Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1108 - The Terrifying Charge!

Chapter 1108: The Terrifying Charge!

The fugitives obeyed Meng Chao’s orders and proceeded to bury their mouths, noses, eyes, and ears in the mud. Just as they curled up into a ball, a shrill scream echoed in the air.

The arrows fired by the centaur warriors were not ordinary arrows.

The metal shaft of their arrows would often be carved with cuneiform characters that contained mysterious power. Secret medicines refined by the witch doctors would be smeared in the arrows’ notches, and the priests would bless them.

Round or triangular holes would be drilled into the arrowheads, where spirit crystals were embedded.

Through the surge of vitality magnetic field and the vibration of high-speed friction in the air, they produced the ultimate destructive power.

It was comparable to Dragon City’s gun grenades and mortars, but it also carried wind, fire, lightning and other killing effects.

The spirit arrows instantly shot across the sky at maximum speed, dragging out streaks of colorful exhaust flames.

At first glance, they looked like both rainbows and fireworks.

However, when the “rainbow fireworks” landed near the fugitives, it raised a bloody storm.

Although they were too far away and it was impossible for the centaur warriors to see the exact location of every fugitive hiding in the bushes…

After each arrow landed on the ground, it would release a death shock wave that was three to five meters in diameter or even larger.

As soon as the arrow with the scarlet flame tail landed on the ground, it immediately ignited a raging fire within a radius of three to five meters. It burned the skin and flesh of the fugitives who were in hiding, causing them to cry out in pain.

After the arrow with the faint blue flame tail landed on the ground, the area within a radius of three to five meters became an extremely cold ice cave. Many fugitives did not even have time to cry out in agony before a fatal ice fog drilled into their chests from their mouths and noses. Their hearts and lungs were frozen and cracked just like that.

When the arrow with the golden flame tail landed on the ground, dozens or even hundreds of lightning bolts appeared within a seven to eight meter radius.

The golden electric arcs were like hungry vipers. They could not wait to strike the fugitives who were curled up into balls. The fugitives were electrocuted so much that their bodies began twitching. Their skin was torn open, and even their charred bones were exposed.

Then, after the arrow that was dragging a green flame tail landed on the ground, it absorbed a large amount of the surrounding air and compressed into dozens of light green wind blades. They crisscrossed and spread out, covering an area of seven to eight meters from where the arrow landed. Even those who were fleeing ten meters away were cut into pieces. Broken limbs and dark red arrows flew in the air.

It was literally “killing people like cutting grass.”

The strong smell of blood suddenly spread in the air.

Mixed with the smell of burnt flesh, it turned into a disgusting, hellish smell.

At this time, the dense grass that covered the rat people’s vision played its second function on the battlefield.

If the rat people wanted to fight against the clan warriors, especially when they had just come into contact with each other, they would have to pay a terrible price.

If they were on a battlefield with a clearer view, they could only watch as their companions were shot by the centaur warriors’ rockets, lightning bolts, and ice arrows.

The morale of the fugitives would be riddled with holes, and they would not be able to summon even the slightest fighting spirit.

Curled up down in the grass with their heads deep in the soil, although they knew that their side was silently enduring the slaughter that fell from the sky, they did not personally witness their companions being torn to pieces. The surviving fugitives could still grit their teeth and persevere.

Of course, if the centaur warriors were not in a hurry to charge and decided to circle them from afar and deploy the method of leisurely throwing arrows at them instead, then…

Even the most fanatical rat people would completely collapse before the sun set.

However, just as Meng Chao had predicted, the centaur warriors did not do so.

After shooting dozens of arrows, the surprise attack from the sky came to an end.

Instead, the shock from iron hoofs stomping on the ground became increasingly intense and urgent.

The centaur warriors charged forward.


If the target had been an enemy of the same level, such as the warriors of the Gold Clan, or the night watchers and mages of the land of Holy Light…

Naturally, the centaur warriors would be cautious. They would use wave after wave of arrows to slowly exhaust their target’s physical strength, spirit power, and willpower.

In many war epics that were widely spread, the centaur warriors even had the patience to spend ten days to half a month to follow their target at a distance, using an endless stream of arrows to harass the target day and night.

It was not until their enemies had completely collapsed physically and mentally that the centaur warriors finally caught up and pierced their hearts with their spears.

However, this was not a real war.

It was just a sloppy “rat-exterminating operation.”

Although the rat people had caused quite a commotion in Black-corner City, it had mainly been a series of explosions that caught the Blood Hoof Clan off guard.

The centaur warriors, whose brains were still filled with glory and arrogance, did not think that there was a need to exhaust their time and empty their quivers while hunting a bunch of dirty, weak, and lowly rats on the grassland.

When they chased after the d*mned rats yesterday, they did not even waste an arrow.

As long as they increased their speed slightly, pointed their spears forward, and held their machetes horizontally on both sides, they would be able to harvest these insignificant creatures smoothly.

They only needed to make sure that the other party’s foul blood did not splatter on them.

Today, the centaur warriors had wasted dozens of precious arrows because this large pile of rats were hiding in the grass.

The centaur warriors, who were moving faster and faster, did not expect the situation on the battlefield to be a premeditated.

They thought that the poor rat people had been scared out of their wits by the massacre yesterday and had lost all their strength to escape. They could only curl up in the seemingly dense grass like ostriches burying their heads in the sand, hoping to escape.

Even when they split open the grass and found the pits and trenches that the fugitives had painstakingly dug, they did not pay it any mind. Instead, they laughed at the rat people’s stupidity in front of them.

“You want to rely on these trenches and holes to block the charge of the Blood Hoof warriors? How is that possible?!”

Indeed, after the fugitives who had luckily survived the rain of arrows sensed the centaur warriors’ overwhelming killing intent, they realized with extreme despair that they were carrying out an impossible mission.

Drunkenly discussing “the use of a shovel to deal with a tiger” at the wine table was completely different from being stared at by a huge, murderous tiger in the forest.

The centaur warriors were definitely scarier than tigers.

Ten times scarier…

These combat creatures that were fused with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a war horse through superb genetic technology had seemingly stepped out of a nightmare. They did not possess the gentleness of a herbivore.

Many centaur warriors had hair that was full of tension, and it was awe-inspiring. Their hair extended all the way from their backs to their horse bodies.

When they moved as fast as lightning, they were like colorful flames of war that surrounded their targets.

Many centaur warriors had bodies that were as strong as Minotaurs’. Their oily skin gave off a metallic feel that was made of copper and iron. Not only did they hold spears and scimitars, they also wanted to increase the lethality of their charge. Many of them even had a sharp blade that could cut through iron like mud behind them. There were even a few iron rings on their hoofs that were filled with dense spikes!

It was easy to imagine how terrifying the damage would be if these war machines, which were armed with sharp blades and spikes, charged into their own battle lines and trampled as well as cut at will.

While the centaur warriors maintained their maximum impact force, their flexibility did not decrease at all , and that was scarier.

They were literally “one with the centaur.” Whether it was their two iron arms or four iron hoofs, they were all extensions of their will.

The fugitives’ time and strength were also quite limited. It was impossible for them to hide in the trenches perfectly.

Soon, they were discovered by the centaur warriors who easily jumped over.

As for the knots that could theoretically trip the horse’s legs, they were often turned into dust by the centaur warriors’ sharp iron hoofs.

Facing the centaur warriors who were crushing them like thunder, all the fugitives’ minds were blank.

Two or three days ago, they had faced the old, weak, and disabled centaur warriors during the serial explosions in Black-corner City.

They had defeated their opponents with the help of the sea of people tactics and the temple thieves who had been hiding amongst the crowd.

They had thought that the Blood Hoof warriors were only so-so, and that their weak combat strength could be made up by the advantage of numbers.

It was not until now, when the murderous intent of the centaur warriors swept over like a raging wave, that the fugitives realized how naive and ridiculous they were.

Even on the spirit level, their beliefs were still firm and even fanatical.

On the physiological level, they emitted screams from the deepest part of every cell that originated from their genes.


Between these ragtag mob that was about to collapse and the centaur warriors who had pushed their speed to the limit and could no longer change their angle or direction…

There were also two other existences that were more qualified than the centaur warriors to be called “killing machines.”

Meng Chao was akin to a dragon that was hibernating in the abyss.

His limbs were deeply embedded in the wet soil. He lowered his body as much as possible and hid in the grass.

At the same time, he restrained his breathing, heartbeat, and body temperature to their limits. Even the centaur warriors who were close to him could not sense that there was an extremely dangerous demon hiding next to their most vulnerable ribs and abdomen.

Plus, his body looked like a rock that was absolutely still.

Numerous thick tendons and blood vessels swelled up as if they were filled with spirit energy. It formed a picture that looked like an angry dragon that was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

Behind his lowered eyelids, deep inside Meng Chao’s brain, there were countless bolts of spirit lightning swirling around. There was even a powerful spirit storm that was condensing, nurturing, and being born!

Just as the centaur warriors in the lead were about to leap over Meng Chao’s head, he suddenly opened his eyes!

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