Nine Yang Sword Saint

Chapter 22 - Do You Like Me? Apprentice Brother Yang

Chapter 22: Do You Like Me? Apprentice Brother Yang

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Yang Dingtian was surprised, and he poured her a glass of wine. She took a sip gently and drained half of the glass. In an instant, her cheek turned red, causing her to look even more beautiful and extraordinary.

Both of them were eating quietly. Of course, Yang Dingtian was the one that ate most of the food, while Dongfang Bingling just accompanied him with her drinks. Soon, he finished all the food, and they finished a bottle of wine together. There was more than a pound of strong white wine. Dongfang Bingling drank more than her counterpart. Yang Dingtian was now slightly drunk while Dongfang Bingling was still sober. Only her cheeks had turned red.

“Apprentice Sister, do you drink often?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Dongfang Bingling nodded her head, which surprised Yang Dingtian a little. After getting drunk, Yang Dingtian had lost control of his brain and mouth. As such, he asked directly, “Why?”

“There is too much sorrow and grief. There are too many things to worry about.”

She was the angel admired by millions of people. She was the princess in the eyes of men. Many people were willing to sacrifice their lives for her if she even slightly scrunched her brows. How could she be unhappy? Of course, she had worried about her father, but this alone shouldn’t be the cause.

“Apprentice Brother, you will eventually find out,” Dongfang Bingling said with a smile as she finished the last glass of wine.

This was the only smile Yang Dingtian had seen all day long. Immediately, the entire house seemed to bloom innumerable flowers.

“I really hope that I can lend you a helping hand in the future, relieving your sadness and adding happiness to your life,” Yang Dingtian couldn’t help but say that to her. He was actually a proud and reserved guy on Earth, so he seldom actively wooed girls. Even his pretty English teacher was the one who took the initiative to woo him. Tonight, he couldn’t help but spurt out these words.

Yang Dingtian felt his heart thumping rapidly as he waited for Dongfang Bingling’s answer. At this moment, the worst reply would be silence, while an acceptable answer would be a “thank you”. If he was not mistaken, her most likely answer would be a “thank you”.

Dongfang Bingling looking at Yang Dingtian with her charming eyes and nodded her head. “Yes, I believe you.”

Instantly, endless happiness and sweetness filled his heart.

After finishing the wine, Dongfang Bingling packed the cutlery back into the food container and took out a tea set from behind a bookshelf.

“Apprentice Brother, can you go collect a pot of the cleanest snow?” She handed the teapot to Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian took the teapot outside and filled it with pure-white snow. Then, he handed it back to Dongfang Bingling.

She placed her tiny hands below the teapot. Her jade-like hands rubbed it softly, and a blue flame ignited, swaying gently. Yang Dingtian was surprised.

“Apprentice Sister, I thought you possessed the Icy Xuan Vein? How can you generate a flame?” Yang Dingtian asked in surprise. Ximen Wuya’s nature was fire, and he was able to generate Icy Fire. However, he had already achieved the rank of Master. Had his fiancée reached Guru level at such a young age?”

“It is very difficult for Fiery Nature Xuan Veins to generate Icy Fire. It is relatively easier for Icy Xuan Veins to generate Icy Fire,” Dongfang Bingling explained in a very calm voice. However, her display still completely shocked Yang Dingtian. He realized the cultivation of this extraordinary girl had already reached a shocking level.

The fire melted the snow. Dongfang Bingling then made two cups of tea, which immediately assailed his nostrils with exotic scents. Yang Dingtian completely drained his cup.

After drinking three cups of tea, Dongfang Bingling stood up and procured a pile of clothes from nearby. “These were all my clothes belonging to my dad. You two have similar figures. I’ll get the maids to sew you new clothes tomorrow.”

“Apprentice Brother, take a good rest. I’ll leave first.” Dongfang Bingling turned and walked away. She was the Yin Yang Sect princess, and there were currently countless valued guests the sect. Yet, she still personally brought him food and clothing. She even accompanied him for dinner and made him tea.

“I probably won’t have time to come and see you during the next three days. I’ll be back in three days.”

After Dongfang Bingling left, Yang Dingtian felt warm and took a comfortable bath.

He took his bath, put on the clothes he was given, and returned to the house. He was trembling throughout this entire routine. He once read a book that stated that men would act strangely when in love. He hadn’t believed it back then, but now, he believed.

The tea was sitting still there within the teapot that could be considered a treasure. The water had not cooled. He tried to read a book while drinking tea, but he was stuck on the first page. Finally, it got too late, and he decided to go to bed.

The bedsheet was extremely soft, even softer than the legendary velvet. It also smelled good.

Throughout the night, Yang Dingtian dreamed of Dongfang Bingling. However, at the best moment in the dream, he suddenly woke up. Right before he woke, he was only an inch away from Dongfang Bingling’s lips in the dream.

Yang Dingtian was annoyed at having woken right at the best moment in the dream. He desperately wanted to go back to sleep and resume that dream where he left off. However, he couldn’t fall asleep again, so he got up. His entire body and mind were still filled with that sweet feeling.

Soon, someone came to bring him breakfast. It wasn’t Dongfang Bingling but a maid in red. She was very pretty. She was young but still possessed a voluptuous body. If he was in a normal state of mind, Yang Dingtian would have definitely noticed her and even been amazed. But now, Yang Dingtian didn’t even remember what she looked like because his mind was filled with another extraordinary face. Thus, the new woman who came this time was colorless to him.

At noon, the same maid in red brought him his meal.

By evening, Dongfang Bingling still hadn’t appeared. It was still the same maid in red who brought him dinner and fresh clothes.

Following the same routine, the maid in red brought him his meals the next morning, noon, and evening. On this day, Yin Yang Sect was bustling with noise and excitement. Even Yang Dingtian could hear the noise from his remote hill.

Today was a grand day in the Yin Yang Sect. A few million people had gathered on the mountain. All Martial Arts Groups were visiting. Even though he was far away from the bustle, Yang Dingtian could still feel the veneration exuded by countless people.

A sacrificial ceremony was held in the afternoon. The scene must have been very grand and spectacular. Yang Dingtian could smell the burning incense and see the rising smoke even though he was several dozen miles away.

Dozens of miles away, he could hear the din of people shouting and kneeling.

Dozens of miles away, he could see countless rare birds fly up into the sky.

It was a rare occasion in this world, one that occurs only once a decade. Before, Yang Dingtian had been very excited, but now, he wasn’t interested in the festivities at all. His body and mind were preoccupied with only one thing.

In the evening, an endless stream of fireworks shot into the sky, depicting a variety of images in the dark night sky. Fireworks also existed in this world, but instead of gunpowder, they were made using precious stones and medicines. They were much more expensive than the fireworks made on Earth. Even so, the fireworks show lasted several hours.

The entire sky above Vast Immeasurable Mountain was filled with beautiful fireworks explosions.

The entire Vast Immeasurable Mountain was illuminated by countless lights. Looking down from the top of the mountain, one could see countless sparkling lights decorating every corner such that the mountainside looked like the starry sky. The scenery was more beautiful than what anyone could have imagined.

Millions of lights lit up the night sky. Even back on the relatively high-tech Earth, Yang Dingtian had not witnessed a comparably spectacular and beautiful night sky.

When Yang Dingtian was about to go to bed, Dongfang Bingling finally came. He became extremely excited. It was about eleven o’clock at night.

“You must have been very busy today. I thought you weren’t coming,” Yang Dingtian said. He had already undressed and was wearing only his undergarments.

Dongfang Bingling was dressed in white. She sat opposite Yang Dingtian. “Today was a grand occasion, but you weren’t able to join. I was worried that you might have been upset.”

“How could I be?” Yang Dingtian rebutted. “I don’t mind it at all. I’m pretty happy.”

“You’re the disciple that my dad cultivated secretly. The fewer people who know, the better.”

“Yes, I understand.” Yang Dingtian asked, “How was everything today? Are you tired?”

“Not really. Just a little bored and lonely,” Dongfang Bingling replied. Her extraordinary figure seemed even more lonesome as she spoke.

Dongfang Bingling stretched out her hand. There were flower petals wreathed in blue flame on her palm.

“This is the Flame Flower. Each Yin Yang Sect disciple needs to wear one on the Day of Worship.”

Yang Dingtian took the Flame Flower. In doing so, his hand briefly touched her palm. Her skin felt smooth, soft, and charming.

Half of Yang Dingtian’s body was paralyzed by that slight touch.

“Apprentice Brother, rest well. I’ll see you the day after tomorrow,” Dongfang Bingling said.

“What’s tomorrow’s event?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Martial Arts Competition,” Dongfang Bingling replied.

“Do you have to participate?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Yes, probably one battle,” Dongfang Bingling replied.


Dongfang Bingling answered, “Zhu Hongxue.”

Yang Dingtian’s face trembled slightly. Feeling a bit jealous, he warned, “Be careful.”

“I will.” Dongfang Bingling left after saying, “I will come see you the day after tomorrow. I have something important to discuss with you.”


On the third day, Yang Dingtian was agitated because Dongfang Bingling had to fight Zhu Hongxue.

According to warriors’ hearsay, the main purpose of Zhu Hongxue’s trip to the Yin Yang Sect was to propose marriage. Xuan Sky Sect would like to ally with the Yin Yang Sect through marriage. Zhu Hongxue was the foremost expert among the younger generation and also the most handsome man in the world. Even though Yang Dingtian had yet to see him in person, he could imagine the scene in which he stood next to Dongfang Bingling. They would look like a perfect match.

Had Dongfang Bingling won or lost? Yang Dingtian had no idea. Maybe nobody cared about the result.

On this day, Yang Dingtian waited until midnight, until Vast Immeasurable Mountain had become completely quiet. And yet, Dongfang Bingling did not appear.

Yang Dingtian had a few dreams that night, one after another. All the dreams were very messy and fidgety. He seemed to repeatedly fall into an ice cave that was several thousand meters deep….

“Ah…” Yang Dingtian stretched out his hands as if trying to break his fall. Then, he jerked up and opened his eyes.

At this point in time, the sky was already bright, and sunlight shone directly into the house. A graceful figure was standing inside. She looked even more beautiful under the sunlight, shrouded in a layer of radiance.

Dongfang Bingling had arrived. She stood in the house with breakfast served on the table next to her.

“Why didn’t Apprentice Sister wake me after arriving?”

Yang Dingtian quickly got up, threw on his clothes, washed his face, and rinsed his mouth. Then, he sat at the table and ate his breakfast.

“Did Apprentice Sister win the match?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“I won,” Dongfang Bingling replied. “But only because Zhu Hongxue deliberately let me win.”

“Has the event ended?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Yes, it has ended. Most of the guests have descended the mountain.”

At the moment, Yang Dingtian couldn’t think of anything to talk about, so he just remained silent. Neither person spoke.

Yang Dingtian finished his breakfast so quickly that he could not recall how it tasted at all.

“Apprentice Brother, according to my father’s last words, I’m betrothed to you. What are your thoughts?” Dongfang Bingling asked directly. “Apprentice Brother, do like me?”

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