Our Glamorous Time

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Romantic Attachment

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Taipei’s night sky was filled with colorful, dazzling lights.

Inside the room, under the dim lights, Lin Qian could only focus on Li Zhicheng’s silhouette and the smell of his skin.

This time, it was a longer, deeper, and more affectionate kiss than ever before. His position changed without her realizing. His arm was no longer around her waist, because she was already beneath him in his embrace. His hands clasped hers, their fingers interlocking, and he pressed her against the wall. His handsome face tilted slightly, making it easier for him to press his lips completely against hers, puckering and releasing repeatedly.

Lin Qian’s body was firmly pressed against his chest; her legs were held down by his body. These subtle sensations made her pulse race even faster. A sense of nervousness bubbled in her heart.

Woah, woah woah, Lin Qian protested in her heart. This is a romance we both want—why does his kiss need to be so forceful!?

“Tell your brother,” he said in a husky voice, “that this is the first time in his life Li Zhicheng broke a promise he made. He is unable to keep his word.”

Lin Qian’s heart was filled with sweetness, but she replied mindlessly, “Who cares about him?” Suddenly she remembered and asked, “Oh ya, have you had your dinner?” It was already past 9:00 pm.

Li Zhicheng said, “I haven’t.”

Lin Qian felt her heart soften. Did he come to look for her right after finishing his work?

She clung to his arm. “I’ll accompany you for supper. Sounds good?”

Li Zhicheng was actually very hungry. Smiling, he said, “Sure.”

Lin Qian changed into something nice. She looked into the mirror, feeling slim and graceful. Only then did she grab her bag and open the door.

Li Zhicheng stood outside. The temperature in Taipei was slightly higher than it was in Lin City. He wore a long windbreaker with a plain white shirt underneath, but even then he was still handsome beyond words.

Lin Qian’s lips curved; she walked toward him. He naturally wrapped his arm around her shoulder, gently leading her forward. Lin Qian’s heart was pleased, as though the veins inside had finally straightened after being entangled with emotions for the past few days.

The hotel was located in the downtown area, which was filled with lights, traffic and buildings. The two walked for a while to reach the night market a few streets away. At this time the night market was lively and packed with a crowd.

Lin Qian brought Li Zhicheng to the historical Yuan Huan Bian oyster omelet shop. There were a lot of people, so they only managed to secure seats at a small table by the entrance. When the gourmet food was served by the head chef, Lin Qian looked at Li Zhicheng with a smile. “Let me help you season it. This shop is the most famous one around.”

The chef immediately gave her a thumbs up, praising her with his Minnan-accented Mandarin. “Miss, you have made the right choice.” Then he patted Li Zhicheng’s shoulder, saying, “You are a lucky man to have such a pretty girlfriend.”

As he spoke, Li Zhicheng leaned against his chair with one hand placed on the back of Lin Qian’s seat. He gave the chef a faint smile, and sure enough he saw Lin Qian raise her eyebrows while pouring seasoning onto the food. She was pleased, yet a little shy.

Li Zhicheng stared silently at her for a while. Then he reached for her hand, which was under the table, and placed it on his lap.

This simple move made Lin Qian’s heart quiver. She cast him a side glance, then continued to set up the chopsticks and bowl for him using only one hand. After a while, she felt his hand gently rubbing and squeezing hers out of habit.

Sitting among the hustle and bustle of the city, Lin Qian’s pulse raced and her face reddened because of this small action. But she didn’t want to say anything because he technically wasn’t doing anything inappropriate! He was merely touching her hand.

A little while later, she had a sudden realization.

Despite having no prior romantic experience, he was a natural master of love. The same was true for his business strategies. Even though he was inexperienced, with his poker face on, all of his actions hit the nail right on the head of their enemies. It only took holding her hand to make her feel like he was in complete control. Her heart throbbed uncontrollably for him.

Lin Qian turned her head, glancing at his calm profile while he lowered his head to eat.

Master. Grandmaster.

Why did Lin Qian have the feeling that after tonight, she would be dancing in his palm, and shouldn’t ever expect to be let go?

What exactly was she imagining?

After he finished eating, the two went for a walk again. When they returned to the hotel, it was past 10:00 pm.

Li Zhicheng sent Lin Qian back to her room.

“Um… goodnight,” Lin Qian whispered.

“Hmm.” He lowered his gaze, staring at her.

Lin Qian felt like on this day, when they had made their relationship official, she should at least give him a goodnight kiss. So she put her arms around his neck, tiptoed, tilted her head, and gave him a peck on his cheek.

But he moved as swift as an arrow the moment she came into his embrace. His hands, which were initially in his coat pockets, were out in a moment. As before, one of his arms encircled her waist, while the other pressed her head from behind as he lowered his head to kiss her.

Lin Qian was excited as well. She became greedy and was unwilling to part with him. She allowed him to continue kissing her; her eyes closed and she drifted into a daze. Unaware, she was pushed back a few steps as they were hugging and kissing.

He was already in her room when she realized. The door behind her was slammed shut, making a wham sound. He moved his lips away, gazing at her, his voice husky and alluring. “I’ll stay for a while before I go?”

“Okay,” Lin Qian murmured.

Jiang Yuan was in a dilemma tonight.

At 11:00 pm, Vice President Liu Tong, who was all the way in Lin City now, sent a copy of the new bag’s exterior design to him. Even though Vice President Liu hadn’t said that the design needed to be shown to Li Zhicheng immediately, Mr. Li had once ordered that such important documents must be presented to him right away.

These days, all the subordinates thought extremely highly of Li Zhicheng. Under no circumstances did anyone take his words lightly.

So Jiang Yuan went to knock on Li Zhicheng’s room’s door right away. And then he reached this dilemma.

Nobody answered the door. He was not in.

He looked toward the room next door. It was Lin Qian’s room.

He texted Li Zhicheng again. After a while, there was still no reply.

Then he went to knock on Lin Qian’s door. Knock, knock. Knock, knock.

After a minute or so, the door opened. Lin Qian stood by the door in a casual jacket and jeans. Her clothes were exceptionally tidy; she looked perfectly calm. “Assistant Jiang, are you looking for Mr. Li? He fell asleep while reading documents in my room. Come in.”

Jiang Yuan straightened himself. He didn’t take a single step in. His expression was calm, his attitude firm. “I don’t think that’s necessary.” He passed the document to her and briefly explained what they were, then he politely excused himself.

Don’t be ridiculous. Mr. Li, who usually had his poker face on, falling asleep in the room of a female subordinate?

The documents had been delivered. What business did he have going in? To be the spectator? It was the boss’s wife’s job to decide whether she wanted to wake him up. He should retreat to safety.

Lin Qian closed the door, thinking about Jiang Yuan’s expression just now as he’d tried to pretend that everything was normal. She felt embarrassed.

Those who didn’t know would think that Li Zhicheng was doing something fishy at her place.

She looked at the man lying on the side of her bed. He was asleep.

He’d said he would stay for a while, so Lin Qian had turned on the television to watch it with him. The room was small, so the two of them sat side-by-side on the bed, cuddling. He said he would watch TV, but most of the time he just snuggled her.

Not long after, Lin Qian went to the bathroom; when she came out, she discovered that the lights from the television were casting shadows on his gentle face. He’d already fallen asleep.

Had the past few days worn him out?

Or had he… intentionally fallen asleep at her place so he could stay?

Lin Qian felt that both were possible. After all, this man was as sly as a wolf.

But as she watched his sleeping face, she felt her heart soften. Lin Qian carefully undid his necktie and leather shoes, then put a blanket over him.

Then Jiang Yuan had come.

Lin Qian skimmed through the documents left by Jiang Yuan, deciding, This is important, but not urgent. She put the document aside, turned around and looked at Li Zhicheng again.

She was reluctant to wake him.

She had slept for a long time in the evening, so she was still energetic now. Since she had nothing to do, she pulled a chair over and sat down beside the bed. She stared at him, her chin resting in her hand.

She had dimmed the lights in the room. They cast a thin layer of luster on his short hair and cheeks. Even though he was asleep, every inch of him still radiated with the vibe unique to a young leader.

But Lin Qian still felt something was missing.

After thinking for a while, she took out the cap that he’d given her as an “official” present. Since this was a present from her first love, she would of course carry it around to show that she attached great importance to it.

She gently put the cap on his head, lowering the brim.

Aha, perfect.

The cap covered half his face, revealing only his straight nose and chiseled jawline. Though he was still in his shirt, when matched with the cap his appearance gave out an alluring aura.

Lin Qian’s fingers lightly tapped her chin.

She took out her phone and started taking pictures.

She took more than ten of them consecutively, then she looked through the pictures in satisfaction. When she was saving the pictures, she was in a dilemma about the name of the album.

“My BF?” Too simple and unimaginative.

“My man?” She was a little shy for it.

“Him?” Too cold and sophisticated.

At the end she decided to key in, ‘My man.’

After she finished taking pictures, Lin Qian bent her head to stare at him again.

She thought of the first time they’d met on the train a few months ago. This was how he’d looked: wearing a cap, revealing only an unbelievably beautiful and chiseled jaw, paying no attention to the noises around, ignoring everyone including her.

Actually, from that moment onwards, he’d been imprinted on her heart.

Did he know?

Lin Qian’s heart was mellow. With her hand on the edge of the bed as support, she lowered her head and kissed him softly.

Li Zhicheng was indeed very tired. Her scent was also too sweet, so he’d fallen asleep without intending to.

A couple times he awoke in a daze. He was even aware that Jiang Yuan had come over to knock on the door. But since he was on the bed of his beloved, how could he be bothered to get up for anything?

Then he was awakened by the soft, moist, ticklish sensation on his jaw.

Upon opening his eyes, he saw Lin Qian sitting next to the bed, lowering her head and kissing his jaw. Her expression was gentle and soft.

Li Zhicheng had his eyes partially closed; he didn’t make a sound. She didn’t notice him waking, planting a kiss on his jaw again; she seemed aroused. Her look made Li Zhicheng feel a stream of heat rush to his head. He silently reached out and pinched her petite face, which was about to go in for another peck.

Lin Qian was obviously surprised. She trembled and stared at him. “Ah! You’re awake.”

“Hmm,” Zhicheng mumbled. She averted her eyes with a straight face, and he chuckled.

She wore this look every time she was caught.

Li Zhicheng clasped her waist and lifted her onto the bed. Then he turned over, trapping her in between the bed and him.

“Why did you kiss my jaw?” he asked in a low voice.

Lin Qian answered honestly, “Because I think that’s the part of you… with the best lines.”

She had always been enticed by this looming jaw. It was unbelievably chiseled, and she’d fantasize about it.

That chiseled jaw was why she’d left her phone number for him. Had he forgotten about that?

No one had ever said something like that to him before, so Li Zhicheng was stunned. Lin Qian felt like she had made a lovely discovery; she looked at him with a smile.

Then the next second, her smile froze.

Because Li Zhicheng said lightly, “Courtesy calls for reciprocity. My turn.”

This time around, Lin Qian finally experienced what it meant by “you reap what you sow.”

Be careful with every word you speak to Li Zhicheng! He’ll always dig a pit for you to jump in!

Li Zhicheng kept his entire body pressed against hers, only lifting his upper body slightly. Then his eyes silently surveyed her from head to toe. Lin Qian felt like she was a sheep facing a wolf; she was nervous and shy after being stared at by him.

“Where are you going to kiss?” Was the light in the room too hypnotizing? He wasn’t doing anything, but she felt slightly dizzy.

But her objection sounded mellow, not at all like she was resisting. As soon as Lin Qian had spoken, she was in a dilemma. Should I let him kiss me? Or should I not?

At that moment, she felt something moist and slightly numbing on her waist.

He had planted his kiss.

Lin Qian quivered. She arched her neck and looked at him.

So… this was the part of her that he thought had the best line?

Her waist?

He took some time to calm down. He glanced at her. Letting go of her hand, he then rolled over to lie side by side with her on the bed.

Feeling his heavy-breathing beside her, Lin Qian sighed a big breath of relief, but an indescribable feeling lingered in her heart. Was she touched? Nervous? Scared? Excited?

Screw it, I don’t care anymore.

Suddenly, his calm and clear voice was in her ear. “Never been touched before?”

Lin Qian was speechless. Why was he so good at capturing the essence of her words? Her face reddened.

But he spoke again softly, “Did you think I had been touched by other women before?”

His tone seemed to be placating her. Lin Qian’s pulse raced even faster, but she knew it was time to end things for the night. She whispered, “It’s very late now. Rest well after you go back.”

He fell silent for a while. He replied, “Hmm,” and got up from the bed.

The pressure exerted on the bed was reduced greatly; Lin Qian stayed put, watching him pick up his coat and necktie.

“Goodnight.” She hid underneath the blanket, her body still sensing his lingering body temperature. She stared at him with her big eyes.

Li Zhicheng seemed to have returned to his usual composed self. He had his coat on his forearm and the necktie slipped into his shirt pocket; his other hand was placed on top of her head. He bent over to give her a peck on the cheek.

“Goodnight.” His voice was as soft as the wind. He whispered in her ear, “I’ll let you off—for now.”

Lin Qian had pretty much calmed down. But his casual words ignited her pulse once again.

He was serious. He would let her off—for now.

Lin Qian, flustered, watched him turn to leave the room. But she was a little indignant for being on the short end of the stick the whole time tonight, so she mustered her courage and asked, “After you go back… are you going to take a cold shower?”

Damn it, exactly what kind of attitude was this? Why was she so addicted to the trembling insecurity of bearding the lion in his den?

Li Zhicheng paused in his step, turned around and glared at her.

Then he threw his coat on the chair.

Lin Qian’s eyes flashed in bewilderment. She quickly pulled the blanket over her head, blocking his gaze. “I was wrong! I was wrong! Faster, get out of here.”

Outside the blanket was total silence.

After a while, she heard a soft click.

Lin Qian pushed the blanket away. The room was finally empty. The coat was gone. He had left.

This man…

Lin Qian buried herself in the blanket, smiling uncontrollably.

After a while, she suddenly remembered something and got out of the bed. She lifted the corner of her shirt, faced the mirror on the wall, and considered her waist.

A little proud, a little shy.

After a while, she resumed lying down, but she noticed a message just came in from him.

‘Done showering.’

Lin Qian was momentarily puzzled, then she understood and chuckled.

He was done taking a cold shower…

She replied, ‘Good night, Zhicheng. Sweet dreams.’

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