Ninth In the World

Chapter 27 - A Quiet New Job

Chapter 27: A Quiet New Job

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As soon as Di Jiu reached the fifth floor of Block Seven, he spotted a sign that said “Human Resources Department” from afar. When he walked to the doorstep of the Human Resources Department, he took out the card Yu Jianfu had given him. He was about to knock on the door, when he heard someone shout furiously inside.

Di Jiu was surprised to realize that the man being scolded was actually Yu Jianfu. Wasn’t he the director of the hospital? How could anyone dare scold him?

“I’ll give you guys one month to fire all the useless employees working at this hospital. Whoever was responsible for hiring them had better admit it!” Suddenly, the door to the room opened and a lanky man with an angry expression stomped out.

The man glanced at Di Jiu before he left without saying anything.

As soon as he left, Di Jiu heard a woman’s voice drift out of the office. “If he had the guts, he would go find Director Yu! Why show off in front of us instead? I did not even hire those people! How would I dare hire anyone without the approval of the higher-ups? Who does he think he is? I’m not going to listen to his orders!”

“You are not going to be here in one month if that sea turtle 1 realizes that you did not fire a single person, Sister Mu. He might even faint from anger!” another woman’s voice was heard saying. This one sounded much younger than the first one.

Di Jiu knocked on the door before he walked in.

The office of the Human Resources Department was very big. Di Jiu reckoned that at least 10 people could fit comfortably in that room, yet there were only two women in the room, a young married woman just over 30 and a younger, skinnier girl. The older woman was probably Sister Mu.

Sister Mu was actually very pretty. Her figure was amazing, and her cleavage stuck out as she sat in her seat. Her neck was exposed, revealing her fair, attractive skin.

Although the other girl looked much younger, her figure and features paled in comparison.

“Who are you looking for?” Sister Mu eyed Di Jiu. Her tone showed her annoyance, as if the anger that had welled up earlier had not faded away yet.

Di Jiu was too lazy to beat around the bush, so he just passed the card to Sister Mu and said, “Look at this card. If you could find me a job here, that would be great. If not, that’s okay.”

Even though he did not know why the man who had just left would scold Yu Jianfu, he could tell from Sister Mu’s words that he was probably unhappy with the people Yu Jianfu had hired. Thus, Di Jiu did not have high expectations about finding a job there. He just thought he would give it a try, since he was already there.

Sister Mu took the card, flipped it over and threw it on the table. Then she told Di Jiu, “Don’t you know that Director Yu has been transferred?”

Di Jiu nodded his head. “Now I do.”

He was about to turn around and leave. It seemed that finding a job there was a lost cause. He would probably have to find one on his own.

“If you don’t mind, I have a relatively easy job for you that only requires some guts,” Sister Mu suddenly said when she saw that Di Jiu had turned his back to her.

“Sister Mu, that man said… How could you still…”

The skinny girl had not finished speaking, when Sister Mu raised her hand to stop her. “I’m not afraid of that evil foreigner. Plus, this job is not very important.”

“What kind of job is it ?” Di Jiu asked. What kind of hospital job would require guts, unless it involved helping the surgeons during an operation?

If that was really the job, then he would have to consider it. Even though a lot of new doctors would love to learn from more experienced ones, Di Jiu did not think that he was the right person for that job. He wanted to find a job that was relaxing, but paid enough money for him not to go hungry, so that he could use the rest of his time to practise the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers and the Major Conduit Internal Records.

“The underground floor of Block 11 is missing a security guard. The salary is 6,000 a month, plus an additional bonus, but the job is pretty boring…”

Sister Mu had barely finished uttering that last syllable, when the skinny girl looked at her and exclaimed in shock, “But that’s where the morgue is, Sister Mu! Director Yu recommended this young man for the department that specializes in venom and poisonings. This…”

Even though 6,000 was a ridiculously low salary for an organization like the Ai Bo Hospital, the skinny girl could not understand how Sister Mu would dare hire someone just after the newly-appointed director had blown up on them. What was worse, this person was someone who had actually been recommended by Director Yu.

Sister Mu looked at Di Jiu helplessly. “I’m really sorry. I’m not supposed to refuse to do something Director Yu suggested, but this new director is very overpowering, so I can’t offer you a better position. You could wait a while, until everything gets better. I’ll…”

The woman was truly apologetic. The average salary of the staff the previous year had been close to 10,000, yet the salary she had offered Di Jiu was only slightly more than half the average. However, given her authority, this was the best she could do.

Di Jiu smiled. “It’s okay. This job is actually good. I’m very satisfied with it.”

He was really satisfied with the job, exactly because it was a boring one. This would ensure that he had enough time to practise and allow him to take care of his daily needs. He had not gone there to spend all his time working. So what if the job was in the morgue? It would just be even quieter.

“This is my cell number. Could you pass me your identification card? I need to help you build a personal data record.” Sister Mu casually took a business card and handed it to Di Jiu.

On the card was the name Tong Mu, the words “Chief of the Human Resources Department”, and the woman’s contact number.

Di Jiu did not have a card, so Tong Mu filled in his personal data record by asking him questions about himself. An hour later, Tong Mu was finished.

“Thank you so much, Sister Mu,” Di Jiu gushed as he picked up his things. He knew that if Tong Mu had not been willing to help him, there would have been nothing to do about it. Even Yu Jianfu would not have blamed her.

The reason Tong Mu was willing to help him was most likely Yu Jianfu and the fact that she was not happy with the new director.

The newly-appointed director must have been unable to deal with Director Yu, so he had casually used her as a scapegoat and vented all his anger on her.

“Go ahead. You officially start work today. You can go find a place to stay now. If I can get you a better job within a month, I will help you transfer. Don’t blame me if I can’t, though.” Tong Mu nodded at Di Jiu.

When Di Jiu left the Human Resources Department, he realized that he really needed to find a place to stay. He could train while he was at the hospital and when he got off work, and then go back to his place by train. Di Jiu liked this professional lifestyle.

The moment he walked out of Block Seven, he noticed a group of people gathered in front of one of the blocks. They were all crying and scolding someone profusely.

Such a scene had been a common sight back in the Ji Nation, so Di Jiu did not take it seriously. He was about to leave, when he saw the middle-aged doctor who had led him into the hospital.

Di Jiu had a good feeling about that doctor, because, even though he had received an emergency call and had been in a rush to see his patient, he had still not forgotten to tell Di Jiu where the Human Resources Department was. This man was trustworthy, even when it came to the little things.

However, he currently seemed to be in a predicament. His white gown had been torn into shreds, and there were multiple bloody gashes on his face. Two crazy women were rushing towards him as two men were being held back by security guards. If the security guards had not been there, the doctor might have been in grave danger.

“Bring me my daughter back, you charlatan…” a middle-aged woman wailed as she ran towards the doctor.

Di Jiu sighed. It looked like the doctor had not managed to revive the patient in bed 19, which had resulted in the loss of the patient’s life.

Di Jiu could not help in any way. He might have been able to, if the patient had not died, but if they were dead, he could not save them, regardless of how good his medical skills were.

Di Jiu shook his head and turned to leave.

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