Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 13 - Betrothing Yanyan to you, agree?

Chapter 13: Betrothing Yanyan to you, agree?

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Ximen Yanyan got angry, clenched her fist, and was about to punch him. However, she thought of her father’s anger and couldn’t help but hold it in. “If you are not leaving, then I’ll leave!”

Right after that, she turned and walked away with her gem-studded boots, stomping so hard that her impressive breasts wobbled and caught Yang Dingtian’s eye.

Ximen Yanyan had stomped away, leaving Yang Dingtian alone at the head of the ship.


“We are still fifteen days away from the Yin Yang Sect. The scenery here on the sea is decent, but it becomes boring if you look at it for too long since it’s plain and unchanging, particularly for you young people.” The voice of the owner of this ship, Ximen Wuya, suddenly sounded out from behind him. Yang Dingtian had no idea when the man arrived behind him, not having noticed the sound of footsteps that was there all along.

“Mr. Ximen, why are you heading to the Yin Yang Sect?” asked Yang Dingtian. This question was not something that he was supposed to ask. After all, they weren’t that close. However, since Yang Dingtian was young, it wasn’t unexpected for him to make such superficial mistakes.

“Some routine tasks that I need to do once a decade,” Ximen Wuya replied. “I’m like those wanderers who go back every few years to worship their ancestors, thus indicating that they have not forgotten their roots.”

“You are related to the Yin Yang Sect?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“It is Cloud Sky City and the Yin Yang Sect that are related.” Ximen Wuya continued, “It’s a complicated relationship. They are like an enemy but also not exactly an enemy. They’re like a friend but at the same time, not exactly a friend. They are closely related but also simultaneously not exactly closely related.”

It appeared as if the wise Ximen Wuya was making a mistake in telling Yang Dingtian all these things even though they weren’t close at all.

“Every Lord of Cloud Sky City goes to the Yin Yang Sect every ten years. He is humiliated each time he goes, and this time, I feel I won’t be an exception,” Ximen Wuya softly explained.

“Aren’t you very powerful? Even someone like you has to endure insults? Isn’t your Cloud Sky City also strong?” Yang Dingtian asked. His questions were also partially a probe into the Yin Yang Sect’s circumstances.

Ximen Wuya responded as if he had no idea that Yang Dingtian was testing him. He laughed and said, “In front of the Yin Yang Sect, who would dare say that he is strong?”

Yang Dingtian asked, “Is Yin Yang Sect that strong?”

“If a faction has thousands of followers, territories that stretch for hundreds of miles, and more than a hundred thousand people who admire and rely on them, would this faction be considered powerful?” Ximen Wuya asked.

“It would be powerful. Extremely powerful.” Yang Dingtian breathed a cool air and asked, “Yin Yang Sect is actually this strong?”

“No, I’m not talking about the Yin Yang Sect but a martial arts faction. There are dozens of such factions in the world.” Ximen Wuya continued, “To be exact, there are twenty-seven such factions. Above them are the nine big sects, who then fall under three large groups. There are only three large groups in the world, and the Yin Yang Sect is one of them. Do you think that they are powerful?”

After hearing this explanation, Yang Dingtian sucked in a cold breath. Previously, he’d learned about the Yin Yang Sect from his Master. He had already thought that it would be quite powerful, but he never expected them to be strong to this extent.

“What about Dongfang Niemie (his deceased master)?” Yang Dingtian couldn’t help but ask.

“Number one in the world!” Ximen Wuya calmly uttered these five words.

Yang Dingtian was shocked. His late master happened to be the strongest person in this world!

But, if he was the strongest person in the world, how did he become trapped several kilometers underground in an ice cave, stuck in a state in which he was as good as dead? Who was his enemy? Could there be anyone more powerful than the world number one?

Yang Dingtian had too much to process and was in no mood to continue the conversation. Ximen Wuya smiled, tapped his shoulder, and left him alone at the head of the ship.

“It is about to rain hard. You should get off the deck.”


In the subsequent days, everyone on the ship continued to treat Yang Dingtian extremely coldly. Ximen Yanyan was even filled with hatred towards him.

However, Ximen Wuya still visited him every day to chat. He never ever tried to invade Yang Dingtian’s privacy. Instead, he answered any question that the young man asked him.

The two of them became closer and closer. At times, they would chat for as long as half a day.

Everyone on the ship was confused. Why did the Lord of Cloud Sky City, Ximen Wuya, treat a person with an unknown background so well? This special treatment caused Ximen Yan to become fully hostile towards Yang Dingtian. He was Ximen Wuya’s adopted son and even he had never received such good treatment. Thus, he was filled with jealousy.

If Ximen Wuya wasn’t such a clean and honest person, some people would have suspected that Yang Dingtian was his illegitimate son.

As for Yang Dingtian, although he remained cautious towards Ximen Wuya, deep down in his heart, he had already developed a very good impression about this person and even admired him a bit. Before, Yang Dingtian had no idea what a gentleman looked like. Now, he’d found that Ximen Wuya fit the very definition of a gentleman. He was definitely not a hypocrite and spending time with him was pleasant.

However, the time to part was about to arrive. After half a month on the ship, they were about to reach the Dong Fang Yun Province where the Yin Yang Sect was located.


“Not bad. You’re a handsome young man.” Ximen Wuya laughed, looking at Yang Dingtian’s reflection in the mirror.

Before they disembarked, Ximen Wuya personally helped Yang Dingtian shave his mustache, tidied his hair, and even gave him a beautiful robe, sword, and a luxurious jade crown.

Now, Yang Dingtian no longer looked like a wild man and was indistinguishable from anyone else in this world. All traces of his Earth origin could no longer be seen.

Ximen Wuya, the Lord of Cloud Sky City, actually personally tidied Yang Dingtian’s hair and beard. He had absolutely no reason to treat him so well.

“Mr. Ximen? Why are you treating me so well? I’m a nobody with an unknown background.” Yang Dingtian finally couldn’t stand it and asked.

“When one shows courtesy to others, one must have an ulterior motive. Is that what you think?” Ximen Wuya laughed.

“The Mao Li clan has actually gone extinct. Something terrible must have happened in the northern ice land to extinguish all life there. And yet, I appeared from that place. This is very abnormal. Why haven’t you ever asked me about it?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Haven’t you invented a few stories and answer that very question?” Ximen Wuya laughed.

“Yes,” Yang Dingtian admitted.

Ximen Wuya laughed and said, “Since I already know that your answer is going to be made up, why would I still bother to ask? Everyone has his own secrets. If he wants to talk, he will naturally talk. Therefore, why would I ask?”

“And as for your secret, I already figured out most of it.” Ximen Wuya continued, “Of course, I have no intention of investigating further. When I treated you while you were comatose, you said many words that I couldn’t understand. I understand most of the languages in this world, but I have never heard of your language and have never come across it.”

Yang Dingtian was stunned. Could he have been speaking out loud in Chinese while he was dreaming?

“Indeed, I am treating you so well for a specific reason.” Ximen Wuya slowly said, “I still consider myself smart. My intuition is usually on point.”

“Over the many days we’ve been in contact, I’ve come to realize that you are almost completely alone in this world. You have almost no connections to anyone. Also, you are smart but don’t lack wisdom. You are sensitive but not calculating. You are kind but not stupid. You are a good boy.” Ximen Wuya continued, “I know you have something important to do at the Yin Yang Sect, but I would like to give you two options now.”

“What options?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“I have only one daughter. I love my wife very much, which is why I haven’t married any other women and don’t have any other descendants. You’ve seen Yanyan. She is absolutely not a suitable successor for Cloud Sky City. That’s why I’ve adopted several children. Among them are a few extraordinary ones, but even they are not qualified to be the future Lord of Cloud Sky City.”

“That’s why I’ve chosen you. I treated you so well in the past few days partly because I wanted to test your character and probe your inner thoughts. I like your character. You have passed my test.”

“That’s why!” Ximen Wuya looked at Yang Dingtian and asked, “So, are you willing to be the successor for Cloud Sky City?”

What? Yang Dingtian was speechless. He thought he’d heard it wrong.

Another huge piece of cake had fallen out of the sky. Yang Dingtian was about to faint. He never expected Ximen Wuya to say something like that.

“You, you also want me to be your adopted son?” Yang Dingtian asked in shock.

“No, not adopted son but son-in-law. A son-in-law who marries in. You would be Yanyan’s future husband. However, your children would all carry your surname, and you would be the one and only Lord of Cloud Sky City.”

“Don’t look down on sons-in-law who marry in. I’m also a son-in-law who married in. I married Yanyan’s mother, and her father passed the entire Cloud Sky City to me. Unfortunately, I only have a daughter, so I have to find a suitable son-in-law to marry in. I am prepared to hand Cloud Sky City over to him. I’ve chosen you!”

“Why me? Is it because I’m absolutely alone in this world or is it because of my virtues?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Ximen Wuya said, “No. Of course, the qualities you mentioned are important. However, the most important thing is something else. When I treated your injuries, I discovered that your Pure Yang Xuan veins were immeasurably deep. However, it is a pity that your Xuan energy is extremely weak. You possess top-notch talent, but you are also simultaneously like a white piece of paper. I believe that, under my guidance, your future would far surpass mine. In your hands, Cloud Sky City would reach new heights.”

Yang Dingtian was befuddled. Why do all powerful martial artists like to use the same trick? They all try to make Yang Dingtian their successor and get him to marry their daughter. It was understandable with Dongfang Niemie since he was trapped in an ice cave and had no other options. However, the Ximen Wuya that was standing in front of him had plenty of options.

The number of people in this world who wanted to be Ximen Yanyan’s husband, the future Lord of Cloud Sky City, could form a chain that would circle the world several times. Based on what he learned over the past few days, Yang Dingtian was aware that while the position of Cloud Sky City in this world was awkward and complicated, it was still undoubtedly an extremely strong influence. And now, Yang Dingtian could be the Lord of an entire region.

“Ximen City Lord, did you not consider your daughter’s happiness when you made this decision?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Of course I considered it. That was the first priority over all other priorities. You can see that I love Yanyan very much, which is why I’m betrothing her to you. I am confident that she will be happy as I still trust my judgment.”

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