Ninth In the World

Chapter 13 - The Reason I Married You

Chapter 13: The Reason I Married You

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The Luo Kang Hospital was not too far away from where Di Jiu was staying, so the car came to a halt after slightly more than 10 minutes.

Shen Ziyu’s room was on the top floor, as it was a private room. The moment he walked in, Di Jiu saw her lying on the hospital bed.

She was holding a book in her hands, looking as if she were in a daze.

When the woman who had taken Di Jiu to the hospital opened the door, the sound startled Shen Ziyu. She put down the book she had been holding and smiled at Di Jiu before she told the lady, “Thank you, Auntie Fang. Close the door while I have a word with Zimo.”

“Alright,” Auntie Fang replied before she left and closed the door behind her.

“Are you feeling unwell?” Di Jiu asked after scanning Shen Ziyu, who was lying in bed.

“It’s the same old problem. You know it’s not a big deal. I called you to tell you to leave Luo Jin…”

“Leave Luo Jin? Why?” Di Jiu interrupted her before she could finish.

Shen Ziyu sighed and looked at him as she asked, “I heard Liang Xi mention that you fell down recently?”

“Yes, I did fall while I was on the Wang Chuan Mountain. I injured my brain a little, so I lost a small portion of my memories. Why do I have to leave Luo Jin?” Di Jiu said emotionlessly before he changed the subject swiftly. He did not want to talk about this anymore.

When Shen Ziyu heard the tone of his voice, she told him with utmost sincerity, “Zimo, I know you liked me and fell in love with me. I’m so sorry…”

Di Jiu furrowed his brow slightly. Fell in love with you? Even though she is indeed very pretty, isn’t she being a little too self-centered? When did I ever fall in love with her? I was the one who initiated the divorce in my past life, which was why she said that I kicked her aside!

The only girl he had ever loved was Zhen Man, but when he had seen her walk together with another man in Pearl City, Di Jiu had given up on that relationship completely. After going through so much, he was no longer an emotional, immature boy.

Had I liked Shen Ziyu? At least he knew that he did not have any similar feelings right now.

“Did you really lose every memory of our marriage?” Shen Ziyu asked him curiously.

“Yes. If you don’t mind, could you tell me more about our story?” Di Jiu felt some anticipation as he asked her. He really wanted to know whether he had fallen in love with the woman in front of him in his previous life.

“Can you remember your identity?” She felt even more baffled when she heard his words.

Di Zimo looked perfectly normal. How could he have suddenly lost a part of his memory?

He touched his head awkwardly. “I can only remember that I am related to the Di Clan and its manufacturing business. It seems like I was an heir of theirs… That’s all I know, though. I’m not that clear about anything else.”

In all honesty, the only reason he knew that was because of the woman who had come to find him and asked him to sign that agreement. If she hadn’t, he would still have been unaware of this information.

When she realized that Di Jiu was telling the truth, Shen Ziyu let out a deep breath. Her eyes betrayed the pity she felt for him. She only started to speak after she had remained silent for over 10 seconds. “The Di Clan’s drug manufacturing business, which is run by Director Di Wencheng, is one of the 500 most successful companies in the world and one of the top 10 drug manufacturing companies in the world. Di Wencheng has two sons. One of them is his own flesh and blood, while the other one is adopted…”

“Is that Di Ziheng and me?” Di Jiu asked. His heart started palpitating when he heard her words.

Shen Ziyu nodded. “Looks like you didn’t lose your memory completely. That’s right, it is you and Di Ziheng. In fact, Di Wencheng had always treated you like his own flesh and blood. Di Ziheng was the one who’d always felt like the adopted one. Almost everybody knew this, but nobody ever suspected it.”

Di Zimo had a clearer picture of the situation after her explanation.

“However, not long after we got married, the DNA tests showed that Di Ziheng was the real heir. At first, we thought that the results were wrong, but after getting tested repeatedly at various renowned hospitals, the results still remained the same. You were the adopted son, and Di Ziheng was the real one,” Shen Ziyu said with a deep sigh.

Di Jiu did not take this badly. Not being the real son of Di Wencheng actually gave him a little more freedom.

Was it impressive to own one of the 500 most successful corporations in the world? Back when he had been in the Ji Nation, the Di Clan had only been second to the King. However, it had still been eliminated really easily. Di Jiu’s fate was in his own hands. He did not want to rely on his family’s power anymore.

He silently wondered whether Shen Ziyu had married him because of his family’s business.

Di Jiu did not have to ask about the matter, as Shen Ziyu told him apologetically, “The reason I got married to you was because my family needed help from your family’s business, both in terms of money and other aspects.”

Shen Ziyu smiled bitterly as she went on, “I bet nobody in my family had ever expected that the news that you were not the rightful heir would come out right after we got married. It looks like while you were getting ready to go to North Luo University, your family had already been scheming for this to happen. Meanwhile, my family thought that everything was going according to our plan…”

Shen Ziyu paused slightly when she finished her sentence. Scheming? If Di Zimo had not been Di Wencheng’s son, then all they would have had to do was take a DNA test. Why would there be a need for scheming? Di Zimo did not have to be sent to Luo Jin, right?

Di Jiu laughed out loud. “Did your family want us to get a divorce so that you could marry Di Ziheng instead?”

Shen Ziyu’s face was as white as paper as she fell silent. In the end, she nodded. “Yes, even though I never fell for you and we never really became a couple, I never thought of marrying another person.”

“Did I think that, if I refused to divorce you, you would be caught in the middle? Is that why I went ahead and suggested it myself?” Di Jiu asked dully.

Shen Ziyu nodded her head and fell quiet. She knew very clearly that Di Zimo had liked her very much and loved her to his very core. Even though he had brought up the divorce at the time, she knew that he had only done so because he did not want to put her in a difficult position. It didn’t matter that her family had arranged the marriage. She really had no feelings for Di Zimo and knew for sure that she would never love him.

Therefore, she could only stay silent as Di Jiu laughed bitterly.

After remaining silent for a couple of minutes, Shen Ziyu raised her head to look at Di Jiu and said, “I am asking you to leave Luo Jin because, if you stay, I’m worried that Di Ziheng’s mother will seek you out. She might even try to harm you.”

Di Jiu chuckled. “That would be your future mother-in-law.”

He was secretly envious of Shen Ziyu’s deduction, as someone had already paid him a visit.

Shen Ziyu sighed yet again, but chose not to argue with him. Instead, she said, “If you got into North Luo University along with me, everything would be so easy to solve… Who could have expected that my illness would come back, though? I don’t think I’ll be able to enter university for the time being.”

Di Jiu realized that Shen Ziyu wanted to protect him by giving him that entry token, which would give him the right to register at North Luo University. It was basically a safeguard.

He sighed inwardly at the thought. Shen Ziyu did not have much of a bargaining power in this situation. Perhaps she could have helped him by threatening to die if her family were to force her to leave him, but she apparently did not love him enough to do that.

It was already remarkable enough that she would do this for him.

“Tell me about your illness. What happened?” Di Jiu no longer wanted to talk about this topic.

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