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Chapter 10 - God-Like Knife Skills

Chapter 10: God-Like Knife Skills

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When Ning Fei returned to the temple, he put away the fishing equipment and began to start on dinner preparation. He would be eating fish for dinner, and he was going to eat the deep-bodied herring, which was of the highest value!

Ning Fei wasn’t against the idea of selling the fish, but the roads in the mountain weren’t too convenient, and there was at least a one-and-a-half-hour ride to the nearest town. Also, it wouldn’t be easy to find a buyer on such short notice.

In addition, priests believed in following their heart. Ning Fei hadn’t eaten a deep-bodied herring before, and he wanted to.

He glanced at the webcast room and saw that the viewership now numbered 100,000. As a newbie, it was a staggering figure for him.

He took a look at the popularity count. His current popularity was at 14,000 points, while he had used up 2,000 points.

Since he had 12,000 points left, he decided on a whim to try his luck at the Silver lucky draw 10 times! The pros of playing the Silver lucky draw consecutively was that he was bound to win a rare skill or item.

Although the popularity points were precious, he needed to get better equipment in order to win more popularity points. Thus, he had to do the necessary investment.

“System, I want the Silver lucky draw! Make it ten times!” Ning Fei commanded firmly.

“Ding! Host has chosen to play the Silver lucky draw ten times. Spinning for prizes now…”

“Ding! Congratulations to Host on getting the following items!

“Five watermelon seeds (Basic grade). You will be able to grow watermelons. Although it will take a longer time, the flesh will be extra sweet.

“Five carrot seeds (Basic grade). You will be able to grow carrots. Although it will take a longer time, it will be crunchier than ordinary carrots.

“Five packets of pet food (Basic grade). This is perfect for mammals, and the wonderful taste has won the unanimous approval of all animals!

“Five pills to strengthen the body (Basic grade). It will help the host to strengthen his body slightly.

“One sack of fertile magical black soil. It will increase the harvest by ten percent.

“Five Chinese cabbage seeds (Basic grade). You will be able to grow Chinese cabbage. It will take a shorter time, and the taste won’t be affected.

“One sack of silver fertilizer (Basic grade). It will increase the growth rate of plants and the resulting harvest.

“A peach wooden sword. This fine and beautiful sword is crafted from real peach wood and is also indestructible.

“A spice to refresh the mind and heart. The fragrance will allow the user to be carefree and relaxed.

“Ding! Congratulations to Host for winning the ultimate skill of slicing!

“The ultimate skill of slicing will improve Host’s efficiency substantially and improve Host’s cooking skills!”

The System’s voice echoed in Ning Fei’s ears.

Ning Fei got more excited as the System recited the list of items and skills.

He was in luck!

If one were to play the Silver lucky draw for 10 consecutive times, he or she was bound to obtain a high-level skill or luxurious item, but the probability of getting a skill was still considerably lower than winning an item.

Ning Fei had nonetheless won a skill!

His luck had defied logic!

The prizes from the Silver lucky draw would usually be some small items. For him to win a skill, he really needed luck.

The System had a storage space as his storeroom, which meant that Ning Fei could retrieve any of the prizes he wanted at any time.

However, he wouldn’t be able to put it back as he could only take something out of it. If someone were to discover that Ning Fei was carrying a different-dimension portal with him, he wouldn’t be able to explain it.

It was still pretty thrilling to join the lucky draw. Thus, Ning Fei disappeared for a while in the webcast room as he wanted to retrieve all the prizes he had won.

Ning Fei fed Sunny, who was still outside the temple with the pet food. Sunny looked excited after it finished the food and wagged its tail eagerly. However, he only had five small packets so he had to get Sunny to leave.

The sack of fertile magical black soil was tiny, and he had a huge garden. He couldn’t even fill a tenth of his garden with that, so Ning Fei decided not to use it first. As for the seeds, he decided to plant them sometime later.

It had taken 10 minutes for the lucky draw, so he informed the viewers that he had gone to the toilet. No one raised any questions.

He then began to cook his fish. He picked up the wok skillfully and used a piece of ginger to rub against the bottom of the wok. Next, he poured oil in.

Ning Fei spoke gently as he cooked, “Dear viewers, now I will be doing a livestream of how I boil soup with the deep-bodied herring. This deep-bodied herring would fetch 4,000 to 8,000 yuan as it’s highly nutritious. I hope everyone will enjoy it.”

Many of them rushed to send comments after they heard Ning Fei state the price.

‘Are you for real? A fish is worth 4,000 yuan?’

‘This webcaster is so cute!’

‘This webcaster looks polite and refined. Shouldn’t he address us as friends or something?’?

‘But seriously, this webcaster has a unique charm.’

Many of the viewers who had been watching from the start of his livestream explained.

‘That is a wild deep-bodied herring. Please go and check the prices yourself.’

‘The webcaster is the real master of the temple. Of course his aura is different.’

‘New friends, please don’t be impatient. I am sure you will be satisfied if you continue watching.’

‘Sigh. Why are there so many women out to snatch my hubby?’

The comments rushed in while Ning Fei focused on cooking his fish.

He began to cut ginger, onion, coriander, tofu, and some other ingredients.

His movements and skills garnered surprise from the viewers.

Ning Fei picked up his knife, and the knife looked as though it was stuck to his hand. He could maneuver it agilely.

When he sliced the vegetables, he placed his left hand on the cutting board. His right hand sliced the vegetables so swiftly that it made everyone’s jaw drop. He cut everything so neatly, as though a machine had done all the work.

The knife seemed to have come alive and was dancing away in Ning Fei’s hands. Just a few twists and turns of his wrists were enough to leave a chef, who had learned for several years, amazed.

The webcast room exploded again.

‘What the f*ck?! Can anyone play with a knife like that?’

‘I used to play like that when my hands were still intact.’

‘To the person on top, I used to play like that when I was alive!’

‘Fantastic! Wonderful!’

‘How did you train yourself?’

‘Yeah, the speed is unbelievable!’

‘Host, you’re brilliant!’

Gifts were flying in from everywhere.

Ning Fei didn’t notice the screen as he had just placed the deep-bodied herring into the wok. He began to fry the fish.

When both sides of the fish had turned slightly burnt, he added boiling water. Next, he added the ginger, the onion pieces, and the other ingredients to stew them with the fish.

He didn’t add the tofu as it wouldn’t taste good if he added it in too early.

Ning Fei waited for some time before he scooped a piece of wet tofu onto his palm. Next, he raised his knife and began to slice the tofu on his palm.

His skills left the viewers shocked and awestruck.

Before they could react, Ning Fei flipped his hand, and the pieces of neatly sliced tofu cubes fell into the wok.

Every tofu cube was evenly cut, and it seemed as though the cubes had come from a mold.

His knife skills were god-like!

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