One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 2574 - Stop fighting!

Chapter 2574: Stop fighting!

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There was no cool martial arts trick involved in their fight, but every punch and kick of theirs was delivered swiftly, fiercely, and accurately! An unruly brawl like this was charged with murderous intent.

As things progressed, however, Gao Nan began to feel a little strained, though this might be due to Hua Jin’s aggressive attacks. Even though they were pretty much well-matched in terms of strength, the actor won against the man by a slight margin!

One tended to unleash their greatest potential when they were at the breaking point of their anger, after all!

The idol was not as gentle and frail as his looks suggested. On the contrary, his moves were fierce and vicious, and there was a challenging look in his bloodshot eyes as of this moment.

The speed at which they threw their punches was so fast that Yun Shishi felt a little dazed watching them from the sidelines. Right at that moment, she saw her co-artist coolly downing the other man with a kick. The former stomped his foot on the latter’s chest before delivering a few hard punches on his mug. It was as if he had no qualms about making a cripple out of the other!

The actress immediately rushed forward and grabbed his waist tightly from behind in a bid to stop him. “Hua Jin, stop it! Stop fighting…”

He was so blinded by anger at this moment that he continued to kick and stomp on the other guy despite her pleas for him to cease his actions.

Right then, Mu Xi came out of the toilet and let out a horrified shriek upon witnessing this scene. It alerted a nearby waiter, who sensed that something was unusual and immediately rushed over to stop the fight.

“Please stop fighting! Please stop fighting!”

The rest of the guests were soon alerted to the fight, too; shocked by the sight, they all came over at once.

“What is this?!”

Ji Yan’s face paled in horror when she saw her boyfriend lying on the ground. She immediately rushed forward and helped him up, but that was when she noticed his torn lips, a cut near his eye, a handful of bruises, and the dirty, black footprints on his white shirt. Realization dawned upon her in no time, and she whipped her head to look at the other two people.

Hua Jin was looking no better with his face a little scraped and his clothes a mess, though his injury, which was just torn lips, was not as bad as her boyfriend.

“You useless scum!” He sneered at Gao Nan. “As a man, I’m really ashamed of you! How could a strapping guy like you bully a feeble woman?! This is s*xual harassment, for goodness’s sake! Is that all you’ve got? You don’t deserve to be a man!”

A ferocious glint appeared in the other guy’s eyes.

“I dare you to repeat that!”

“I said: You don’t deserve to be a man!” He smiled wickedly. “You must’ve been born of the wrong gender!”

That insult riled up the man so much he began storming toward the actor.

Upon seeing this, Yun Shishi’s protective streak had her moving instinctively to stand in front of the idol, which surprised the latter. His eyes flickered with emotions as he stared at the feeble woman before him.

Meanwhile, Ji Yan and the rest of the crew moved to stop the rampaging man, who was on the verge of losing his rationality, at once. “Gao Nan, stop messing around!”

“I’m messing around?!” he growled. “It’s this gigolo who started the fight for no rhyme or reason!”

Everyone, including her, looked askance at the said actor at that.

Despite the suspicious looks thrown his way, Hua Jin merely scoffed. “Why did I start the fight? It’s because you’re being touchy-feely to Shishi! Everyone, take a good look at this b*st*rd’s true colors!”

“That’s enough!”

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