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Chapter 21 - Dendrobium? No! It’s a Dendrobium Devonianum!

Chapter 21: Dendrobium? No! It’s a Dendrobium Devonianum!

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Ning Fei traipsed purposefully towards the cliff.

He weaved through the trees, clad in his “armor” and “battle shoes”. He had a straw hat on and looked like an explorer from head to toe.

It was worth mentioning that he only wore his priest clothes during his morning studies and his training. He would always wear whatever he wanted at other times.

To him, following his heart was the most important philosophy. Being a pious and devout follower of the religion wasn’t just about the clothes but also the heart.

Advancing forward was way harder than he had imagined. There were no pavements in the jungle, and the ground was covered with twisting vines. Ning Fei had to use his tools to clear the path ahead of him several times.

During this journey, the livestream carried on capturing everything.

These images and situations were hardly ever seen. No one would ever venture into the depths of such an ancient jungle.

On the one hand, no one was skilled or professional enough. It would be dangerous, and one would be risking his or her life every second. If one weren’t careful enough, injuries were bound to happen.

On the other hand, it was also because they weren’t sufficiently equipped. Someone had to follow and record the process, and then, they had to edit the video before it would be ready.

As for Ning Fei, his webcast was live.

In this era, there would be 5G connection everywhere on this planet. As long as one could glimpse at the sky overhead, one would be connected easily.

Unless it was somewhere being blocked or proscribed, otherwise, the phone should have a wifi connection.

As Ning Fei strode further in, he felt the temperature dipping. He shivered from the cold.

Spring was ending, and it was afternoon right now. The day should be warm now, but as the trees had cast a shade and blocked the skies, he felt strangely cold.

This was the coldness emitted from a mountain!

And this was also the perfect place where lingzhi would thrive in abundance. It was literally a natural breeding ground for lingzhi!

It was the first time that Ning Fei had stepped foot here, and he had traveled a long way today.

As he marched forward relentlessly, his viewers had increased exponentially.

300,000, 400,000 and then 500,000…

As a new webcaster, his viewership had actually shot past 500,000!

He had broken the official webcast record of Battling Birds Webcast Platform.

Ning Fei turned around to glance at the drone as he announced, “Dear viewers, I can’t go any further.”

The way ahead was completely blocked by huge lush trees.

The trees around him were still considered a little apart from each other, but if there wasn’t a sufficient gap between the trees, he would be too vulnerable to poisonous insects and dangerous animals that roamed this mountain.

Ning Fei was here to search for plants; he had no wish to become their next meal. Thus, he began to look amongst the trunks for traces of lingzhi.

Ning Fei studied and examined the tree trunks, but he only managed to find two ordinary lingzhi. One didn’t look too good.

The viewers couldn’t help but mock him.

‘Webcaster, didn’t you claim that this is where lingzhi grows? Why haven’t we seen any?’

‘Hah! The host’s luck is used up.’

‘These lingzhi wouldn’t fetch much.’

‘Seems like there isn’t anything on this mountain.’

‘Forget it. The host has found a white jade lingzhi that is worth 100,000 yuan. How many of you can earn that in a day?’

‘That awesome?’

Ning Fei certainly had no time to focus on the comments. He merely glimpsed into the depths of the darkness. Behind the trees and jungle was the real “yin” side of the mountain.

However, he didn’t have the skills nor the expertise to recklessly go in.

This can be considered as the outer barrier of the mountain. I wonder how the view is like inside the mountain.

At the thought of this, Ning Fei could only ponder quietly. There was nothing he could do about this barrier.

At this time, Ning Fei suddenly noticed something on the slope. There was a rock that looked weather-beaten over decades.

Ning Fei came to the rock and studied the plant on it. He suddenly laughed.

“Viewers, my streak of luck isn’t broken yet.”

At Ning Fei’s excitement, everyone sat up eagerly.

‘Host, what did you find?’

‘What treasure is that?’

‘I can’t see anything!’

‘I only see a clump of weeds.’

The viewers typed away furiously.

At this time, another VIP account commented. Young Master Xuan Yuan typed,?‘It’s a dendrobium, and a wild one. It should be a Dendrobium officinale!’

Many leeched on quickly to his comment.

‘Wow, another expert.’

‘How do I read that word? Is it a rock?’

‘A dendrobium. I thought it wasn’t expensive?’

‘It depends on the species. There are many kinds of dendrobium.’

‘The dendrobium has the title of “King of the medicinal herbs”. It’s also commonly referred to as the “Golden Plant”. I guess all of you can have a better idea now.’?

‘A good quality dendrobium is worth more than 10,000 yuan per half kilogram.’

As everyone discussed enthusiastically, Master Jiang spoke up.

Master Jiang typed,?‘A wild dendrobium has a low ability to reproduce, and it demands a specific level of conditions for it to grow. If it’s indeed a wild dendrobium, Vessel Medicine Pharmacy quotes a price of 100,000 yuan per half kilogram.’

He also added,?‘I’m afraid that this isn’t Dendrobium officinale.’

‘What? It isn’t Dendrobium officinale?’?Since the expert from Vessel Medicine Pharmacy had already spoken up, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

If an ordinary-looking weed were to fetch a price of 100,000 yuan, no one would be able to believe it.

‘This is why I say that this webcaster’s luck has defied God!’

‘How can he be this damn lucky?’


‘This isn’t just luck. He took a risk and ventured into such a deep jungle alone. It’s dangerous.’

‘I agree. I remembered seeing some documentary about a death area in some part of an ocean. A fisherman can earn more than 100,000 USD per trip. But the thing is, they have to come back alive.’

‘The amount you earn is the amount of risk you take.’

Everyone began to debate when Master Jiang commented once more,?‘Everyone, you’re mistaken. That isn’t Dendrobium officinale. It’s Dendrobium devonianum, a more valuable and premium plant!’?

His declaration caused another wild storm of comments.

‘Dendrobium… devonianum?’

‘It sounds even more valuable.’

‘F*ck! It’s even more prized?’

‘Is it really that valuable?’

Those who had mocked and jeered at Ning Fei were left feeling jealous.

It had never occurred to them that the “weed” in front of Ning Fei was the prized and expensive Dendrobium devonianum!

Was this even possible?

Was this even legal?

At that moment, Ning Fei scanned the incoming comments and chuckled lightly.

“This is indeed Dendrobium devonianum. Although I don’t have much knowledge about Dendrobium, I have seen some with my master when I was younger. Dendrobium has other names such as the ‘immortal plant’ and ‘soul-returning plant’. It’s a plant as well as a medicinal herb.

“Most likely, this Dendrobium devonianum plant has just matured. Everyone, look at this. The stem is slightly purplish, but it’s not purple. Dendrobium devonianum grows in the cracks of cliffs, and it absorbs nutrients from the rocks in the mountains. There are too many traces of metal elements in the mountain, so the Dendrobium devonianum will find ways to expel them. Gradually, it will turn purple.”

Ning Fei was examining the Dendrobium devonianum as he explained.

Without hesitation, he took out a sharp knife and began to pry at the rock. Then, he dug out the entire Dendrobium devonianum plant.

If this Dendrobium devonianum were to be mashed into powder, it would weigh around half a kilogram.

At this time, the rich and generous Jiang Feng offered to buy Ning Fei’s Dendrobium devonianum. No one would be able to surpass Vessel Medicine Pharmacy in terms of the utilization of herbs and medicinal plants as ingredients. It was the biggest pharmacy chain in China and had even expanded to other parts of the world.

Jiang Feng was aware of how rare and precious these medicinal plants were. These were rare commodities that were worth hoarding. Sometimes, they couldn’t even be measured in monetary terms.

When Jiang Feng sent him a private message along with a super rocket, Ning Fei accepted it readily.

‘Your Dendrobium devonianum is worth about 260,000 yuan in the market. I shall offer 300,000 yuan as a friendship price.’

Jiang Feng was a fair and just man, and so were the principles of Vessel Medicine Pharmacy.

Ning Fei naturally agreed to Jiang Feng’s offer.

At this time, the sky was gradually turning dark, and Ning Fei began to pack his equipment. He then hurriedly retraced his steps back to the temple.

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