Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 16 - Departing for the Yin Yang Sect

Chapter 16: Departing for the Yin Yang Sect

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Yang Dingtian wasn’t angry when he heard these words. He smiled, nodded at her, and said, “Ms. Ximen, take care.”

“Go away! I can’t stand the sight of you any longer. Since you’ve slept in my room, I’m going to burn all my bed sheets and pillows after you leave…” Ximen Yanyan turned her body to ignore him after furiously insulting him.

Yang Dingtian finally knew why she was standing outside. It was because he was sleeping in her room. No wonder there was an intoxicating scent. However, this girl was full of wildness. Thus, the cabin was not like those belonging to other girls from rich families. Instead, the cabin was filled with all kinds of books and weapons. The weapons were all perfectly clean and were covered with a certain fragrance. The fascinating fragrance also covered every page of those books. Ximen Yanyan couldn’t wait to clean her room after he left.

“Ms. Ximen, I’ll see you later,” Yang Dingtian said.

“There will be no later. The further you go, the better. It would be best if I never saw you again,” she huffed.

Yang Dingtian smiled at her again before going up on deck and leaving by boat.


Yang Dingtian walked in the markets of East Cloud Province.

East Cloud Province was the largest city in the east, home to more than a million citizens.

The whole city was crowded. The architectural style was similar to that of ancient China, classical and antiquated. However, there were also elements of ancient Western architecture in some of the grand and magnificent buildings. Half of the houses were made of wood, while the other half was made of stone.

Inside the city, there were wineries, restaurants, weapon shops, smithies, tailor shops, pharmacies, auction houses, brothels, and more. However, weapon shops, pharmacies, and brothels were the most numerous and prominent. Even the streets in the city were completely paved with bluestone. They were more than ten meters wide, and the houses on both sides of the street lined up neatly.

Due to the Yin Yang Sect’s grand ceremony that it hosted once every ten years, East Cloud Province was currently crowded with innumerable people walking shoulder-to-shoulder.

Yang Dingtian did not have time to enjoy the sights in this picturesque city. He went directly to the Ying Yang Sect.

The Yin Yang Sect was located in Vast Immeasurable Mountain, which was situated nearly a hundred miles outside East Cloud Province. Yang Dingtian wanted to hire a carriage for himself, but there were too many people going to the Yin Yang Sect. Therefore, he had to crowd in with other people inside a big carriage.

Inside, there were seven people besides Yang Dingtian. The carriage wasn’t big. It was already crowded enough before he got on, and now it was even more so.

He looked around the car once he boarded. Two rows of wooden seats were almost completely filled. There were five young warriors armed with swords, all of whom looked gorgeous in their beautiful suits. There was also an old man dressed in rough clothing. He was short but looked sturdy, had tanned skin just like an old farmer, and was armed with a sword as well.

There was one other person, the only girl in the carriage. She wore a red embroidered dress. Her dress was only made with ordinary cloth, but her face was attractive. Her skin was a healthy wheat color, and her body’s shape perfectly matched her red dress. Although she wasn’t as glamorous as Ximen Yanyan, she was still attractive enough.

At first, these five warriors stared at the red suit girl with fiery gazes. She didn’t do anything except frowning and ignoring their impolite stares.

Everyone in the carriage turned their heads towards Yang Dingtian as he boarded. He was handsome and wore the robes gifted to him by Ximen Wuya. As a result, the five warriors dared not underestimate him until they realized that no martial artist worth anything would ride this carriage. They showed their disdain for him and shifted their focus back to that girl.

After the girl in red gave Yang Dingtian a glance, she bowed her head and kept silent. The old man who looked like a farmer then gave him a big smile, which Yang Dingtian returned with one of his own.

“Daughter, give this man a spot,” the old man told the girl.

The girl in red then shifted her waist and hips to create some space and looked at Yang Dingtian warily.

“Thank you so much!” Yang Dingtian gave her a big smile and sat down in the small corner of the wooden bench, trying not to have any physical contact with her.

The girl’s face turned slightly red, and she shyly replied, “You’re welcome.”

“It was already crowded, and in comes another one.” One of the warriors was jealous of Yang Dingtian, who had managed to get a next to the girl. He yelled loudly at the driver, “There are already 8 of us, and you still don’t want to depart. How can you try to earn money so shamelessly?”

“Let’s go. Let’s go!” the driver replied. Hearing his “hee haw”, the two horses started to move, dragging the carriage towards the Yin Yang Sect located in Vast Immeasurable Mountain.

“Hey, buddy, which martial arts faction are you from? Which family?” the warrior wearing the most gorgeous suit suddenly asked.

Yang Dingtian replied, “I don’t belong to any martial arts faction. I’m just a nobody.”

Unexpectedly, the gorgeous warrior became less hostile and felt like they were closer now. “I’m from the Northwest Qin family. I was following my elders to see the world, but I’m not willing to only follow in their footsteps. Therefore, I separated from them after reaching East Cloud Province and am traveling alone.”

The world’s most famous martial factions numbered 27. Northwest Qin family was ranked number nine.

Yang Dingtian then said, “So you are a student of a big faction. I salute you!”

The gorgeous warrior looked happy and waved his hand, saying, “Personally, I don’t like all this vanity. All my prestige comes from my elders. I always like to rely on myself.”

Yang Dingtian exclaimed, “You’re definitely extraordinary!”

The gorgeous warrior became even more ecstatic, feeling even closer to Yang Dingtian. He had already boasted several times before Yang Dingtian boarded, but no one else had given him a response. Only Yang Dingtian had. He immediately developed a favorable impression of Yang Dingtian, and his previous hostility towards him diminished greatly.

“Yin Yang Sect, the world’s first martial arts holy land, is hosting a centennial ceremony festival. Buddy, do you know what the major highlights of this ceremony festival are?”

Yang Dingtian smiled and replied, “I was just about to ask.”

“The first thing to see is, of course, Dongfang Bingling, the world’s most beautiful woman. Our faction, the Northwest Qin family, has a good relationship with the Yin Yang Sect, which is why I’ve seen her before. However, not everyone in the world has the fortune to see her, so this time, they can finally see the fairy who descends from the sky. Mate, that kind of beauty, that kind of nobility, really cannot be perfectly described with words. I can guarantee that anyone who sees her will never forget the sight for the rest of his life. It’s like being struck by lightning. However, I will warn you not to have any improper thoughts because she is just like a fairy. She’s only there for people to worship.”

“Mate, I’m not afraid of you laughing at me. Two years ago, I followed the elders to visit the Gurus of the Yin Yang Sect, and I was fortunate enough to see Ms. Dongfang for a split second. I was stunned for two hours before I got my soul back. When I woke up, I felt like my whole heart had been baptized in holy water. I even broke through, my martial arts having advanced two levels.”

Yang Dingtian was surprised. “Is she really as beautiful as you’ve described?”

“Of course, I’m actually not very good at speaking. Words can only describe one ten-thousandth of her beauty. I really hate how my words are incapable of describing her beauty. Mate, let’s make this simple. Do you think the girl next to you is beautiful?”

Women are always concerned about their appearance. Although the girl’s head was lowered, she had been listening to their conservation all this time. When the warrior suddenly talked about her, she immediately felt shy. Her face turned red, and her expression became unnatural.

Yang Dingtian looked at the girl in red and replied earnestly, “Looks like a natural carving. She’s very beautiful.”

Hearing Yang Dingtian’s praise, the girl couldn’t help but stare at him with her big eyes. Then, her pretty face became even redder, and she quickly looked down again.

The warrior then said, “This is because you haven’t see Dongfang Bingling yet. If you saw Ms. Dongfang, the girl next to you would look like dust in comparison. I was a bad guy last time and provoked many beauties. But, ever since I met Ms. Dongfang, I’ve found other girls to be just ordinary and am now no longer interested in women anymore. My heart is as pure as a saint’s, and I only admire Ms. Dongfang. I guess I will probably be lonely for the rest of my life.”

Yang Dingtian almost couldn’t keep himself from laughing out loud. It was funny that this warrior had stared covetously at the girl in red from the very beginning but was now saying that he was pure and unrestrained like a saint. Moreover, if you disregarded than the fact that the girl in red was just wearing ordinary clothes and had skin that was not white enough, you would find that she was actually a very rare beauty. If this beauty had lived on Earth, she would definitely have been the model cover girl printed in major fashion magazines.

However, the girl’s eyes turned red when she heard the gorgeous warrior criticize her this way. She wanted to say something but ultimately couldn’t. She looked like she was about to cry.

Yang Dingtian was a very compassionate guy who didn’t want to see girls cry. He quickly interrupted, “Mate, you shouldn’t say things like that. The fairy-like Ms. Dongfang must be beautiful and is, perhaps, beyond one’s reach. I believe that she has her own beauty. The girl beside me is pure and innocent, which is her own unique beauty. Ms. Dongfang is like a precious flower planted in an elegant flower pot. Of course, she would look tremendously amazing. This girl here could be said to be a magnificent flower standing alone in the dry wilderness, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth. She is also a precious beauty. She just doesn’t own an elegant flowerpot.”

The girl in red immediately forgot her despondency after hearing what Yang Dingtian said. Once again, her face turned as red as the dress she was wearing. Her big eyes looked like she was drunk, and she shyly kept stealing glances at him, as if trying to burn his face into her memory.

The gorgeous warrior felt discomfited when he saw the girl’s expression. He was a master of flirting. How dare Yang Dingtian flirt with the girl in front of him! Furthermore, the girl seems to be already impressed by him! However, the strategy Yang Dingtian used was that of a gentleman. It was too late for the gorgeous warrior to take back his words. Thus, he could only double down and say grudgingly, “I suppose you really haven’t seen the world. You will only understand what I’ve said the day you see Ms. Dongfang.”

Yang Dingtian smiled and asked, “Then, what about others highlights?”

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