Ninth In the World

Chapter 11 - The Mysterious Fairy Planet

Chapter 11: The Mysterious Fairy Planet

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“Don’t you recognize me?” Shen Ziyu looked at Di Jiu in disbelief. She simply could not believe that he did not recognize her. Why was he using such a tone with her?

This woman was indeed Shen Ziyu. Di Jiu immediately reacted. “Any relationship that we had is in the past. Ever since our divorce, we are no longer related. Why should I recognize you?”

Di Jiu was already feeling uncomfortable over the fact that someone had barged into his home. Even though he did not really have a good impression of her, she was still his ex-wife. The way Di Jiu saw it, Shen Ziyu must have been the one to dump him and ask for a divorce, so she had to be the reason they were strangers now.

Shen Ziyu looked at Di Jiu calmly and told him without raising her voice, “That’s true. You dumped me, so you can choose not to recognize me now. I’m the one always chasing after you. The Fairy Planet is about to open to the public, and the easiest way to get in is by being a student of a recognized Institute of Martial Arts. North Luo University has such an institute now. This is an entry token you can use to register if you want to learn martial arts there.”

As soon as she was done speaking, Shen Ziyu placed a blue-colored copper plate on the table and left. She had so much more to say to Di Jiu, but after seeing his attitude, she was no longer in the mood to do so.

When he heard the sound of the door closing, Di Jiu came back to his senses. From the looks of it, it was not Shen Ziyu who had dumped him, but the other way around.

Di Jiu rubbed his forehead. He must not have been a useless person in his previous life, if he had given up on such a beautiful woman without a care in the world.

What did she mean when she said that the Fairy Planet would be open to everyone soon?

It didn’t matter. Di Jiu suddenly felt a pang of hunger. Thankfully, his body was feeling alright. He was not experiencing any side effects or feeling faint.

After tidying up the house and taking a bath, he decided to go out and look for something to eat.

As he walked to the end of Luo Jin Street, he finally found out what the Fairy Planet was. Almost everybody in the city was either talking about the fact that the Fairy Planet was about to open or the news that North Luo University had established an Institute of Martial Arts.

Through listening and asking at the same time, by the end of his meal, Di Jiu had a clear picture of what these two things would mean to different people.

When the Fairy Planet had appeared five years ago, almost every country on Earth had instantly received a confirmation about its appearance.

Actually, the Fairy Planet was considered a planet of the solar system. Nobody knew how this planet had come to exist. People only knew that five years ago, another planet had suddenly appeared in the solar system. That planet had been named the Fairy Planet.

People had not gotten excited about the existence of a new planet, but rather about the fact that the Fairy Planet showed signs of life. Plus, it was also very close to Earth. In order to get there, all one needed to do was ride the quantum sky passenger plane for a little over 40 hours.

The technology used to make that plane had been manufactured in China even before the Fairy Planet’s appearance in the solar system. That particular plane could travel through the atmosphere at 60 times the speed of sound.

People did not say that there was life on the Fairy Planet because there was sufficient data to make comparisons to, but rather because even a fool who had been there would have known that there were forms of life on it. It was a planet surrounded by luscious greenery and filled with unique formidable beasts.

It was impossible to calculate the surface area of the Fairy Planet. Even though many scientists had landed on it, it had not been possible for them to collect any more data.

One of the facts that scientists were still puzzled over to this day was that there was only one entrance to the planet. Any vessel that went through another entrance was torn to pieces, no matter what material the aircraft was made of. Another incomprehensible fact was that even though the Earth and the Fairy Planet were in such close proximity, the Earth was not affected by it at all.

Moreover, there was only a small area where an aircraft could fly on the Fairy Planet. No aircraft, including the quantum sky plane, was able to fly over any other areas. This was a rule discovered through the sacrifice of the lives of many scientists and adventurers through the years.

Much later, metaphysics experts from China combined the diagrams found on the Fairy Planet and concluded that it was very likely that something outside the planet was protecting it and giving it the power to destroy anything that came too close to it. This mysterious substance had allowed the Fairy Planet to join the solar system, yet remain independent. This was possibly temporary, but even though it may have seemed unbelievable, this information had surfaced long ago in the long cultural heritage of China.

In their effort to explore the Fairy Planet, many outstanding scientists and adventurers had passed away. However, their sacrifices had been entirely worth it. There were a lot of precious plants on the Fairy Planet, some of which could even save a terminally ill patient. According to the people who resided on the Fairy Planet for extended periods of time, their minor ailments would go away without any treatment. This alone was enough to make the Fairy Planet a better place for humans to live than the Earth.

There were also many ferocious beasts there, so a lot of people who had died on the Fairy Planet had succumbed to them.

As the pollution on the Earth worsened and its resources were gradually exhausted, the appearance of the Fairy Planet could end up saving humanity. Every country on Earth had gotten together and set up the Earth Union in an effort to protect the Fairy Planet. Nobody who entered the planet could use any radioactive weapons.

Anyone who entered the Fairy Planet during this initial stage had to be a member of a martial arts institution approved by the Earth Union.

Ever since the Fairy Planet had opened, every institute of higher education around the world had been trying to set up an Institute of Martial Arts. However, this was not easy, as all the schools had to apply based on the country they were in, report to the Earth Union, and then undergo the Union’s assessment before they were allowed to open an institute.

North Luo University was not considered one of the top universities in China, yet it had been allowed to build such an institute, which implied that, based on this criterion alone, it was better than many other schools.

It was easy to imagine how many people around the country, maybe even around the world, would rush to North Luo University and try to enter its Institute of Martial Arts.

Di Jiu finally understood how rare and precious the entry token Shen Ziyu had given him was.

Di Jiu shook his head. He had some memory of martial arts on Earth, but it was very different from what he had experienced back in the Yalun Continent. Besides, his body’s condition prevented him from practising martial arts.

The first necessary step to cultivating the Di family’s Seven Sabers was the Jing-Well Point of the Lesser Yang Meridian. However, there was no way Di Jiu’s Jing-Well Point of the Lesser Yang Meridian could sense the Heavenly Earth Essence Energy.

It was not possible to train without feeling the Essence Energy, so if he were to train forcefully, he would wreck his body so badly that no amount of tonics would be able to help.

The moment Di Jiu thought of this, a feeble aura was effused out of his Jing-Well Point Lesser Yang Meridian. He sprang up with a start, but the faint aura disappeared without a trace.

Di Jiu was so excited that he suddenly jumped up and stared at the ring finger of his left hand. He had actually felt the Essence Energy.

Ever since he had been born, he had never been able to practise martial arts. Not being able to practise martial arts rendered one useless in the Yalun Continent. If he’d had a choice, he would rather have practised martial arts than be a scion of the Di family. The reason Zhen Man had given up on him was because he had lacked martial roots.

If he had not loved Zhen Man so deeply back then, he would not have gotten back on his feet and motivated himself to study medicine.

Little had he expected that, just as he had been about to give up on martial arts, he would actually start practising them again.

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