” Yang Dingtian shrank slightly. He couldn’t believe he actually felt the cold. He had absolutely no clue what it felt like to be cold growing up. He did now.

“Could this be an arctic cave?” Yang Dingtian asked himself. It truly was like the North Pole because he had never felt cold even when it was twenty to thirty degrees below zero in his north-eastern hometown. It had to be at least fifty to sixty below zero here.

Yang Dingtian climbed to his feet, naked, as he began to explore the cave. He couldn’t wrap his head around inexplicably showing up here rather than burning to death. He probably would have frozen to death in just a few minutes if he hadn’t possessed the Nine Yang Body.

The cave looked hopelessly deep with only a sliver of sky visible. It must have been bright outside. The rays of light passed through the small hole and reflected off the ice to illuminate the entire cave.

Yang Dingtian could tell that the cave was at least a thousand meters deep. The smooth, vertical walls would be impossible to scale without tools.

The bottom of the cave was only roughly a hundred square meters in area, something that Yang Dingtian could easily explore in a couple of steps. He desperately searched for an exit or a secret door, but he only found more ice after a long search. There was nothing behind or beneath the ice either, not even stone or soil. There was just more ice.

“Oh My God! How am I supposed to get out of here? This horrid place doesn’t even have food. I’ll starve to death in a few days.” Yang Dingtian dejectedly sat on the ice. He didn’t have his mobile phone because he was naked. There probably wouldn’t be a signal even if he had it.

He stood again shortly and shouted towards the sky, “Someone! Help! Is there anyone out there?”

Yang Dingtian yelled a dozen times, but not even an animal showed up at the hole.

He sat against an icicle.

“I wonder how Bijun is right now. Did she burn with me?” Yang Dingtian thought of his girlfriend and English teacher in sorrow.

Later, he reluctantly searched the cave again as he wondered if Bijun had transmigrated with him.

Clearly, it was impossible for Li Bijun to be present because the cave was empty.

“Dad, look at the bloody name you gave me. It’s just far too overbearing, and I can’t stand it.” Yang Dingtian thought of his father, Jin Yong’s hard-core fan, as well as his unreasonable and strict mother. They’d probably already heard of his death. He wondered how sad they were.

He looked back through the hole to the sky and sighed. “How can I get out of this horrible cave?”

Suddenly, he was dazzled. The sun had arrived above the cave, and it forced him to squint.

Yang Dingtian opened his eyes swiftly, frozen from shock. What he had seen had been so distressing, even horrific, that he jolted to his feet

There were two suns in the sky. There were actually two suns!

Yang Dingtian thought he had seen wrong or that it had been a hallucination. He rubbed his eyes hard to clear them.

No mistake. There were two suns. One was significantly larger than the other. One was also significantly brighter than the other.

“Oh My God! This isn’t Earth. Earth only has one sun, but there are two here. W-where the hell is this place then? An alien planet? A different world?”

“Have I leaped through time? Have I actually leaped through time and space?”

Yang Dingtian collapsed on the ice again. He felt the world spinning as though he were about to faint.

Other people transmigrated through electric shocks, disasters, being struck by lightning, or through plane crashes which were the most common premises behind transmigration. Only he, Yang Dingtian, had nearly burned to death and leaped through time while in the middle of having sex. This method of time travel was unprecedented.

“Dad, look at this bloody name you gave to your son! Yang Dingtian! What a domineering name it is! I wasn’t fortunate enough to enjoy this name, yet it sent me to another world!


“Farewell, mom and my dad, farewell my friends, and farewell Earth!”

“Mom and dad, don’t be too heartbroken. You’re both still young, so perhaps you can have another child.”

“Bijun, you probably burned to death with me, so we could be considered lovers that perished in a fire.”

Yang Dingtian leaned against the icicle in the center of the cave and finally accepted the fact that he had leaped through time and arrived in a different world. He suppressed his tears as he recalled the past.

“No, I can’t just continue grieving like this. Time-travelers in novels achieve great success. I can’t just die of starvation after leaping through time.” Yang Dingtian stood up. He wanted to find a way out.

In the end, he struggled for several hours and failed to scale even half a foot up the walls. The ice was far too slippery and hard. There was nothing he could do. He looked for a way out again, but the results were no different.

The shock and sorrow from the last few hours coupled with the struggle exhausted him. He returned to the middle of the cave and leaned against the icicle again, resting while he thought of another way out.

He only planned to rest for a while, but he ended up falling asleep.

It was fortunate that he possessed the rare Nine Yang Body. He had accumulated Yang Fire in his body for nearly two dozen years, and only a little had leaked out when he had sex with Li Bijun back on Earth. He barely felt cold as he slept naked in the frigid cave. It would be impossible for him to freeze.

Yang Dingtian’s hunger woke him a while later. His constitution required more food than that of ordinary people, and it was agonizing after several dozen hours without eating.

There was only ice in this hell. There was no food.

Yang Dingtian stood again and found the two suns appearing in the hole above the cave. He had slept for at least a whole day, but he was unsure how long that was in this world.

After standing up, Yang Dingtian noticed that the icicle behind him was a little different.

His stove-like body had melted most of it away over the ten hours he’d slept near it.

He wasn’t surprised. The crystal-blue icicle had become more transparent as it melted, and there seemed to be something inside it.

There was something inside the icicle?!

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