Ninth In the World

Chapter 31 - The Heir Of The Di Clan's Manufacturing Business

Chapter 31: The Heir Of The Di Clan’s Manufacturing Business

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Di Jiu opened his eyes. His abilities had improved greatly after he had cultivated the whole night. However, he realized that cultivating was not enough when there was a lack of Spirit Qi. At each critical time of his practise, when he needed the Spirit Qi, his Heavenly Cycle would be delayed.

This was definitely not going to work. Di Jiu stood up with a sigh. He knew that there was no other way to do this.

There was a lack of Spirit Qi on Earth.

The Fairy Planet, which had superior medicinal herbs, would also have more Spirit Qi. Di Jiu could only rely on himself for visiting the Fairy Planet.

He reckoned that he would not have gotten a chance to visit it through the registration eligibility, even if he had not given You Huli his token.

Even though North Luo University had founded a martial arts faculty, students who gained entry into the faculty were not immediately eligible to visit the Fairy Planet. Each student had to train for a certain time and reach a specific standard before they were granted access to the Fairy Planet.

Other people might not have a way to achieve this, but Di Jiu did. He had an abandoned aircraft, which he had parked at the Wang Chuan mountain range. He intended to fix that aircraft when his abilities improved sufficiently.

The Luo Jin Ziheng restaurant was one of the top 10 restaurants in the city of Luo Jin. The restaurant had been built right next to the sea, so it enjoyed a nice sea view. The owner of the restaurant was Di Ziheng, the heir of the Di Clan’s manufacturing business.

Di Ziheng was currently sitting in the most luxurious dining room in the whole restaurant. A rich-looking, middle-aged lady was sitting right across from him. Di Ziheng seemed self-conscious as he faced the lady. Even though she was his mother, he had actually not seen her ever since he had been a child. It was not until three years ago, when his father had become terminally ill, that she had returned to take care of him.

“You are so indecisive, Ziheng. How are you going to manage such a large corporation in the future?” The middle-aged lady looked a little pale.

Ziheng’s face turned paler at her words as he said self-consciously, “We used to be brothers, mom. We grew up together. Why not let him sign…”

Bang! The middle-aged woman slammed her hand against the tea table before she said angrily, “You are a disappointment! Di Zimo is no relative of yous. Do you know who this restaurant belonged to? Everything belonged to Di Zimo. If you do not work hard, none of these things will become yours. I’ll tell you the truth. It was obvious that Di Zimo did not want to sign…”

The middle-aged woman took a few deep breaths before she said in a low voice, “As long as Di Zimo is alive, your inheritance will be at risk. Shen Ziyu will not be yours either. What’s the use of liking her if you can’t have her?”

Di Ziheng remained silent. He could not understand his mother’s ruthlessness. Before the results of the DNA test had been released, Di Zimo had been considered the woman’s biological son.

Di Ziheng hesitated for a long while. Eventually, he said, “Mom, Shen Ziyu…”

The woman seemed to know what Di Ziheng was about to say, as she snorted and said, “You will soon find out how much the Shen Family could help you.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and a voice was heard saying, “Shen Ziyu has arrived, madam.”

The middle-aged lady immediately calmed down and said, “Bring her here to dine with us.”

“Yes”, the voice replied before the sound of fading footsteps was heard.

The middle-aged woman put on a pleasant act as she walked to the entrance of the dining room. Shen Ziyu was led to the dining room by another lady.

“Ziyu, I know that you have been very busy lately. If it was not for this news, I would not have distracted you from your studies.” The middle-aged lady was smiling as she walked over to welcome Ziyu.

“Greetings, Aunt Xiu.” Shen Ziyu immediately took a faint bow. She had thought that Yan Xiumei was Di Zimo’s mother, but it had turned out that she was Di Ziheng’s mother after all.

“Come in and sit down… What are you standing there for, Ziheng?” Yan Xiumei glared at her son.

Shen Ziyu did not enter the dining room. She just stood by the entrance, bowed again and said, “Thank you, Aunt Xiu. I will not enter the room. I know why you invited me here, but I have been married once already. One marriage is enough for me. I do not want a second one. Plus, my body has been weak lately…”

Ever since she had been discharged from the hospital, Shen Ziyu had made it clear to her family that she would not remarry. Her only hope now was to visit the Fairy Planet through North Luo University’s martial arts faculty and find a way to prolong her life.

The Shen Family had temporarily agreed to her request, because her attitude had been very resolute and the family business had been picking up lately. However, if she was unable to prove her abilities in the martial arts faculty, she would still need to help her family.

Yan Xiumei smiled widely as she said, “I just heard that Lin Chuan’s Ai Bo Hospital has an extremely skillful heart surgeon. He revived and cured completely a patient who had been resting in the mortuary for several hours. I was wondering if that doctor could cure you as well.”

Shen Ziyu was slightly shaken. She had not expected the Di Family to know about her illness. If Yan Xiumei was telling the truth, then that doctor had to be very skillful indeed.

Shen Ziyu was very clear about her illness. During her visit to the Wang Chuan Temple, Monk Red Dust had informed her that her illness could not be cured on Earth. She knew that Monk Red Dust was very gifted, so she believed that she could not be healed, even by the best doctor in Lin Chuan.

She was not aware that Di Jiu had cured her of her illness. In the past, she had made multiple trips to the hospital and stayed there for a few days, until her condition improved. Her most recent recovery had left her feeling lighter than before, but this had happened many times already, so she had not gone for a second check-up after she had gotten discharged from the hospital.

“Thank you, Auntie Xiu, but I wish to spend a few quiet years studying martial arts. I shall not disturb you again. I have to go.” Ziyu bowed again courteously and turned to leave.

Yan Xiumei turned pale as she watched Shen Ziyu’s departing silhouette. If Shen Ziyu refused to marry into the Di Family, her plans would be ruined.

“Mom, is it true that there is such a good doctor in Lin Chuan? Could he be able to cure father?” Although Di Ziheng admired Shen Ziyu, he did not plan on marrying her. He could not get over the fact that she used to be his sister-in-law. This meeting had been forcibly arranged by Yan Xiumei.

“I’ve already made an appointment. You don’t need to worry about this,” Yan Xiumei said calmly.

“I would like to enter the martial arts faculty, too…”

“Are you planning on giving up managing the Di Clan’s manufacturing business to attend martial arts school instead? You could easily buy your way to the Fairy Planet once it’s open to the public. You should not neglect the Di Clan’s manufacturing business for the sake of joining the martial arts faculty. If you lose this business, you will be left with nothing,” Yan Xiumei said in a strict tone.

The same lady who had led Shen Ziyu inside walked forward and said in a low voice, “Sir, I just heard that Di Zimo has disappeared. His current whereabouts are unknown. The Luo Jin Police has also barricaded the Bi An Building. It is considered a crime scene for several murders. Some private sources have reported that an illegal boxing ring was discovered at the basement of the Bi An Building. Di Zimo went missing right after entering that building.”

Yan Xiumei frowned before she said, “Stop watching the news and looking for information about Di Zimo. Just leave him be.”

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